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Christopher Lowder

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0EncounterAlan Philipson (Primary Story), Mark Ellis (Outlanders supplemental material), Christopher Lowder (Deathlands supplemental material), Laurence James (Deathlands supplemental material)
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
First Edition0-373-81197-7February 1999$5.99
Graphic Audio CDsn/aDecember 2008$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aDecember 2008$12.99 
1Pilgrimage to HellLaurence James (Last 1/4 of book), Christopher Lowder (First 3/4 of book)
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
First Edition0-373-62501-4June 1986$3.95
Second Edition0-373-63057-3August 1992$4.99
Third Edition0-373-48595-6December 1997$5.99
Audio Cassette1-552-04368-1April 1998$7.99
3 in 1 Audio Cassette1-552-04984-1March 2000$21.99
Graphic Audio WMAn/aOctober 2005$9.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aOctober 2005$12.99
Graphic Audio CDs1-599-50000-0October 2005$19.99