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This file will contain all the information gained about the Redoubts that are discovered by Ryan and his companions during their travels.

The location, the size, any inhabitants, condition, and other similar information will be recorded here.

General Information

The redoubts are entered via either the gateways, or by huge blast doors. One unusual aspect of the main doors is that they are all keyed to be opened and closed by using the same combination. 352 to open, 253 to close.

One of the functions of the gateway is that it has an automatic reset button. If this button is pressed within 30 minutes of arrival, it will trigger the correct code to return the user to the gateway they came from.

It seems that the Redoubts are all part of some sort of project known as the Cerberus project. It is revealed that not only are the Matter Transmitters part of this project, but that the white coats seem to have delved into time travel experiments using the same technology.

In Dectra Chain it is learned that project Cerberus is only a small part of a huge project. It was part of Overproject Whisper, which in turn is part of the Totality Concept. It is also discovered that there may be a space station hidden on the other side of the moon, which is completely self sufficient and may have survived the war intact.

In Bloodlines, it is discovered that there is another cog in the Totalitarian Concept wheel. This one is known as Enterprise Eternity, which, for all intent and purposes, appears to have something to do with immortality. Another is project Genesis, which delved into the realm of genetic engineering.

One aspect of the Totality Concept was automation. Even if the enemy managed to get in a sneak attack, the United states would still be able to launch its own missiles, ensuring that the other side was devestated.

Another function revealed by Doc tanner is the fact that unless a destination code is entered the jump is always random.

In Ice and Fire it discover that during the evacuations of the redoubts, one of the first things that would have been destroyed would have been the manuals and the software backups for controlling the gateways. They also learn from Rick Ginsberg that there are two more Cryonic facilities that he knows of. One is located near Duluth, the other is located in Texas, near the Grande. Rick also told them a code to enter into the gateway controls which will prevent them from jumping into a gateway that is damaged or malfunctioning.

Several side effects are common when ever a jump occurs. The most common effect are nightmares. Nausea, nose and ear bleeds, weakness, and dizziness are also known to occur.

In Dark Carnival they discover the codes for several gateways as well as the LD button which allows them to return to the last destination if they use it before initiating a jump.

In Moon Fate it is hinted that a malfunctioning gateway may lengthen the time it takes to jump from one gateway to another. A prime example is that it was only late november when Jak left the group, but the next time they meet up, over eight months have passed and Christina is pregnant, well into her third trimester.

It was discovered that when multiple targets are attempting to arrive at the same gateway, there is a 20 minute interval between the arrivals. This was witnessed in Cold Asylum.

In Twilight Children it is discovered that the soviets had a similar project known as the Project Szvezda.

Please note that now that Outlanders is being added to the website each redoubt that is given a name it will be added. Also the status of the redoubts will now be added as well.

The new Redoubts introduced in Outlanders (or gateways) will be listed at the bottom of the page under the title of the book they were mentioned.

Pilgrimage to Hell

A redoubt was discovered in the darks (the mountains in Montana) by Ryan and his companions. After gaining access to it, they spent time exploring it. They discovered that it is fairly large, and for the most part intact, even though they discovered an area which was exposed to the elements due to earthquake damage. They also managed to find several boxes of weapons, but very little else. This is the first Redoubt they discovered, and is where their jumps began. The walls of this chamber are brown tinted. Click here to see map. Click here to see a different artists view of the map.

NOTE This Redoubt is officially known as redoubt Bravo, and unofficially known as the Cerberus redoubt. This redoubt has been taken off the network by Lakesh to prevent it's discovery by the barons and now houses his staff in the war against the Baronies.

A second Redoubt is discovered, but they are forced to leave it as it appears to be underwater. When they opened the doors to exit the gateway control chamber, the room began to rapidly fill with warm water filled with all manner of life forms. It is here that doc tells them about the return function which will allow the user to return to the gateway they just left. The location of this redoubt is not known. The walls of this chamber are tinted green.

A third Redoubt is discovered, but, as with the second, they are forced to retreat and jump yet again, as this redoubt appears to have been heavily damaged and is right smack dab in the middle of a radioactive desert. They jump out just as they see some sort of huge mutant creature coming towards them through the sand. The walls are pale gray in color.

Red Holocaust

The redoubt they jump into is located in Alaska. It is incredibly huge, spanning no less than 12 levels. It is filled to the brim with all kinds of goods. Weapons, clothing, vehicles, and other pre-ruin goods. Unlike the other redoubts they have visited, this one is inhabited by three people. An old man named Quint, his first wife named Rachel, and his second wife named Lori. The walls were coloured pale blue streaked with grey.

NOTE: This redoubt is officially know as Redoubt Zulu. It also houses the computer control for the HAARP system (detailed in Doomstar Relic) Th only inhabitant is the computer interface Tara.

Neutron Solstice

A redoubt is located two hundred miles to the west of what was New Orleans. Unlike several of the previous redoubts, this one moves in a spiral. It ends a huge forty meter wide door, which opens to reveal a second corridor, approximately two hundred feet to a smaller, man sized door. Someone, when the bombs fell, stenciled the word Goodbye in the wall of this tunnel. The walls of this redoubt are tinted deep blue.

Crater Lake

A redoubt located near the Cascades, close to Crater Lake Oregon. This redoubt has deep crimson walls. This redoubt is quite large, but not nearly as large in the Alaskan Redoubt. It has suffered heavy damage, probably from quakes over the years. Entire sections of the redoubt are blocked off, and it is also inhabited by a large number of diminutive muties. The band get trapped in the storage section of the redoubt. Here they find food and racks of winter jackets. Eventually, they have to leave the redoubt by travelling through a series of caves and tunnels.

Homeward Bound

The location of the first redoubt they jumped into after destroying Wizard island had dark blue glass, nearly no oxygen and next to no gravity. Odds are quite good that they may have been in a Redoubt somewhere in space.

The second redoubt is located in the upper portion of New York state. It has suffered some damage from seismic activity, but for the most part it is in excellent condition. However, it appears that the nuclear power plant is only working at half capacity and at least half of the lights in the redoubt no longer function. Most of the base was empty. In several sections Ryan and his band found self heats, clothing and some weapons. They all restock on ammunition for their weapons. Unlike the majority of the other redoubts, the colour of the mat-trans chamber is unknown

Pony Soldiers

More information is now available on the second redoubt mentioned above in Homeward bound. It seems that this redoubts gateway was set up with special controls to instigate Chron Jumps. The controls were set and ready to be switched over from Mat Trans to Chron Jump. While Ryan and the band are deciding whether or not to attempt to use the chron jump, they are attacked by a mutie. After a brief struggle, the mutie is forced into the chamber and they activate the chron jump by closing the door. After seeing the results of the time displacement, they decide to set the chamber back to Mat Trans.

The first jump they make takes them back to the Alaskan Redoubt. They leave without hesitation.

The second redoubt they jump to has yellowish gold walls. The first thing they notice is that everything is covered in a layer of fine red dust. On top of that, the redoubt is radioactive. Despite the radiation, the group decide to stay and explore. As they explore, they discover a number of long dead corpses of the redoubts original personal. It turns out that the redoubt had been hit by a nuke during the war, and only about ten percent of the base survived. This redoubt is located in the Shay Canyon, New Mexico. Much to the groups disappointment, the armory, even though it survived the nuking, was sabotaged by the survivors of the base, to prevent the weapons from falling into the wrong hands.

Dectra Chain

The walls of the redoubt they jump into are a deep turquoise. This redoubt is located in the Ile Au Haut Acadia national forest, on the coast of Maine. Just after the group leaves the gateway they find graffiti on the wall: The large print giveth, and the small print taketh Tom Waits said. They also discover a second control room, but this one is restricted to B-19 or higher access only. To their surprise, they discover that the gateway is actually being used! Who ever was using it was jumping out, not in. After finding a locker with clothing as well as what appears to be a space suit, Doc concludes that it is possible that this second gateway leads to a space station. When they decide to leave, and they open the doorway, seawater rushes in. The doorway is jammed and they can't close it. Fortunately for them, the tide goes out and they don't have to worry about drowning. After a very long climb up a rusty ladder, they find that because of seismic activity, the gateway was separated from the rest of the Redoubt. The second part of the redoubt is the home of a strange little mutie. This portion of the redoubt contains the dormitories as well as the storage facilities. 3D maps of the facility were located all over. Entire sections of the redoubt were separated by sheer walls of rock from the earthquakes, and are now totally inaccessible. This redoubt is located on an island about five miles off the shoreline.

Ice and Fire

The walls of this redoubt are a pallid translucent gray in color. It is located in the Sierra's, fairly close to Death Valley California. As with many of the previous Redoubts they have encountered, this one has suffered from seismic movements and is damaged. After passing through a corridor which was filled with thousands of mutie cockroaches, they enter the main part of the redoubt. They discover that this base is equipped with twenty five cryo tubes. Out of the twenty five, only nine are still functional. Out of those nine, only three of the people inside were revived. Out of these three, two had to be killed. The cryonics facility was located in the northern end of the fortress. To enter the cryonics section, they first had to pass through a series of airlocks. The dormitories of this particular redoubt still contained personal effects of those who were stationed here. They were unable to clear out their magazines, clothing and so forth. Fortunately for the friends, the armory of the base was still fully stocked with ammunition, grenades, explosives and weapons.

Red Equinox

The color of the walls of this particular redoubt are not known. It is tiny in comparison to the other redoubts that the group have encountered over their travels. The exit to the control chamber was warped and it too Krysty's mutant strength to open it. The control room of the redoubt itself was tiny, only about twenty feet across with only a single, tiny control panel. The controls are state of the art, the latest in miniaturization. They discover that the redoubt was boobie trapped by the inhabitants just after it was abandoned. J.B. nearly kills himself trying to disarm the traps. They discover the gateway is hidden well below a mansion which itself is located to the south of what used to be Moscow. Fortunately for the friends, Rick is able to repair the damage that Krysty caused and they are able to jump out back to the Deathlands.

Northstar Rising

After escaping from Russia, the first redoubt they jump to is not only cold but the air inside seems thin. It is here that the Russian, Zimyanin makes his escape. He slips past Ryan Cawdor and makes his way into the control chamber. On his way out he closes the door and triggers the jump mechanism. Just before Ryan blacks out he hears Zimyanin scream and fire off his weapon three times. He catches a glimpse of something huge and pale yellow.

The second redoubt they jump to has dull brown coloured walls. Only a dim light seems to be coming from the control chamber. An odour of death and decay seem to cling to every part of the control chamber. Several of the computer controls seem not to be working in the control chamber. When they open the main door, Ryan is attacked by four Troggies. The muties are weak and easy to kill, but they are set upon by a huge number of the creatures, forcing the group to make a third jump.

The third redoubt the arrive in has red walls. The triple jump was too much and the puppy Doc Tanner picked up in Russia dies. upon entering the control chamber, they discover it was abandoned quickly, as there are posters on the walls as well as a card game in process on a table. They also discover that the air inside the control chamber is very warm and humid. The rest of the redoubt itself is moist, with green moss clinging to the walls and floors. The further they head into the redoubt, the cleaner the base becomes, and the air cools down. Eventually they come to the redoubts barracks and rest up after the triple jump. After loading up on ammunition and grenades they head out and discover that this redoubt is located a few days travel from the Great lake in Minnesota.

Time Nomads

The redoubt they arrive in is located in New Mexico. The walls of this particular redoubt are silver in colour. Like the redoubt they discovered in Russia, this one has been boobie trapped. The entire base has been wired to explode if someone trips up the triggers. Once they exited the control room, the main entrance came crashing down, cutting them off from the gateway. They spend hours exploring the redoubt, hoping to find a way out and are unable to, but they do find an area in the upper portion of the facility that they figure they might be able to dig out of and reach the surface. The redoubt itself has been stripped bare but they do find emergency supplies and bunks.

Latitude Zero

Near the end of the novel they come across the ruins of a redoubt near the Grande River in Texas. The redoubt suffered massive damage from quakes during the war and was nearly destroyed. The Cryonic facility located there was destroyed. The gateway survived intact. Other than this, nearly nothing is known about the redoubt.


After Jumping they discover themselves to be inside a tiny redoubt. All it consists of is the gateway, the antechamber, the control chamber and an air lock. The air outside is nearly non existant, and all that can be seen is orange red desert all around. Ryan spotted something huge and moving at great speed towards the redoubt and they all head back into the gateway for another jump. It is possible that they were on Mars.

The second gateway they arrive in is located deep underground. It has a stairwell which is blocked off which leads to two other levels, and an elevator. After taking the elevator to the top, its cables snap and the car smashes into the bottom of the shaft. The walls of the gateway were gold in color and it was located below the ruins of a mansion. The mansion is located in the remains of New York city.

Dark Carnival

After leaving the ruins of New York city, Ryan comes to first in the new gateway. The first thing he notices is that the air is cold and the gravity is light. He hears the sounds of turbines in the distance and sees a purplish light coming from the doorway. He opens the door and encounters a squad of sec men, armed with strange looking weapons and wearing uniforms. It is the first time they have ever encountered anyone in the gateway. He has no choice but to close the door and trigger the jump once again.

The second gateway they arrived in has walls of a delicate shade of blue/green and its very warm and humid inside. It leads to a redoubt which survived quite intact, but most of the base had been stripped of equipment. They do find a stocked armoury and take new weapons, ammunition, and clothing. In comparison to many of the redoubts they encountered in the past, this one was relatively compact. It had four dormitories which could accommodate forty or fifty people all around a central dining area and kitchen. It had a dozen small cubicles which had probably been administration offices as well as store rooms for weapons, clothing and food. This redoubt is located just on the outskirts of the Greenglades Theme Park in Florida.

Chill Factor

Ryan uses the LD button to return to the gateway that his son's kidnappers used. He finds himself near the ruins of a sulphur mine controlled by Zimyanin. This particular redoubt is wide open to the environment and is filled with snow and several deadly little 'Cuddlie' muties. The redoubt is barren except for a supply of cold weather clothing stored for the hunters who go out and find 'recruits' for the mines. One section of the redoubt is a long, long tunnel, travelling deep into the mountains. It originally had a mono rail train to travel to this isolated section of the redoubt, but the car has long since disappeared. The isolated section is a weapon research facility. There are several doors in a main room, and all but one of the doors are locked. The unlocked door leads to the storage room for the Sec hunter droids. Ryan accidentally activates them, and is forced to fight four out of the five, one at a time. The exact location of this redoubt is unknown, but it is suspected that it might be in Canada, somewhere in the mountains.

Fury's Pilgrims

Near earth orbit station. After using the gateway to jump out of the ruined redoubt in New Mexico Ryan and his friends discover that they are aboard a space station. They leave to explore, discovering that the station was inhabited and something killed the people no more than a month before. After accidentally activating a self destruct mechanism, they barely make it back to the gateway and jump out. The walls of this gateway are a deep rich glowing purple.

They discover that a redoubt is located in what used to be Chicago. It is located below the central district filtration plant. It has been all but stripped bare except for the Chron section, and one M-900 APC. It is here that they use the time trawling equipment and bring Michael Brothers into the Deathlands. The walls of this gateway were a deep crimson colour.


The walls of this gateway are a deep cobalt blue. It is obvious from the start that the gateway has been opened to the elements as it is quite cold inside. As they explore it, they discover that it has been pretty much totally stripped of anything useful. It is also inhabited by hundreds of reptilian worms, which live in the concrete walls. This particular redoubt is located west of Denver, Colorado, only a short distance from the ville of Vista.

Deep Empire

The walls of this new gateway are a watery yellow in colour. It is obvious that the redoubt suffered greatly during the war. The only corridor that they can use ends in water, which leads out to the Atlantic ocean. The rest of the Redoubt was totally destroyed.

Cold Asylum

After using the Florida gateway the party find themselves separated and sent to different gateways all over the Deathlands.

Ryan wakes up to find himself in a redoubt where there are people! This particular redoubt was discovered years before and is now a museum. The walls of this gateway are a deep rich purple. After hearing the voice, he believes that the redoubt is located near the Grandee, if not fairly close to Mexico. He doesn't get much of a chance to explore as he is forced to kill several people and race back to the gateway and jump out.

J.B. wakes up and finds the gateway he's in to have Orange walls. He doesn't even bother to explore, just triggers the jump and leaves.

Mildred's gateway is quite cold, and the walls are an olive green in colour. Like J.B. she decides that her best option is to try another jump.

The colour of Michael's gateway is not known, but the redoubt is inhabited. He is attacked by a mutant lizard snake. Using the sec doors, he is able to kill the creature. Fearing that there may be more, he returns to the gateway and jumps.

Krysty and Dean wake up together. The only reason they didn't get separated was because Dean was in Krysty's lap during the jump. The walls of their gateway are scarlet in colour. Inside the control room the only thing they find are boxes of tampons which delights Krysty. She grabs a handful for herself and Mildred. They then jump out.

Doc wakes up to find himself lying on a carpet of cockroaches. The gateway is a Gary colour, and the walls are speckled with green dots. As he looks around he can see that the redoubt has suffered damage. While looking, he hears a warning sound, and he reads on a screen the following: "Instant Mat-trans return to previous location destabilised. Error de-processing in ninety seconds." He races back to the gateway and makes the jump out.

Fate smiled upon the entire group as when they all jumped, they find themselves in the same gateway, even though they all arrive at twenty minute intervals. This particular gateway has walls that are a bright cherry red in colour. The gateway is located inside a redoubt that was used as a mortuary just after the skydark. An elevator, located on the level as the gateway takes passengers up to the mortuary. Someone wrote the code for the elevator beside the doorway, making it possible for everyone to use it. Sometime during the past few weeks, a group of ghouls managed to get into the redoubt and were feasting off the preserved bodies. Doc Tanner can't stand to see it happen so after he locates the control room, he turns off the freezers and cranks up the heat, causing the corpses to decompose rapidly. Three days later when they return, most of the ghouls are dead from eating the decomposed bodies.

Twilight Children

After leaving the redoubt in Kansas the friends awaken to find themselves in a new gateway. The walls of this particular gateway are a deep Gary, almost black in colour. They also discover that the gateway was almost slapped together. When they leave the chamber they find themselves in a cave which appears as if it was chiselled right out of the rock the day before. Someone built the MAT-TRANS chamber and set up the equipment. Other than a long tunnel leading to a totally alien environment there is nothing else in the redoubt. The only clue to it's location is that it is quite close to the ruined ville of Lonesome Gulch.

The second gateway is the one located in the Louisiana Bayous, where they encountered Jak Lauren. Nothing has changed, except for the outside, where they find that all the environment has become a heated desert, which is quite radioactive. They then return to the gateway and make a third jump.

The new gateway has purple walls. After leaving it and exploring, they discover that the entire redoubt was totally stripped. No food, no weapons or ammo, no medicine. After helping Ryan pull through his medical crisis they leave and discover that they are in New Hampshire, a few miles away from the Champlain lake.

Genesis Echo

After leaving the redoubt located in New Mexico, the group find themselves in a sprawling redoubt. The exact location is not known as they never left it. Most of the redoubt was locked off the walls of this gateway were a bright, flame like orange. Abe is attacked by a mess of mutant spiders inside the bathroom, and then the air conditioning clogs up, and the air turns bad. The base computer starts an air evacuation to purge the bad air, leaving it in total vacuum. The group barely makes it to the gateway and jump out.

A redoubt is located inside Cadillac mountain which is located in the Acadia national park in Maine. The redoubt was stripped clean during the war, not even a single self heat was left behind. The walls of this particular redoubt were a dark Gray in colour.


The group find themselves on the western shores of California. The redoubt is located on an Island about a mile from the mainland As with many of the redoubts, the entrance to this one is concealed by the natural terrain. The walls of this particular redoubt are brown, flecked with white specks. This particular redoubt is small, taking the group only a half hour to explore the entire place. The gateway is located on the bottom level, and requires the use of an elevator to reach the rest of the facility. There is a stocked, but small mess hall, dormitories, and offices. As well as a boobie trapped arcade which nearly claims the life of Dean and Jak.

Ground Zero

Located to the south of the Washington Hole is a redoubt. The top levels were totally destroyed during the nukecaust, concealing the entrance in a huge pile of rubble. The interior of the building is slightly radioactive, and has suffered a great deal of damage, both due to the nuclear attack, and seismic activity. Near the redoubt can be seen a five thousand foot tall active volcano. The interior of the base is filled with corpses of the personnel that were trapped their during the attack. The walls of this particular gateway are a sky blue in colour.

NOTE: This Redoubt is officially known as Redoubt Papa.

Emerald Fire

A tiny redoubt is located deep in the heart of the jungle. It survived totally unscathed due to it's remote location. For full details, see the map provided below. The redoubt began to malfunction after the main sec doors were opened, as mold and other plant life got in and took root.

A map of the Redoubt in Emerald Fire. Sent to me from Cyber.

Blood Lines

The group arrive in a strange redoubt, this one almost circular in nature, with several huge locked sec doors located throughout. They find a piece of paper, proclaiming that the redoubt was known as Redoubt 47. From what is learned, this particular redoubt was involved in genetic engineering, and their greatest success were a family of mutant vampires. The walls of this particular gateway were a dull dark brown in colour. The sec door separating the gateway from the rest of the redoubt had malfunctioned and was stuck three quarters of the way up into the ceiling.


The redoubt is located in the mountains of Colorado, only about five miles away from the ville of Glenwood Springs. The redoubt is fairly small, as military installations go. The base has been home to a group of men who call themselves the guardians of the redoubt, ever since it was discovered how to open it so many years before. By this time there are only two brothers left, and they are crazier than a tithes rat. The facilities have all been cleaned out, and there is nothing left in the lines of weapons or food. The gateway walls of this particular redoubt are Pink in colour.

Keepers of the Sun

There is a redoubt located on what is left of Japan. The gateway is located deep underground, connected to an elevator that leads up to a house built for the American ambassadors. It had been discovered months before by the Japanese and they were using the gateways to explore the Deathlands. The walls of this gateway were a fiery orange in colour. The gateway is later destroyed in a massive earthquake.

Circle Thrice

The Tennessee redoubt is huge, covering mile after mile of tunnels and rooms below the surface. The redoubt is in surprisingly good shape, but on the down side, it has been totally stripped. Nothing is left behind, not even emergency rations. The gateway itself is a deep purple in colour. One thing that is discovered is that it appears as if a firefight may have taken place in the control room of the gateway.


There is a redoubt located near Dulce, New Mexico. The gateway inside the redoubt appears to be a prototype, and is located in what appeared to be a classroom. The Base it's self is unlike most of the one's they've been in. It also has clear markings of a U.S. Air Force Facility. The walls of the gateway are a dingy white. Here the group find a Land Rover that was used for patrolling. They take it, leaving several other vehicles untouched.

Bitter Fruit

A fourth redoubt is located in New Mexico. This one is located in the military base in White Sands. Unlike the majority of the redoubts, this one is manned. The leader of the men who live in the base is named Major Drake Burroughs. He and his men have under gone something known as the Calypso project. It seems to have given them immunity to ageing and disease.

There are a pair of Redoubt located on what is left of the island of England. The first is in a tiny little bolt hole, which contained not only the gateway (which had indigo coloured walls), but three Cryo Chambers, a wag, and a ton of survival supplies. One of the Cryo chambers contained the corpse of a man, who it is later discovered is the father of Prince Victor Boldt.

The second gateway in England is located deep inside the fortress buried beneath the ville of Wildwood. This fortress is built inside the root system of a giant mutant plant, and is controlled by a computer system known as Merlin. The fortress has built in security cameras, and automated defences, as well as a large number of Cyronic Chambers. There was also a huge nutrient tank which housed a genetically engineered plant that had part of the creator's DNA mixed in. It was linked to a count down timer that would have release a plague, a mutant form of the Bubonic Plague if Ryan had not killed the plant.


There are two redoubts mentioned in this book. The first is located in the Carolina's. It is five levels deep and still stocked with food and equipment. The redoubt was being used by the mutant Kaa to bring in his army of six thousand Stickies. Dozens of the mutants were wiped out in the redoubt itself by Ryan and his band.

The second redoubt's location is not known. All that is known about the redoubt is that it was destroyed by a nuclear device, a twenty five kiloton weapon detonating in the gateway control room. The redoubt is destroyed, and Kaa is caught in mid jump, never reforming at the final destination.

The Mars Arena

It is never mentioned exactly where, but there is a redoubt located near the western islands of what used to be the coast of California. Almost nothing is known about the redoubt.


They return to the redoubt located in the Florida everglades, near what used to be Baron Larry Zapp's little empire. The base had been flooded at some point in the past, as well as entered and totally stripped of anything useful. They encounter several corpses, just over a month old, as well as guards who worked for a man named Rollins out of Mobile Alabama. The controlling computers for the gateway malfunction and the gateway is now permanently useless.

There is another gateway located below the military base in King's Point, GA. Again, nearly nothing is known about the redoubt its self as it had not been entered until Ryan appeared. The gateway has watery yellow walls.

Nightmare Passage

Deep inside the Guadalupe desert is a redoubt that was used exclusively for genetic engineering. Here a super human mutant with incredible strength, high intelligence, as well as psionic abilities was created. This mutant, known as Alpha quickly took control over the redoubt and ended up killing (although indirectly) five of the twelve staff members, as well as the female that was to be his counter part. After he reached maturity the staff left and he went into suspended animation for nearly 80 years. The redoubt is fairly small, containing living quarters, supplies, the gateway (which happened to be pale rust colour), as well as the research facility.

Freedom Lost

In the ruins of the Wayne Feldman Baptist Hospital and Medical Centre in Charlotte, Virginia there is a civilian gateway. The section is shut off from the rest of the hospital and also contains a cryonics facility, though it failed and all the people died.

Way of the Wolf

A redoubt is located in the southern part of Kentucky, near the ville of Hazard. Unfortunately the redoubt didn't contain any weapons or ammunition, but did have plenty of other goods that they could use to trade with other for what they lacked. The walls of this particular gateway were Jade in colour.

Deeply encased in ice is a listening post high in the arctic. The redoubt was hit by a bio or chemical weapon during the war so none of the personnel had been able to evacuate. They died at their posts and were soon encased in thick layers of ice as the nuclear winter enclosed the earth. The land where this particular redoubt had been located was recently sheered away and set adrift. The group were barely able to get the gateway circuitry repaired and jump out before the redoubt finally sank to the bottom of the arctic ocean.

Dark Emblem

There are two redoubts with Mat Trans units located in the nation of Puerto Rico. One is located in the Fortress of El Morrow, the other located in the mountains. The second was stripped in order to make the unit in El Morrow function. The fortress was not really a military or research base, but it had been used to conduct time trawling experiments. The other redoubt was where the mutants known as the Chupacabras.were created. But something happened to the nuclear power plant and Dr. Silas Jamaisvous was forced to abandon it. The walls of the gateway in Fort El Morrow are an unusual shade of blue.

Crucible of Time

Located due east of Fresno California was a redoubt. This one was fairly large but showed that it had been completely evacuated after the war. Only emergency rations and bedding were left behind. The hallway leading to the Mat Trans chamber was shaped like a snail shell, circling in on itself. The walls of this gateway are a deep Maroon.


There is only one redoubt mentioned in the book. It is a massive facility known as Spearpoint.  Its exact location was never revealed but it was massive, the size of a small city and fully stocked. The entrance to the facility was guarded by a security system much like the one mentioned in Pilgrimage to Hell.


There is a redoubt located about four days foot travel from the ruins of Idaho falls. The size, as well as color of the walls in the gateway were not mentioned in the book.

A second gateway is mentioned. This one is located off the main Idaho river, near where the Heimdall foundation had set up their temporary camp while building the dam.  This redoubt was nothing more than two rooms. An armory and the gateway.  The color of the gateway walls wasn't revealed at all.

Outlander Redoubts/Gate Ways

Exiles To Hell

There is a gateway located in Milton Reeth's canyon fortress in the Mesa Verde Canyon. The color of the gateway is unknown at this time.

A new redoubt is located in Dulce New Mexico. This redoubt houses the equipment and technology that allows the creation of the Hybrid race. It is where the outlanders that have been harvested for genetic material are sent by various harvesters like Milton Reeth had been. Here superior samples of humanity are kept in Cryonic suspension (Such as Kane's Father) to be used when needed. It is staffed by a large number of Hybrids. The redoubt is a six level affair (possibly seven levels). Each level of the redoubt is devoted to research in the various devisions of the Totalitarian concept. Level four was devoted mainly to Project Cerberus. Level five was devoted to operaton Chronos. Overproject excalibur and it's sub-division occupied level six.

Click here for a map of level four of the redoubt. Click here for a map of level six of redoubt.  Click here for a map of level 7 of the redoubt.

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ht="10">It turns out that there is a small gateway located inside Shiloh base. After Ryan and JB enter it they destroy the gateway to prevent the same thing from happening a second time around.

The Alaskan redoubt from Red Holocaust is visited once again and this time there is someone inside it. When Dean and Krysty jump out he plays with the controls and sends them on a random jump. Somehow they manage to get back to the redoubt.

The misjump that Dean and Krysty took landed them in a gateway filled with water and rotting military corpses. They grab a pack from one and activate the LD button and end back in the Tennessee redoubt. 

Mildred and Jak make a jump to another unknown redoubt and raid it for weapons and ammo but are attacked by security bots similar to those in Chill Factor.  They manage to escape without having the sec hunter robots following them. 

Pandora's Redoubt

There is an unknown redoubt that is clearly destroyed by a lava flow.  The gateway color is unknown and so is the location.

The group arrive in a fairly large redoubt near Salt Fork Lake in Ohio.  The redoubt had been home to a group of bikers known as the Sons of the Knife, but they ended up killing each other off trying to take control of a huge APC they had put together known as the Leviathan.  The walls were black with silver streaking.  It was a multi level facility with a massive motor pool. The sons of the knife had either cleaned out the base of all food or it had been taken when the base had been evacuated. 

Rat King

The redoubt is located near a pre-ruin town called Tonganoxie, a ways off from Kansas City, MO.  The redoubt houses the descendents of the soldiers who were posted there. Over the generations they had suffered greatly from inbreeding and mutations. The only thing that has kept the redoubt running was the Mobius, or the Rat King computer system. The particular redoubt walls were green mixed with cobalt. The base was probably destroyed when a massive explosion, the result of a chain reaction caused by a grenade, sent shockwaves through the base. It had suffered from seismic damage during the war, and the foundation wasn't the most stable. This time, the explosion probably finished the job. 

Outlander Redoubts/Gate Ways

Exiles To Hell

There is a gateway located in Milton Reeth's canyon fortress in the Mesa Verde Canyon. The color of the gateway is unknown at this time.

A new redoubt is located in Dulce New Mexico. This redoubt houses the equipment and technology that allows the creation of the Hybrid race. It is where the outlanders that have been harvested for genetic material are sent by various harvesters like Milton Reeth had been. Here superior samples of humanity are kept in Cryonic suspension (Such as Kane's Father) to be used when needed. It is staffed by a large number of Hybrids. The redoubt is a six level affair (possibly seven levels). Each level of the redoubt is devoted to research in the various devisions of the Totalitarian concept. Level four was devoted mainly to Project Cerberus. Level five was devoted to operaton Chronos. Overproject excalibur and it's sub-division occupied level six.

Click here for a map of level four of the redoubt. Click here for a map of level six of redoubt.  Click here for a map of level 7 of the redoubt.

Destiny Run

There is a hidden redoubt near the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.  The size and color of the gateway itself is unknown.

The redoubt in Red Equinox is used once again. This time the dacha that had been built around it is totally gone except for the chimney which has a warning on it, left by the Russian Major almost a century before.

Savage Sun

Kane and company return to England and find themselves back in the gateway that was located in the remains of Wildwood. They are captured by lord Longbow's Dragoons and taken away from the place. They don't use it to get home, instead they use Lakesh's experimental interphaser to return home. 

Omega Path

There is a redoubt located beneath the world trade center. It was installed after the explosion set off in the mid 90's. 

Parallax Red

There is a gateway located in a space station known as Parallax red. It is hidden on the other side of the moon. The color of the gateway is not know. The space station is a huge facility. It was supposed to have been a major jumping post for space exploration. It also served a darker purpose. It had a massive weapon mounted on it, as well as was used to kidnap people and take them to Mars for harvesting of their genetic material.

Doomstar Relic

The redoubt in Alaska is re-visited.  The redoubt actually has a cybernetically controlled computer system, one that links a human mind with the computer. A pair from Ragnarville found out about it and planned to use it to take control of the Baronies. They use the HAARP computer to control the weather and wreak havoc at several Baronies. A woman named Roberta J. Berrier is linked to the computer and forces everyone out and warns them to stay way. 


There is a gateway located in the Trasillunop Lamasery in Tibet. This is where Kane and the others, escorting the Archon Balam, arrive to find the lost city of the Archons. 

Armageddon Axis

The redoubt in Dulce New Mexico is yet again visited by the group, but this time while they reach it by heading out in a Sandcat.  They are there to stop the harvesting of organs that the barons need.  They attack and cause an Aurora to crash into the base, almost destroying it entirely.

The Anthill complex is revisited.  After the havoc caused by Ryan's people nearly a century before was never recovered from. The place is still a huge treasure trove of predark goods, weapons, vehicles etc.  Very few of the cybernetically enhanced government officials are still alive and most of those who are are incurably insane.  It's a massive complex just waiting for the right people to come around and take control of it.

A couple of miles away from the Anthill complex is a hidden valley. There is a huge hanger complex filled with all manner of proto type craft, including the original Aurora. 

Wreath of Fire

Inside the Dinosaur national Monument in Utah, there is a small redoubt. Ambika used the redoubt to wage her raids against the baron's ore convoys. The redoubt was originally named Oscar but Ambika changed it to Minerva. The color of the gateway walls were that of fried egg whites mixed with swirls of blue.

There is a second redoubt, identical in shape and size to the Oscar Redoubt located on the island about twenty miles north of the ruins of LA. The walls of this particular redoubt are chartreuse in color.  From here, Ambika stages her raids against the Barons.  The gateway in both are large enough to transport a Sandcat or APC.

Shadow Scourge

The redoubt 47 in Louisiana is revisited.  It is hinted that this is where the Swampies were created, and it has been used as a home by them for many years.

Hell Rising

Deep in the Antarctic there is a redoubt.  The actual gateway is located a small distance from the redoubt. It is actually the last Nazi stronghold from WW 2 and inside is hidden a kings ransom of stolen wealth that was never recovered after the war. One last Nazi survived here, along with a cloned Yeti.

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