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Red Holocaust

Adventure and suspense in the midst of the new reality

Laurence James

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
September, 1986

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Second Edition

Release Date:
August, 1992

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Third Edition

Release Date:
December, 1997

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Audio Cassette

Release Date:
April, 1998

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Graphic Audio WMA

Release Date:
November, 2005

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November, 2005

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November, 2005

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Ryan and his warriors must battle against roaming bands of survivors from Russia who are using Alaska as a staging ground for an impending invasion of America.

Back Cover:


But the future in a world shrouded in the radioactive red dust clouds of a generation-old global nuclear war depends on finding hidden caches of food, weapons and technology -- the legacy of a preholocaust society -- stashed in lonely outposts known as redoubts.

When Ryan Cawdor discovers a redoubt in the bitter freakish wasteland that now passes for Alaska, he also uncovers a new threat to a slowly reemerging America.

Roaming bands of survivors have crossed the Bering Strait from Russia to pillage Alaska and use it as the staging ground for an impending invasion of America.

In Deathlands, the war for domination is over, but the struggle for survival continues.


Red Holocaust
by GuapoPogi
I loved this book, but on my third time through it (again last time was about 1988 ) I still find it hard to believe that Lori would have betrayed Keeper and Rachael to save Ryan and company. I would like to see a book where they jump into that redoubt again and explore it better, maybe find some useful freezies in that room they couldn't open where they left Hun's body. I'd also like to see Ryan pick up another H&K G12 upstairs in the Armory/Museum. I think this book stands out from most of the others because there was not fat sex crazed baron, but there was still a lot of action for the group to get into. I'd have to give the book a 9.

Thanks, and I hope someone actually reads these posts.

array! Sakit
The Alaskan redoubt
by The Phantom
I liked this book, Cawdor and his friends discover a big redoubt in Alaska, and explore the place, adding a new member to his wandering group.
I like the aspect of wonder and discovery in these early Deathlands, as these people explore these strange places built long ago, leaving behind all kinds of food and supplies that they can use to survive better in a hostile and mutant infested world. Doc tanner reveals a little bit at a time about his unusual past.

This book has a lot of good action too.
Here Come the Ruskies
by lebrocco
Really good book again. Great story line and good intro into the 'bad russians' Follows on from where Pilgrimage left off. I thought the Laura character was a good addition in this and the next few books. Not sure why the character seemed to change all of a sudden. Once she started to become more whiney and lash out at Doc you knew that she was going to get the axe.

The ending was very well done I thought you just knew that the russian commander would be back later though didn't you....
bang for the buck
by chillingtime
I listen to these books on cutting audio all the time, and I have to say that this one was my fav. I actually clapped outloud at the end. I understand now ( after 20 or so OL andDL audio books) what all the fuss about Mr. Laurence is. I would have said that the OL series is superior; but I have yet to find any OL story I've enjoyed as much as Holocaust. Kudos to cutting audio for going back to the beginning of the series. I get it now.
Out of the Frying Pan...
by doctorwholittle

Most series go overboard in trying to catch the reader up on what's going on, which can be rather annoying when starting a series. Not so, here!

Axler tosses his characters right into the fire, doling out a little more info here & there, crafting a nice little mystery that keeps the reader interested in finding out what in hell's going on. The uncertainty of the ultimate location of where the redoubt has taken the DL crew only adds to the suspense (& gives Doc Tanner ample chance to shine!), & the fact that primary characters are put into harm's way with the outcome uncertain makes for mandatory page-turning.

While the violence gets to be a bit much (for me) in places, it's not gratuitous, given the nature of the DL-verse, & I imagine I'll eventually get accustomed to it.

A good, solid follow-up to the "pilot", & the characters only get stronger throughout this adventure.

Looking forward to finishing & reviewing NEUTRON SOLSTICE.

See ya then!

The DL in Alaska with Ryan & Co battling Russians.
by Roadwarrior
Well, if you ever needed proof of DL being of it's era, this novel is it. The whole premise of the DL series was the Third World War between the Capitalist West and Communist East (it was actually started as a means decimate the human population for Alien conquest, but that's another story!) Anyway, this novel brings that large scale conflict to a smaller scale when Ryan and his group of wandering survivalists try to stop a small scale Russian invasion in Alaska.

When the group first arrive at the Alaskan Redoubt (Redoubt Zulu) they encounter the Quints. Here is a perfect example of James using character behaviour to portray a barbaric future. In regards to the Quint family he uses the theme of Incest. This however isn't the only discusting thing in the book, as he describes the effects of extreme fear on a child and a really gresome torture scene on an old man. These events in the novel really give meaning to the phrase 'Barbaric Future.'

Laurence James describes post-apocalyptic Alaska as a barren wasteland fiiled with savage and barbaric human inhabitants and their wierd cults. Clearly showing that Humanity has lost it's way.

This particular novel is pretty much an average read among DL titles. It's main saving grace, is that it is memorable and just like it's previous title 'Pilgrimage To Hell' introduced villains that will recure in future titles.
Bring On Zimyanin
by cathboy
This Russian is a bad dude. His group of men, especially the mutant tracker are the perfect mix. He is a great foe for Ryan, mostly because they have so much in common. This is on of the classics of the series. the groups survival skills really come in to play here.
by One Eye Chills
This 2nd novel is just one of the very best in the series. This and the next one in the series were much shorter in pages but it was long in sheer excitement.
The harsh cold with a bunch of renegade Russians that pitted themselves like the anit-Deathland's companions was just magnificently written.
Never boring or slow, the ever-changing scenery and dying-off group made this one of the more memorable books in the series because you never knew who was going to get chilled.
This is a formula that I wished would come back to the saga - getting rid of some characters and adding on more colorful characters like Laurence James did from time to time kept this series fresh and very much alive.
I can appreciate a writer who is bold enough to kill off the good guys, trimming the fat off of a great group of adventurers, and leaving us with the best core characters.
The introduction of Zimyanin here was just priceless and flawless, leaving a storyline and character that would haunt the group a couple of more times in 2 more future issues.
Just classic and genious in idea and execution...
Killer book!
by Poopy_Penguin
This is one of my personal favorites! everything about it was great, and I highly reccomend it to everyone!
Second Book....
by thruxus
I just started the series a while back and I have been looking and looking for an Audio Version, I finally found a copy of Red Holocaust at the LBS. It was great, after reading book 1, I fell in love with Book 2, the story so far is great, I loved the Quint, he was one of the best Villians so far. The Russians playing there part in the book was perfect too. 10/10 for me. I loved this book, I'm, looking forward to Book 3.
Interesting but far from the best.
by slingbld

While I liked the book and Zimyanian has always been a favorite character of mine, This was just a bit slow - almost ponderous. It was also disjointed a bit more than many other Lawrence books.

Still - a darn site beffer that many later non Lawrence books out there.

Uchitel vs. Zimyanin vs. Ryan
by raven

This second installment was breathtaking.&#160; The Russian guerrillas crossed the Bering Strait, just like the ancient American Indians did,and wanted to take over the Deathlands.&#160; Already a classic thought,&#160; Uchitel knew that he was being chased which tweaked him on his way to the conquering land.&#160; Major Zimyanin was a good guy in this book, but he would soon turn into a villain.&#160; In this book, there were two other bad guys that were seemingly overlooked, but to me they had more evil intentions than Uchitel and Zimyanin and these two were Quint and the notorious priest Ezekiel Hearne( I know Ryan is glad to be rid of him, the last thing that you want is to have him stalk&#160;you&#160;into the main Deathlands where his Black Messiah worshiping cult would expand.)&#160; The part where Ryan was stranded and had to survive the harsh, cold terrain showed that even someone tough like him would struggle and barely make it.&#160; The torture scene of the old man was brutally barbaric, just a recipe that contributes to Deathlands.&#160; 10 stars.

Frozen Greatness!!
by ShadowTek
This is the first adventure of Ryan and Co.. without the Trader, here they meet the wild Lori Quint, Its a great second book, as much of the book takes place in the&nbsp;Alaskan Redoubt.. It intros readers to what a redoubt is.. and also is the book where some of Ryan's group gets some of the weapons that they use now..

It also intros another&nbsp;reoccurring&nbsp;enemy of the group from Russia, the book is actually several stories, one of a evil band, one of the band hunting them, the story of the redoubt, and finally a showdown that is simply&nbsp;awesome!!