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Zero City

Nick Pollotta

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
December, 2000

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
December, 2004

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Release Date:
December, 2004

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Hungry and exhausted, Ryan and his band emerge from a redoubt into an untouched predark city, and uncover a cache of weapons and food. Among other interlopers, huge winged creatures guard the city. Holed up inside an old government building, where Ryan's son, Dean, lies near death, Ryan and Krysty must raid where a local baron uses human flesh as fertilizer....

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The nuclear Armageddon of 2001 put the world on an odyssey of savage rebirth. Now, little more than a hundred years after the blast, the quest for power is viciously embraced by America's new masters, barons commanding fortresses called villes, policed by stonehearts called sec men. But even in this dark new world, heroes and legends are emerging. One of them is a warrior survivalist named Ryan Cawdor, believed to possess pre-apocalyptic knowledge that holds hope for a beleaguered future.


Hungry and exhausted, Ryan and his band emerge from a redoubt into a remarkably untouched predark city, and uncover a cache of weapons and food. But the group is not alone. Among other interlopers, the city is guarded by huge winged creatures, protecting the grisly secrets of a nearby barony. Holed up inside an old government building, where Ryan's son, Dean, lies near death, Ryan and Krysty must raid the treacherous ville across the desert where a local baron uses human flesh as fertilizer.

In the Deathlands, evil is unstopable.


Zero City 11/30/2003
by GuapoPogi
Once again a great story dragged down by countless stupid mistakes that could have been avoided if the author would have taken an hour or two to research before writing. I'll list a few of the stupid mistakes Uzi's do not have a 3 round burst capability, Dean was never on Wizard Island p29, Dean had seen Ryan's G-12 Seedling, and Dark Carnival but has forgotten about it in this book p28, .44 derringers are not illegal, and would not be in a military arsenal. The U.S. Army LAW was 72 mm not 75mm. Rifle and pistol barrels are not vented, or ventilated, they due however often have hand guards, or barrel shrouds that are ventilated. M-60's do not fire .38 cal they fire the 7.62mm nato round which is a .30 cal round. The U.S. Military does not have hollow point ammunition, and I don't think anyone even makes 7.62mm hollow points. It has been around 100 years since skydark not a few centuries pp 106-107. Deans browning Hi-Power is 9mm, not .38 cal p116. Jak is not cajun. Pineapple shaped hand grenades are shrapnel grenades, not concussion grenades. Pyro tabs ignite when touched with a flame not when squeezed. If the author doesn't feel like doing any research then her ought to have the book proof read by someone that has a clue. Or heres a thought maybe GE could have the books proof read by someone before publishing them. Along those lines what is a graphic crossbow? p27, I am sure that is supposed to read graphite but I guess nobody cared enough to notice that mistake before publishing. The story was good but the giant bats having yellow blood and spiting acid was extremely stupid. This author like the other authors form the previous 10 books has some great ideas but seems to not care enough to put any effort into making the book live up to its potential. There were some good characters (Harold, Jarmal, Strichland). The elder Strichland being like Krysty had potential even though it did contradict the chosen from #45 Starfall a bit. I think this book could have easily been a 9, if the author had cared to try, but with all the sloppiness I give it a 6.
another winner for Axler
by pigeonxman
Zero City is a thrill ride from beginning to end...i love the storyline between Krysty and the Baron. The side story with the gimp loving the deaf and dumb whore was a plesant twist as short it was a good read
by One Eye Chills
Nick Polatta shines once again here in Zero City.
The mutie creatures reminded me of the ones in the hit smash movie - Pitch Black.
The connection between Krysty and the baron was very interesting and fun to read.
Krysty's action sequences were done extremely well here, which I think was much needed.
Krysty is never boring, and using her to her utmost is not done a lot in the novels. She is overlooked too much in my estimation.
Another exciting read, Nick!!
Good job
by Danni
after reading this one over a period of time I found that it was refreshing in the fact that these redoubts weren't as impregnable as we have read about in the past the fact that this one had been fairly stripped of almost everything was testament. The fact that the hunchback who seems to have a problem of mental instability and yet functions on a higher level and figures out what it takes to survive was a bonus! the companions figure out the ruse of the wolves was cool! Dean's accident, Ryan and Kristy having to find the medical bag haveing to get it back to save him and how the others have to figure out how to keep the new baron and his men from capturing them from the fire fight to the booby traps, good reading!
One of my favorites.
by eagle

Zero City is one of my favorite books.&nbsp; The companions are up against it from every angle and deal out some major destruction.&nbsp; I like the setting, the muties, and the crazy wolves that roam the city.&nbsp; All of the tension as Ryan's son is on the brink of death keeps things on the razors edge.&nbsp; There are also some really humorous moments to break the tension.&nbsp; All the group are at their best.&nbsp; Highly recommended.