Parallax Red Station

Parallax red was based on the Stanford Torus design, built with prestressed concrete, reinforced by vanadium-steel bulkheads and cables. The structure was two point eight miles in overall diameter and weighed in at over ten million tons.  On the outside it looked like a gigantic coin turned on its side, attached to a central hub. 

The station had been designed as an elite community that could house five thousand souls, tops. It was to be something of a utopia, with the best earth had to offer on board. Parks, fountains, flora, everything that a person could hope for.

But that wasn't its only use.  It was equipped with a powerful GRAZER weapon, dubbed THOR'S HAMMER.  The weapon was part of the Stratigic Defense Initiative. 

Furthermore, the station was also the jump off point for Cydonia Colony, set on Mars.  There were even darker uses for Parallax Red. It housed laboratories that were devoted to the Totality Concept and Archon Directive. 

There is no record of the station ever having been built but it is situated in the Lagrange range 2 orbit. 

After two hundred years in the Lagrange orbit, the station is no longer what it used to be. The temperature is only a little above freezing and the air is quite thin, but breathable. It has been constantly recycled and has more carbon dioxide than on earth.  In order to provide the station with additional oxygen without having to bring it from Earth, moss was scattered throughout to scrub the carbon dioxide and provide fresh oxygen. Even after 200 years the moss is still growing.

The gravity is also significantly lower than that of earth, only about half or even less.  

The gateway control room and gateway itself is still functioning normally, even if the gateway is smaller than most found on earth.  The gateway is colored dark blue. From here numerous internal and external cameras could be accessed.

Power to the station was provided via solar power panels, and it is assumed that it has its own nuclear power plant as a backup. 

The exterior of the station appeared ancient and rust pitted, almost as if slapped together. Entire sections were skeletal, their framework open to the vacuum. The station had a dismal, bleak appearance to it.

Each section of the station was separated by an airlock, to prevent catastrophic decompression in the off chance that a hull breach occurred somewhere along its two mile diameter.

Internally, the corridors were typically twelve by twelve feet, and were lit by yellow lights every ten feet or so.

View ports were placed along the corridors, so that with the simple push of a button the shielding could be raised or lowered to give a angels eye view of the stars, earth and the moon.

It appears that the station has four levels, all marked A through D which are accessed using elevators.

Amazingly enough, the station actually had inhabitants. Cats that were left when the survivors left the station.  Many generations had passed and they survived by feeding off the rats that also somehow thrived in the alien environment.

During the holocaust Russian Hunter Killer satellites attacked and damaged large sections of the station, but enough of the station survived, as well as many of the stations personnel, who finally retreated to Cydonia Colony on Mars. 

From the station Sindri was able to explore the earth side gateways.  He and his follower Transadapts set up temporary quarters inside one of the stations massive storage facilities.  The boxes inside were covered with the Stylization symbols of NASA, Cydonia Colony, and the Archon Directive.

Sindri had some very nasty plans for the GRAZER weapon. He intended to use it to destroy Mars. The resulting meteor storm would wreak another Armageddon on Earth, wiping out the Barony's and much of the population, making it much easier for Sindri and his people to find suitable location to live.

But, after defeating the insane midget a mis-fire from one of the Molecular Disrupter weapons damages the GRAZER and causes it to blow, most likely taking the station with it.

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