The Salvation


The Salvation is the whaling ship owned by Prya Quadde, the best whaling captain in the entire ville of Claggarstville.

The ship was one hundred twenty feet long, and just over thirty feet wide. She appeared as if she was time trawled right out of the Victorian age.

The crew comprised of thirty two officers and men. Prya's cabin was located in the stern, beneath the afterhouse that held the ships wheel. The two mates both had their own tiny cabins, located just below the midship shelter. The rest of the crew messed together in the forecastle, the rounded bow of the ship

The ship carried three masts. From the bow they were the fore, main, and mizzen. Four whaling boats, each thirty feet long were secured to the vessel, two on either side. Just in front of the main mast were located the tryworks, were the whale blubber was cooked and boiled down to its valuable oil which was stored in hundreds of barrels located deep in the ships hold.

The largest space on the vessel was the blubber room which ran two thirds of the way down the ship. This is where the carcass of the whales were butchered and sent to the tryworks.

The ship was bark sailed, which meant that the foremast and the mizzen carried a fore and aft sail, rather than being fully rigged, enabling it to be run by fewer men, leaving that many more people to man the whaling boats.

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