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Scorpion God - Book 2

Between a lost past and uncertain future stands a savage new frontier

Nick Pollotta

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
December, 2003

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
June, 2005

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Release Date:
June, 2005

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Hearing a rumor that the Trader, his old teacher and friend, is still alive, Ryan and his warrior group struggle across the Texas desert to find the truth. But an enemy with a score to settle is in hot pursuit -- and so is the elusive Trader. And so the stage is set for a showdown between mortal enemies, where the scales of revenge and death will be balanced with brutal finality.

Back Cover:

Nuclear Legacy

Life in twenty-second-century America is an odyssey of pain and death. Savagely transformed by atomic fallout, what remains of humanity endures an internecine ware against those who thrive on chaos and bloodshed. A legend in a violent land, Ryan Cawdor lives and fights by his own rules as he and his companions traverse the grim world of Deathlands. For as long as the future remains out of reach, survival means living long enough to face a new day.

City of the Dead

Hearing a rumor that the Trader, his old teacher and friend, is still alive, Ryan and his warrior group struggle across the treacherous Texas desert to find the truth. But an enemy with a score to settle is in hot pursuit -- and so is the elusive Trader. The preDark city of Sonora -- preserved for a century in the salt and sand of the nukescape -- becomes the staging ground for a showdown between mortal enemies, where the scales of revenge and death will be balanced with brutal finality.

In the Deathlands, the only law is lawlessness.


Bloodfire 01/03/2004
by GuapoPogi
More Sci-Stupid, more mistakes, and more typos than you can shake a stick at just like all of the other Deathlands books written by this author. 1) Jak is not a Cajun (read Neutron Solstice) 2) page 225 since when do stickies have bodily secretions that objects stick to? 3) page 52 what is a pip ? could it possibly be a pipe ? 4) page 214 .. and Gaza began feed out the cable... another missing word great attention to detail GE, and Mr. Pollotta. I give it a 2.
One of the best Deathlands I have read in a while
by PaulAlex
I stopped reading Deathlands a while ago, burnt out more than anything else. But after reading cat_reviews on the Scorpion trilogy, and knowing how Nick weaves a darned good yarn (his Stony Man books were great), I decided to once again read a Deathlands book.

Bloodfire, along with Devil Riders, deserves at least a 9. I actually wanted to rate it as a 9.5.

We see something that is a raw, true Deathlands story. Laurence James couldn't do better.

A couple of minor nits that made me subtract a ".5" from the score. I've always been peeved about things written by a writer's present-time point-of-view, rather than from a narrator set in the future.

For example, in the original Deathlands books, specific objects were not referred to as their name. Pacific Ocean came 'Cific Ocean. Music CDs and televisions were known as cee-dees. And, of course, cars and trucks became to be known as wags.

I like this. To me, it is representative of the breakdown of knowledge, of language, of social order in the new world.

But sometimes in the new Deathlands books, we see specific references to things. It's not as bad as it used to be, though.

Also, the computer descriptions and whatnot are not accurate. To be fair, however, Deathlands isn't the only story guilty of this (can we say Independence Day, along with a host of other movies and stories?), and if Nick were to accurately describe something related to computers, it would be dull and boring.
Best for a while
by hexter
Having taken a siesta on the DL series for a while (I got pissed with the authors of some of the middle of the series) I hopped back in with the Scorpion God Book 2 - I am looking for a copy of no1 but it is out of print... - and was happily suprised. This is a good book. Unsure of the author's name but creds to him on an exciting read.

I would have given a higher score but am unable to find the 1st book (being in an EXTREMELY remote town in Aust..)

I await the next in the series...

PS I used to review under the name of timbeck if anyone at all cares...
It was okay, but weak.
by Buzz
I read this book a month ago. I thought it was okay, but the author got a little carried away with the mute wives and the super tank. I found it a little farfetched that the wives of the baron were so loyal to him, considering the crap he put them through. I also think the tank was too extreme(for a word).
The Trader thing was a little lost. The author fails to remember that Ryan and JB Dix were key players in the Traders forum, prior to thier travels. They would be legendary among the crews of the warwags, I would think. The author needs to read the entire series if he wishes to be correct in his portrayal of events past and future, based on prior actions and mindsets of the characters of the story.
In reality, I believe Ryan would have been a bit more aggressive in the reunification he had with the Trader and crews.
Overall, the book was written well, but not up to snuff with my concept of Ryan and his companions.
by One Eye Chills
Bllodfire: Scorpion God Book II is a triple awesome adventure read!
Nick Polatta pulls out all the Deathland's elements here of the past and future. He is an awesome writer to this series, who has finally utilized the past mythos such as War Wags, chem storms, and diabolical hints of the Trader, all infused here to make the SCORPION GOD duo one of the very best storylines ever in the annals of this series thus far.
I actually hated getting to the end of this awesome, fast-paced novel. BLOODFIRE is chock-full of twists and turns, from big to small story details that all merge together at the end, leaving this reader salivating for more.
Even though this book had many editing mistakes, BLOODFIRE gave this diehard fan everything and more that is expected in a DEATHLANDS novel.
The newest set of muties introduced in this particular story were very inventive. The entire scenario of a pre-Dark city captured in time in the hellish landscape was pure writing genius, making this one of the best backdrops for an epic war of colorful, differing rivals that I've read in some time.
And this definately sets the tone for this story! Mr. Polatta should be very proud of himself here. Not only has he brought back the old Deathlands feel that has been missing for some time - but he adds on to it with his own personal Midas touch - making each successive novel he writes even better than the last one. I wish this had been his usual trilogy formula, but it was quite the exciting read as it was. Since DAMNATION ROAD SHOW, Deathlands finally seems to be coming back stronger than ever. And this huge fan can't be the giddier for it.
Thanks Gold Eagle and Nick Polatta for giving us breathtaking and exciting golden reading.
Now I am looking forward to Andy Boot's HELLBENDERS. I hope he has a pleasant surprise for us diehard fans...