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This file will contain all the people that Kane and company have encountered throughout the series that it wasn't clear if they were killed, managed to survive, or were never heard from again.

Exiles to Hell

Kane's Father is discovered by him inside the Dulce redoubt. The elder Kane is in Cryonic suspension and has been providing genetic material to help create more Hybrids. Kane tosses a number of grenades into the chamber and they detonate, but it is unknown if the blasts killed his father or not.

Savage Sun

Sister and Mother Fand.  The woman known as Mother Fand was born before the holocaust and had been raped by the Na Fferyllt or Annunaki. She gave birth to the human Annunaki hybrid which was also named  Fand. After the defeat of Lord Strongbow and his Dragoons, they are not heard of again, except Kane is sure that he is contacted by Sister Fand via dreams during their jump to the other casements.

Omega Path

Even though Salvo was actually killed his body is taken by the entity known as T.C. Thrush.  So there is quite a possibility that he will return in the near future some time.

T.C. Thrush. This creature is not really a human, nor a hybrid. It appears that he is actually a living breathing program. He disappears after taking Salvo's body. He does however reappear in the Hellbound Fury.

Doomstar Relic

Roberta J. Berrier. This former Archavist from Ragnarville was duped into believing she was in love with a Magistrate named Barch.  Together they traveled to redoubt Zulu in Alaska where he coerced her into joining the TARA program.  She became the program and ends up killing both Royce and Barch, then informs Kane and the others that they have no reason to return after allowing them to use the gateway to jump back to Cerberus. 


Tria: This young sixteen year old girl was part of Zakat's group who ventured to New York City to get part of the Chintamani stone and to the city of Agartha. She is take back to the Monastery by Kane and his people and is left there. 

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