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Chris Van Deelen
Chris was the creator of one of the first, and certainly most comprehensive, websites dedicated to the Deathlands series. He started writing fan fiction for that website, and then as his interests moved from Deathlands to Outlanders and his friendship with Mark Ellis grew he authored his first published novel - Mask of the Sphinx. When asked about his bio for this website Chris replied, "Me? A bio? Eh, it wouldn't say much, believe me. I'm a tiny minnow in a sea of published sharks!"

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30Mask of The SphinxMark Ellis, Chris Van Deelen
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
First Edition0-373-63843-4August 2004$6.50
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aDecember 2005$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aDecember 2005$12.99