Deserving Dead

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This file will contain the names of those that crossed, betrayed, or tried to kill Ryan Cawdor and his friends. They are the Deserving dead.

Pilgrimage to Hell

Jordan Teauge: The Baron of Mocsin. He was killed by his second in command, a man named Cort Strasser. Ryan Cawdor tried to use Teauge as leverage against Strasser after capturing him when he learned that Traders convoy had been destroyed by a nerve gas attack. For a detailed description of this man, see Barons and Baronies.

Kelber: One of Cort Strasser’s men. He was killed by a mutant beetle after accidentally swallowing it. The beetle was meant for Ryan Cawdor. He died a hideous death as the beetle bit and chewed its way out of him.

Red Holocaust.

Rachel: One of three "Keepers" in the Anchorage Redoubt. An ancient woman, crazed from both inbreeding and isolation, she, her husband/brother were the ‘Keepers" of the Redoubt She shot once through the head and killed by Ryan Cawdor after she put four rounds into Hunacker, killing Ryan’s friend. The firefight occurred in one of the many barracks located in the Anchorage Redoubt. She was of similar age to Quint (below). She wore an incredibly dirty leather jacket and pants, and a cap which was decorated with glass brooches. Her teeth were broken and chipped.

Quint: The head "Keeper" of the Anchorage Redoubt. After seeing is wife/sister killed by well placed shots from Ryan, he attempted to surrender. Ryan executed him after leading a failed attempt to kill Ryan and his companions. Only his daughter/wife, Lori survived the attempt on the group's life, and that is because she warned them just as the attack was about to commence. He is only 5 feet tall, and was dressed in a bizarre assortment of rags and finery. A jacket that bore sequins, leather pants that were cut off at the knee, a woman’s high heeled boot on the right foot and a stained blue canvas shoe on the left. Numerous medals and colored ribbon hung from his left breast. A bandolier of various types of ammunition is strapped across his chest. His long white beard was stained amber and had green and orange ribbons tied into it. He could be around ninety. His hair was streaked silver and gray, and had a hooked nose and deep set eyes.

Uchitel: Leader of the Russian Invaders, the Narodniki. After J.B. used an ancient missile discovered in the ruins of a mining camp, near one of the DEW line Radar Installations, to destroy an intact dam, wiping out all but three of his raiders. Krysty Wroth executed him as he attempts to draw a hidden weapon. He was nearly six feet tall, with almond shaped eyes. The irises were golden. His mouth was thick lipped and kindly. Around his forehead he wore a band of beaten silver which had a large ruby in its center. His nickname was ‘The Teacher’ because he was the pretty much the only one of the band who could read and write.

Bizabraznia: Huge, ugly woman, part of the marauders, lead by Uchitel. She barely survived the collapse of the dam, which killed all but her and three other survivors. Ryan's group took her captive. She was executed by Ryan, shooting her twice in the chest, and once through the face.

Narondniki Marauders: A band of some thirty odd men and women who live by raiding and pillaging all over eastern Russia. They are being pursued by a one hundred man strong patrol, lead by a Major Zimyanin. The party loses two men to unforeseen circumstances while making their way across the Bering Strait. Four more are killed while attempting to set up a bomb that would have wiped out Ryan’s party near an ancient dam. All but for of the invading force are killed when a missile launched by J.B. destroys the dam, washing them off to a frozen, watery death. Both Ryan's party and Major Zimyanin's forces then execute the four survivors.

Neutron Solstice.

Mephisto: The head sec man who took orders from Baron Tourment, and no one else. He was killed while Krysty and Lori were being rescued. Using his Le Mat, Doc managed to wound Mephisto badly, and then Lori puts out his remaining eye. Doc finally finishes the job, putting Mephisto out of his misery.

Baron Tourment: A huge African American baron. He was tracked down while trying to escape from the ruins of his barony. Ryan and Jak corner him. He attempts to take his own life, but fails, instead, he wounds himself horribly, but is still living. With Ryan’s help, Jak ties him to the boat and allows the huge Caymans to feast on Tourment’s corpse as they paddle back to shore.

Crater Lake.

Mayor Theodore Sissy: The ruler of the ville of Ginnsburg. He is the latest in a line of hereditary leaders of the ville and rules it with an iron fist. He is killed when Ryan, J.B., Doc, and Finn rescue Lori and Krysty from the female dormitory in the ville. Lori places her little .22 caliber handgun in his mouth and shoots him. She does this after being beaten, stripped naked, and forced to perform oral sex on him. He was a tiny, frail man confined to a wheel chair. His head seemed far too large for his body and was fringed with white hair. His legs were twisted, and he wore numerous rings on his fingers. He wore a suit of light, cream colored cloth.

Staff of Wizard Island Complex For Scientific Advancement: The descendants of the original staff of scientists. They are terribly inbred and were bent on completing a project known as Project Eurydice, which, if allowed to reach fruition, would have destroyed all life on the planet. They were systematically hunted down and killed by Ryan and his band as they set charges to detonate the weapons stored in the facility. The weapons detonating, and the rebirth of the Volcano soon killed those who survived the initial onslaught.

Dr. Ethel Tardy: The head researcher for the Wizard Island Facility. She was killed after Doc Tanner shot her in the back of the head with his Le Mat. She had encountered Ryan and his friends and was about to use a molecular Destabilizer on them when Tanner crept up behind her and killed her. She was a fat, dumpy little woman who was barely four feet tall. Pink jowls of fat dangled on her shoulders Her hair was so thin, her scalp showed through. Her eyes were blue, and appeared enormous because of glasses she wore. For a woman of her tiny stature, she had enormous breasts. Because of the size, she was forced to lean back as she walked on short, stumpy legs. Her left arm was withered and useless and she had to use a hearing aid, which was pinned to her lapel. She wore a fawn colored lab coat buttoned all the way up to the throat.

Homeward Bound.

Harvey Cawdor: Ryan Cawdor’s elder brother. He was shot by Ryan and fell into a pit containing huge mutie boars where he was then torn apart. Harvey is very different from what Ryan remembers him as looking. His right leg trailed, forcing him to walk a strange shuffling, crab like walk. His right shoulder was lifted in an unsightly hump. His mouth and nose was somewhat deformed from a scar. This was a parting gift from Ryan, the night that he destroyed Ryan’s left eye. The most astonishing thing was his sheer size. He was grotesquely fat, weighing nearly four hundred pounds.

Rachel Cawdor: The wife of Harvey Cawdor. She met Ryan near the boar pit just after Ryan killed Harvey. Doc Tanner killed her as she was about to shoot Ryan. She was taller than Harvey, being slim and elegant. Her hair was black and lustrous, cropped to her shoulders. Her skin was very pale, and her dark eyes disappeared into the sockets. Her fingers were long and elegant. She was also a jolt addict. If Doc hadn’t killed her, she would have been dead within a year anyway. The people of the ville know her as the Lady of Pain.

Jabez Pendragon Cawdor: The son of Rachel and Harvey Cawdor. He was literally torn apart by Krysty as he attempts to rape her. She wrapped his remains in a burial shroud she found in the room, tossing the remains into the moat from her window. She literally destroyed his body with her mutie strength. He was of average height and weight, appearing to be in his late teens. His face appeared to be oddly unbalanced, the right side being higher and more angular. The corner of his eye was twisted and pulled down so it appeared that he was continuously blinking. His skin was incredibly pallid. His brown hair was receding and was kept cut short.

Pony Soldiers

The Pony Soldiers. After Cort Strasser took over this group of Mercies and whipped them into a coherent fighting force, they are wiped out in an ambush after chasing Ryan and his friends right into the ranchero of the Drowned Squaw Canyon Apache tribe. They were brutally destroyed as they have been at war with the Apaches for many months, and the hate between the two groups ran deep, and ran far. Out of the fifty odd sec men, only Strasser managed to escape with his life, and four others were captured, only to be tortured to death.

Rourke. This huge mountain of a man was killed in a fist fight with Ryan Cawdor. He was supposed to beat Cawdor within an inch of his life, but both he, and Cort Strasser misjudged the man. Ryan beat him severely before killing the man with a blow to his nose.

Sergeant Mclaglen. One of Cort Strasser's main men. He was taken captive, one of only for to survive the attack on the Drowned Squaw Ranchero. He was severely tortured by the Apaches. He tried to make friends with Ryan while he was in the hands of Strasser. Because of this, Ryan puts him out of his misery by slitting the mans throat as they make their way out of the Ranchero.

Dectra Chain

Pyra Quadde. This woman was the captain of the Salvation, the best whaling boat to have sailed out of the ville of Claggarstville. She was responsible for shanghaiing Ryan and Donfil More, and forcing both to work on her ship. After several days at sea, she made it known her intentions to use Ryan in a very perverted sexual manner which few have ever survived. Luckily for him, J.B. Dix and Krysty force the captain of the Phoenix to follow Quadde's ship. A brief and bloody fight ensues, and the salvation is captured, but not before Quadde and her first mate manage to escape. Ryan, and his friends follow, finally confronting Quadde and her first mate in a small cove on an island. Here Ryan hits her with a whaling harpoon, knocking her over the edge of the boat, where she is torn apart by a school of mutie sharks. Physically Quadde was a very ugly woman. She was five foot ten and weighed in at one seventy. She was forty seven years old. Her hair was a deep auburn but spoiled because it was dirty and oily. Her complexion was sallow, tight in some areas, loose in others. The furrows of her face were wrinkled and lined with dirt. Her cheeks were covered in spots and boils. She actually had a small mustache and her eyes were like pits of jet sunk into the fatty flesh of her face. She wore knee length boots of black leather, as well as a black skirt. She was also covered in several layers of sweaters.

Cyrus Ogg. The first mate on the whaling ship, the Salvation. He escaped with Pyra Quadde after the ship was taken over by J.B. and the rest of the group. After being cornered in a small cove, and seeing his captain killed (see above), he is about to shoot Ryan, when he is in turn shot once through the face. He joins his captain in death. Physically Ogg had fluffy white hair and a round benevolent face. His full cherubic lips always held the hint of a smile. He was five foot six and about one hundred twenty pounds. He wore black pants and a black jacket.

Jedediah Hernando Rodriguez. The owner of the Rising Fluke. He was responsible for Ryan and Donfil's capture. He encounters Krysty just after she killed a pair of sec men for their weapons. He begs and pleads for his life, explaining that he would have been killed by Quadde if he didn't go along with her orders. She drives his own stiletto deep into his brain, killing him for his treachery. He was a strange looking man. His flesh was sallow and unhealthy, stretched tight across the planes of his skull. He was about thirty and had no trace of a beard. His eyes were brown and his brown hair was neatly cut and curled. He wore a purple satin shirt open to the waist as well as a great deal of jewelry.

Ice and Fire

Zombie. The leader of the Last Hero's a reborn branch of the hell's angels. He kills Edgar Brennan, the Baron of Snakefish after encountering him and Ryan's party just after dawn as they make their way through the old amusement park to the gasoline refinery. He shoots Brennan in the back and is stupid enough to gloat about it. J.B. gets revenge for Carla and shoots him once in the throat and once in the stomach.

The Last Hero's. The sec men under the control of the Mote's. They provided protection as well as security for the ville of Snakefish. Three are lost to an attack by Stickies near Death Valley, and the rest are killed while Ryan and his band make good their escape and destroy the oil refinery. The only member to survive is Riddler who Ryan allows to leave unmolested.

Norman Mote. The leader of the snake cult. He is killed by Ryan who shoots him through the head when he tries to get revenge for Doc killing his son, Joshua. Over the years, the Motes slowly wrestled the control of the ville from Baron Brennan, until they finally have most of the townsfolk in their control. He stood a little over average height, and weighed in about two hundred forty. He is around fifty five. His well kept hair is uniformly gray. He wore a suit of light gray which was tailored to hide his stubby legs and spreading waste line. His eyes were puffy, and his hands were soft and manicured.

Joshua Mote. The son of Norman and Marianne Mote, the leaders of snake cult. He had an illicit affair with Lori and was quite angry when Doc and Ryan walked right in the middle of them coupling. He promised to kill the old man for his intrusion. Well, after the refinery was destroyed, the Motes tried to save part of their pornography collection. Doc kills him with a single shot from his Le Mat. He was in his early twenties and had sagging, unhealthy appearing skin, and puffy eyes. He wore a shirt of pale blue and a thong around his neck which held a huge chunk of turquoise. He had blond hair and wore a black Stetson hat.

Marianne Mote. The wife of Norman and mother to Joshua. She was responsible for choosing the victim who would be the next participant in the 'Feeding' which was nothing more than a ruse to get rid of those who didn't agree with their views. She is about to kill Ryan after witnessing the dispatching of her husband and son. Rick kills her with a single blast from his shotgun. She was a short woman, only four foot ten in height. She wore heavy makeup which simply made her look like an aging whore. She wore a gown which was loose around her and was either made of snake skin or a close imitation. Her piled up blond hair was obviously a wig.

Red Equinox

Aliev. Zimyanin's mutie Mongolia tracker. He was killed by Ryan as he attempts to rescue Zimyanin. It was out of loyalty and the fact that if anything happened to Zimyanin, he would no longer have a protector and would soon be staring up into the rain.

The Wolf Pack. A group of murderous children who are used by the party to hunt down and kill undesirable types. After witnessing a small pack kill a old and disabled man, Ryan knows to keep his eyes out for them. While trying to get some food, he runs into a separate pack. The leader, a young girl of thirteen tries to force him to reveal his face. He grabs her and shoots her through the back of the neck killing the little monster. He then fires into the pack, killing another eight. A small pack of eighteen of these pint sized killers are sent into the Mansion where Ryan's party is held up. After detonating a Magnesium grenade, Ryan and J.B. go around and execute them one at a time.

Northstar Rising

The Wise Woman of Markland. This ancient crone was choked to death by Mildred Wyeth after she insisted that Mildred was the cause of the sickness and disease that had been afflicting the ville. The old woman tried to get Jak to kill Mildred but he was able to shake off the effects of the drug he was given.

Jorund Thoraldson, the baron of Markland was killed after catching an Implode Grenade Ryan Cawdor tossed to him. This was done in revenge for the fact that the baron insisted that the group of friends stay behind and become members of the ville, and for trying to sacrifice Mildred because they believed she was a demon. The man stood at six foot five inches in height and weighed in at nearly three hundred pounds, not all of it fat. His eye's were blue and he had shoulder length white blond hair. He wore a shaggy wool coat and leather pants, which were tucked into knee length suede boots. He carried a long two handed sword and a .38 calibre colt was strapped to his belt.

Time Nomads

Ferryman. The head secman of the ville of Towse. He was responsible for the deaths of many Apache Indians living near the ville. He lead the attack on Trader's convoy and was chased down by Ryan Cawdor who killed him by shooting him three times. Once in the chest, once in the shoulder and finally in the face. Like Ryan, he was missing his left eye. He was around thirty years old and more than likely had Indian blood in him as he had really dark skin.

Alias Carson. The baron of the ville of Towse. He tried to ambush Trader's convoy so he could take the war wags for his own to strengthen his grip on the surrounding land. He is executed by Trader for this.

Dark Cloud. This Apache warrior was killed in a duel with Ryan Cawdor. The Apache's mistake Ryan for Ferryman and trader is able to convince them not to kill him outright. That is when he is forced to fight. After disabling him by breaking his knee, Ryan refuses to kill him in cold blood. He attempts to help the huge warrior to his feet but the Apache tries to pull him down to finish him off. Ryan uses the Indians own huge knife to finish him off.

Latitude Zero

The Ballinger Family. Just after leaving the ruined redoubt that self destructed in Time Nomads, Ryan and his friends come across the Ranch of R.G. Ballinger and his two sons Jim and Larry, as well as his crippled daughter Christina. He offers to let them stay in the bunk houses so they can begin their trading in the morning. That night, his two boy's decide to pay Krysty and Mildred a visit. Krysty kills one by breaking his neck, and Mildred strangles the other. The father, R.G. is killed by Jak with a throwing knife. Christina is happy to see her abusive and murderous family killed.

Strasser's gang. Over half the gang is killed during the attack initiated by Mildred after seeing six innocent people executed by Strasser. The few that survived run for their locomotive and head into the hills. After Ryan and the band track the gang down to a ruined ville, all but four members are killed when they cause the train to derail and fall to the bottom of a deep gorge after blowing the rails.

Rafe. One of Strasser's last surviving men. He is killed by huge mutie wolves when Cort orders him to attack them. Strasser uses this diversion to escape.

Rosa. This Mexican woman was Cort Strasser's lover (if he even knew what the word meant). She shared his pleasure in inflicting pain and was not above any sexual act, no matter how deviant it was. Mildred strangled the woman to death after the raft they were on went over a water fall.

Cort Strasser. After all this time, the evil man meets his end. He and Ryan have a knife fight on an old, unstable bridge. During the fight, he manages to cut Ryan on the arm, and Ryan cuts him badly across the stomach. The bridge they are on collapses and they fall. Ryan is able to hold onto the cable, but Strasser lands in the quicksand. As he is sinking, He first asks Ryan to help him, then to put a bullet through his head. Ryan refuses. In the end, he cuts his own throat and sinks below the sand, but not before throwing his knife at Ryan, knicking him. One of Ryan's oldest enemies is finally sent to hell.


Dred and Retha. These were the first two people Ryan and the others encountered upon leaving the ruined mansion housing the gateway. Dred took the group back to one of his three homes and a young girl named Retha joined him a short time later. He claimed to be the leader of a street gang known as the 'Hawks'. They spend a full night and day together and then on the second night while they are in the ruins of a museum, Dred and Retha grab Ryan's G-12 and plan to kill the group. Doc kills Dred using his sword cane, and Ryan uses his Panga to kill Retha. Both kids are undernourished and no older than eighteen.

Bluff. A little old scavenger who met Ryan and the others inside the home of the people who had been taking care of Dean. After drinking too much Joltsky, he lets it be known that he betrayed the people who lived in the ruined basement to the Scalies. Ryan, overcome by a killing rage, kills the little scavenger with his bare hands for the betrayal. The body is dumped outside the basement and left for the mutant alligators that live in the sewers.

Dark Carnival

One of Travens members a young girl named Sky too a liking to Doc Tanner. One evening after a Dark Snaking she enters his room and first performs oral sex on him then mounts him. While she is riding Doc, he notices that she is wearing a necklace from one of the old people that he'd seen earlier in the day. It is coated in fresh blood. She goes wild and tries to kill him, nearly succeeding. He is able to get his sword cane and destroys her eye, then runs it through her, killing her. They manage to hide the corpse.

Adam Traven and his 'posse' This young influential control freak slowly began to take over control of the Greenglades theme park in Florida from Baron Larry Zapp. He first got him hooked on Dreem and then slowly began to win over his sec men. Larry was fully aware of what was going on, but didn't have the strength to prevent it. His 'posse' delighted in 'dark snaking' which involved sneaking into a home, exploring it and then butchering the inhabitants and stealing anything they may have had that was valuable. He made the fatal mistake of forcing Ryan to come with him in order to save his friends. Inside Ryan kills six of seven members of the 'posse', with only Traven and one other escaping back to centerpoint, the heart of the ville. Her Ryan and the others encounter him and his last member. There is a brief but bloody fight where a lot of sec men die, the last member of the posse, and Adam himself. Larry Zapp uses his considerable weight to trap Traven, who in turns shoots him eight times. Ryan and the others pull him out from beneath Zapp and shoot him through both knees, elbows and three times in the stomach, leave him to die alone and in great agony. Before he died he stood at about five foot six, and was quite skinny, weighing in about one hundred twenty five pounds. He hand long black hair that curled around his shoulders and a long drooping moustache that hung over his full, feminine lips. His eyes were dark brown with long lashes. He wore stained and torn jeans with patches on the knees, a shirt with ruffles down the front and a black leather jacket.

Chill Factor

Eldar Bluffield. This religious leader and his flock were captured by Zimyanin's 'recruiters' almost a month before Ryan met him. He tried to force Kate to join his band. Ryan was able to prevent this, cutting off three of Bluffields left hand fingers. Later that night Ryan hangs the man. He was six and a half feet tall and had a mane of hair and a beard of pure white, like snow.

Gergori Zimyanin. Somehow he managed to survive the mutant's attack and escape the redoubt. He since that time took over control of a sulphur mine. Over a period of months, he learned to use the redoubts, and discovered the LD or Last Destination function and used the redoubts to bring slaves to the mines. He and Ryan destroyed on of the sec hunter droids Ryan activated accidentally, and ended up falling to his death.

Moon Fate

Charlie. This highly intelligent stickie was the leader of a huge compound of stickies. He was in his early twenties. He stood at six foot ten inches in height and was so skinny he was skeletal in appearance. He wore a elegant vest, and dark blue jeans. A gold medallion hung from around his neck. He had a head of long blond hair. He had tried to sacrifice Ryan and a group of prisoners to show his power to his followers, but when a group of lepers attack, they manage to escape, and the majority of his people were killed. He disappeared for to months and was killed by Christina when he threatened her and her new born daughter, Jenny.

Fury's Pilgrims

Billy, the leader of the Midnites. This stunningly beautiful woman (except for the protruding eyes) stood at five foot eleven in height, and had a tumbling mane of chestnut brown hair. She wore a black sweater, pants, and black leather boots. This woman had Krysty captured in order to lead her and her tribe out of the ruins of Chicago to the west, where they could start anew. She is later killed by Ryan when he and the others make their way deep into the lair to free Krysty.


Baron Alfred Nelson. The baron of the Vista barony in the Colorado Rockies. He recently had lost his son to a group of hired killers from Yuma and was grieving over the loss. He sends Ryan and the other male members of the group to bring the killers back for justice. However, even if they did succeed, he had no intentions of keeping his word. He planned to kill them, keep Mildred and Krysty for himself, and adopt Dean as his son. He loses it and Krysty jams a little .22 calibre pistol in his mouth. She pulls the trigger and the bullet lodges in his brain, killing him, but not before he kills his own mother for giving away his plans.

Baron Wizard Sidler. The baron of Yuma. He hired a group of six blood eyed killers to hunt down and torture Zebe Nelson, the son of Alfred Nelson to death. After his capture Ryan and the others try to take him back to Yuma. He is able to escape and ends up cutting the throat of Ellie Morte. Doc Tanner, who had been enjoying a relationship with the woman, blows his head off with the Le Mat.

Jim Jennison. J.B. Dix's half brother! This man hired out several people to try and track down J.B. and kill him while they were staying in the ville of Yuma. After his capture at the hands of J.B. and Ryan, he tries to pursuade his brother into letting him go. In the end, after the others are killed, J.B. takes great pleasure in personally cutting Jim in half with the M-4000 scattergun. Before leaving he spits in his dead half brothers eyes. Jim stood at five foot eight, and was lean and pale, just like J.B. He squinted as if his eye site was bad and he carried a HK P9S.

Ossie Grant. This man had his head blown off by Ryan when he was too slow to escape the wreckage of the wagon after Knuckles lost control of it and it went over the hill side. He was about five eleven and had mismatched eyes one emerald green, the other blue. He wore a bandoleer of throwing knives and carried a model 58 SW handgun.

Julio. Its quite odd to see a well built man with blond hair and blue eyes with a Spanish name. He wore a flashy blue silk shirt and carried a Texas longhorn border special .38 calibre handgun, which is later taken by Michael Brothers to be used as his own. He made the mistake of showing himself while trying to hide from J.B. and Ryan. He is killed by Ryan for that mistake.

Twenty Gooseneck. This mutant, after seeing two of his friends killed by Ryan and J.B. goes totally berserk. He tries to attack them by rushing, brandishing a meat cleaver. Ryan breaks his jaw using the butt of his rifle, then J.B. shoots him, killing the man. His eyes were partially covered by a thin veil of skin, like the wings of an insect. His fingers were webbed as well. He had a triple row of serrated needle teeth, and his hair was totally colourless. He carried a Walther P 88, as well as a Luna 300 target pistol.

Reena Miller. The only female member of the band of killers. She was close to six feet in height and had a beautiful head of midnight black hair which she wore to her waist. Her eyes were close to gold in colour, and had tiny spots of silver mixed in. She wore a black leather jacket and cream coloured pants, which were tucked into black combat boots. For weapons she carried a colt cobra. After she killed the cripple boy knuckles, J.B. fires off nearly a full clip from his Uzi, cutting the cold hearted killer to pieces.

Deep Empire

The former sec boss, Rick Coburn hunted Ryan and the band all the way to the redoubt. Rick is able to track Ryan right into the redoubt itself where he confronts him. They get into a fight, and when Rick begins to lose, he pulls out a hold out pistol and is about to fire at Ryan when he is attacked by the mutant worms that live in the walls of the redoubt. They kill him very quickly.

Red Jack Yoville. The leader of a group of pirates that have been terrorising the Florida keys. He was killed by Ryan Cawdor after being knocked to the ground by a powerful earthquake. While Ryan and the others were attempting to reach his wag, Ryan stops long enough to slit the pirate's throat.Yoville had a long foxy face and red dyed hair. He was wearing scarlet pants and a scarlet shirt.

The Florida Key Pirates. Over a period of several days, Ryan's band inflicted quite a number of casualties in small hit and run skirmishes. Yoville lead a final raid against the institute, bringing in his entire force. Three of his four wags were destroyed, and when a horrible quake hits, the three boats he sent to attack from the sea are swamped and sunk. As Ryan and his band race towards Yoville's last intact wag, they wipe out the surviving Pirates.

Cold Asylum

Baron Nathan Mandeville. The baron of Sun Crest ville. He ordered Ryan and the others to be set free, armed with only their knives, and were to be hunted down. But Ryan and the group turned the tables. They managed to sneak back into the ville and get their weapons. They also set fire to the ville. Doc Tanner kills the baron with his new Le Mat.

Marie Mandeville. The daughter of Baron Nathan Mandeville. Before the group was forced out on the hunt, she fucked Michael four times and showed him some very evil porno vids. This proved to the teenager how evil she was. After her father and the Sec Man, Harry were killed, Michael went after her and snapped her neck, as he couldn't let such an evil woman continue to live. When they first met her she was wearing a shirt and pants of dark maroon, as well as low heeled boots of the same colour, adorned with Mexican spurs. She was pale and her eyes were narrow, giving her a slightly oriental appearance. Her hair was something else. Like Krysty's, but only incredibly black and luxurious.

Harry Guiteau. The head sec man for Sun Crest. He was one of the greatest shots in all the Deathlands, and was only able to match with Mildred in a shooting competition. He tried to capture Dean and use him to force the others to drop their weapons when Mildred shot him twice. The first shot taking off his index finger and the trigger of his Aramlite, the second blowing through his forehead. His left cheek was badly scarred, and he was missing two fingers off his left hand.

Twilight Children

Jehu. This young man was the leader of the Quindely ville. He answered to only one other person, a man named Moses who was the ville's god. He was killed, reluctantly, by Ryan after Moses orders him to go and get the others to kill the outlanders. He refused to listen to reason, so Ryan shot him. As the young man went down, he knocked over a torch, setting Moses home on fire.

Moses. The self proclaimed 'god' of Quindely ville. After Ryan's band returns from rescuing their friends and freeing the children that were taken captive by the Stickies they return to the ville to talk to Moses. Doc blows out the mirrored window to expose the ville's god. He is a disgusting tub of a man, only about four feet in height, but weighing over three hundred pounds. He had the face and eyes of an old man, but his teeth were crooked and yellow, and his fingernails were very long and jagged. He is killed in the fire that consumes his home.

Rider, Reaper

The New Mexico Bandits. This band of triple evil cut-throats and thieves have been terrorizing New Mexico for just over eight months. They made the fatal mistake of attacking and killing Christina Lauren and her daughter Jenny. Ryan Cawdor and his band join forces with a party of Navaho warriors and over a period of two days, kill eleven of the General's men, then inside the Generals base, they kill nine more. Dean Cawdor kills two who tried to sneak up on him. They are wiped from the face of New Mexico.

The General. This man originally came from Mexico but he'd been chased out by the federals. He set up shop in the J.C. Wright caverns twenty months previously and slowly built up a band of hired killers. After his small army is wiped out, he finally comes out of the caverns and is killed when Jak Lauren hits him in the right eye with a throwing Knife. The man was slender and had an olive complexion, with a trim goatee and a moustache.

Road Wars

Malachi Gribble. This strange little taxidermist had restored a small portion of the ruined ville. Over the years he had killed over eighty people, stuffing nearly half that number for his macabre little ville. He tried to sneak into Ryan and J.B.'s room, but Ryan was awake at the time and catches the little man. They truss him up and then in the morning after hearing how many people he had killed, they shoot him through the head. He was fifty three years old and wore bottle bottom thick glasses which magnified his little blue eyes. He wore a three piece suit from the same era as his displays.

The Tenbo boys, Teddy and Robby. They were the step son's of Baron Tenbo. Ever since the baron had killed their mother while she was having sex with her third child, they had been plotting to kill the baron and take over. Because of Ryan and J.B.'s arrival they decided to cut the baron's throat and then take out the two outlanders, blaming them for the death of their father. It doesn't work the way they planned to work it. Ryan is able to kill both, and the sec men believe Ryan about what had happened.

Slaves of Sin. This group of fourteen men had passed Ryan and J.B. at the beginning of their journey. They are a group of fladgies who stop near Jak's ranch for the night. After Jak and Mildred were captured by the crazies, the leader sent four men to get Doc, Krysty, and Dean. They are killed. Krysty comes up with a brilliant ruse involving Dean pretending to be the messiah, and they get the drop on the fladgies, killing every last one of them.

Trader Redux

Baron Torrence and his two daughters. The baron of the Hightower hotel tried to force Ryan and Trader into a shotgun wedding with his two hideous daughters. The pair end up killing both girls in their escape attempt, and then encounter the baron, who they simply shoot as he demands to know what happened to his little girls.

Genesis Echo

The Ellison Twins. These two men were identical to each other. As they should be. One was cloned from the other. They were killed when the group decide to make a break for it and rescue Krysty from the scientists, and what ever they had planned. The first died when Jak buried a throwing knife in his eye, the second moments later when Doc cuts him in half with the Le Mat.

Buford Landrow. This scientist was the first one the group met. But he was also pivotal in the betrayal. He was killed when the cloned Krysty cuts him to pieces after he got in her way when she was trying to take out Ryan.

David Crichton. The leader of the institute. When a fight breaks out in his private room, and more than ten of his sec men, as well as the Krysty clone and Landrow are killed, he suffers a stroke and dies.

Krysty's clone. Her twin was programmed to try and kill Ryan Cawdor on sight. She might have succeeded if Landrow hadn't gotten in her way. The real Krysty goes after her, and finally manages to kill her after a brief struggle.

Dorthea Gibson. One of the scientists. She owed Trader and Ryan a great debt for keeping her alive after the hunt for the mutant grizzly went terribly wrong, but she was going to betray them to the sec men because she didn't want to see any more of her people killed. Trader stabs her in the back.


The brushwooders. This group of wildfolks wanted to take over the Barony of Weyman. They tried to enlist Ryan and his bands assistance in the matter, but when Straub attempts to take Jak and Krysty's hair, they race out of the ville, killing several as they go. The brushwooders are eventually wiped out, nearly to a man when Ryan and Dean set a fire, causing the 'General', a huge mutant pig and his herd of swine to stampede right through the ville, destroying it and nearly all the inhabitants.

Ground Zero

Baron Sean Sharpe. This man allowed the group to stay in his ville after they rescued one of his sec men, a man named Joshua Morgan. The man is suffering from schizophrenia and goes from one mood to another. After he sends out his sec men to capture Jak and a Doomie named Emma, Ryan and J.B. go to rescue them. Sharpe ends up beating the doomie to death and is himself killed when Jak hits him with a throwing knife, right in the mouth, causing him to fall into the exhibit holding his favourite mutant. The mutant destroys him.

Joaquin. Baron Sharpe's head sec man. He was responsible for the capture of Doc, Jak and Emma. He is killed when Ryan and J.B. run into the man and a small group of sec men in the ville.

Emerald Fire

Itzcoatl. The leader of the natives that considered Jak to be a god. He was a fairly good man, but in the end, poisoned Jak, forcing the others to leave so he could sacrifice the boy to the other gods. He is killed when Ryan shoots the man in the chest, knocking him into a blazing thermite fire.

The slavers and their leader Rodrigo Bivar. He and his band had been taking natives from the local villes for about five months time. Several slavers were killed during that period of time, but because the slavers were far better armed than the natives, it was a futile gesture. The slavers are wiped out to a man after Ryan and his band help the natives turn their ville into a death trap. Bivar is personally killed by Ryan in a one on one fight.

Blood Lines

The 'Family'. This small group of four genetically engineered 'Vampires' are all that are left of a group of twelve that were created in redoubt 47, located in the Louisiana Bayous. Three were male, Thomas, Eleric, and Melmoth, and one female, named Mary. They all shared the same last name of Cornelius. One, Thomas was killed when J.B. jams a thermite bomb into his mouth, Krysty kills the woman by crushing her head beneath a huge marble table, Mildred shoots Eleric in both eyes, then he falls over a cliff. Melmoth is still alive at the end of the novel, and is attacking Ryan as they jump.


A large gang of Bandits, consisting of over thirty humans and about a dozen Stickies had been raiding all along the mountains of Colorado for several months. They took over the ville of Harmony as their base of operations. Over a period of several days at least eight of the raiders are killed by Ryan and his friends. Finally, after finding the brutally raped and murdered bodies of five Quaker females, they decide to attack and wipe the blight off the face of the Deathlands. Early in the morning the group slip into Harmony ville and wipe the entire party out, with barely a shot being fired from the bandits.

Keepers of the Sun

The Ronin gang. This group of renegade lordless samurai were wiped out after finally penetrating the fortress of Shogun Mashashige. The leader of the ronin was the shoguns brother Ryuku. The last of the Ronin are wiped out when they demand that the outlanders leave, and leave their blasters behind. Ryan and the others don't like that idea at all and open up on them, killing them to the last man.

The samurai that they met near the ruins of Washington DC, Takei Yashimoto is killed by Mildred when he confronts the group trying to fight their way to the besieged shogun. He is thirsty for vengeance, and want's to kill Ryan and his band in retaliation for the death of his brother. They don't have the time to play with him and Mildred shoots him, letting him die as they continue to fight their way throught the fortress.

Circle Thrice

Located near the Tennessee river is a tiny little church. The man who runs the church is a fat, evil bastard named Father Sandor. He tortures people to death. When he tries to force Ryan and Krysty into the crypt below his church to practice his evil arts on them, he nearly succeeds until he is distracted by on of his previous victims, giving Ryan the chance he needs to attack and kill the sadistic priest.

Straub. The man survived the fight with Trader, but never does reveal what happened to the old man. He is a changed man, having been physically mutilated by the Countess Katya Beausoleil, including having been castrated by her. He seems somewhat harmless to the others until he hypnotises Ryan into believing that all his friends have been murdered. When he leaves Ryan with the Countess, he goes to perform the horrors he showed to Ryan. When he tries to take out Doc, the old man cuts him in half with his blaster.

The Countess, Katya. She is killed after kicking Ryan in the wounded leg after he still refuses to mate with her. The pain is so intense that it snaps him out of his drugged state. He chases her down to the gorge near her home, where he proceeds to beat her to death. But before she dies, she knocks him over the edge of the gorge, taking him with her.

Eclipse At Noon

Captain Melville Huston. This man took a bribe from Gert Wolfram and the Magus to betray and help them capture the group. He is confronted by Ryan and J.B. after the others are taken away and they shoot him through the head, killing him and dumping his body over the edge of the boat, without anyone seeing it happen.

Gert Wolfram. This fat evil man is killed when he tries to attack Ryan, while the others are trying to escape. He is hanging onto a rope that is attached to a balloon. Ryan cuts the rope, letting the man fall to the ground, right were his former slaves, a huge group of Stickies are waiting. His passing is long and hard. Very hard.


Fleur. This tall, one eyed woman was Lars Hellstrom's warlord. She not only tried to kill Ryan and his band when the first met, but later, when Lars offered Ryan the position of Warchief, equal to hers, she first wanted to mate with Ryan, to find out if she could trust him. After he forcefully refuses, she sets up a trap where he is forced to kill a member of the community. But instead of putting Ryan to death, Lars allows them to have a duel on motor cycles, which Ryan wins, but doesn't kill her. Disgraced, she is thrown in with the others while Ryan and Mildred are off in Mount Rushmore. She helps the others as best she can, but is eventually killed by Lars when he pins her between his wag and the wall of the canyon.

A man known only as Dog is killed by Ryan after Fleur asks him to go and bring him back to the family, as he is under the influence of a drug known as werewolf weed. The man is more animal than human, and attacks Ryan, forcing the one eyed man to kill him in self defence.

The Commander. This man survived since the skydark by means of organ transplant, cybernetic enhancement and cryonics. He has plans to breed various forms of mutants to help him take control of the Deathlands, and return it to it's former predark glory. The man also considered himself the President of the United States. Ryan is sickened at what the man plans to do, and by what the man showed him. He kills the Commander, and several of the men under his command while inside the Rushmore facility.

Bitter Fruit

A man known only as pepper. He was the head of the sec men who guarded Wildroot. He lead the hunting party that was after the young boy named Tarragon who was to have been put to death because he was born, not cloned, and was a doomie as well. He tried to stop Ryan and the others from getting at the prince, and was in the end, gutted by Ryan, killing the huge man.

Prince Victor Boldt. The ruler of the ville known as Wildroot. He had a plan to release a mutated Bubonic plague on the world that in a few decades would end up wiping out the survivors. He is killed by Mildred when he is cornered in the room containing a genetically engineered plant creature that also happens to have part of his fathers DNA. The Plague is stopped.


Kaa's Stickie Army. The vast majority of this six thousand plus army are caught and wiped out inside the twenty five story hotel that was Baron Willie Elijah's home. They killed anyone they could find all the way up to the top of the building, where they were crammed in like sardines. J.B. sends up an elevator filled with flammable material which he then shoots at, causing it to explode. The building catches fire, and the mutants are wiped out.

Baron Willie Eljah. The baron is killed by his own Grand Daughter/Wife when he refuses to kill her to save her from a horrible death at the hands of the invading Stickie army. She uses a Ruger Redhawk to shoot Willie in the stomach, killing him.

Demons of Eden

The Red Cadre, led by a man named Hatchet Jack. They used to use the ville of Amicus as a base to winter in, until they attacked a native group. They were then forced to leave and not return. But when Ryan and his band attacked them, then took an ancient map, the Cadre followed them back to Amicus and attacked. They nearly succeeded in destroying the ville, but were in the end beaten off by Ryan and his friends. The leader is shot to death by a woman he had captured earlier, a woman named Felicity. She is in turn killed by him. The few surviving members of the Cadre are wiped out by Touch the Sky's men.

Touch the Sky or Joe as he is known by with the white men. He wanted to use the power of the earth located in the valley of Ti Ra Wa to reshape the Deathlands. His wishes are good, but it just can't be done. He basically hires Ryan and his band with promises of gold to help him fight the wolf Soldiers. But in the valley, they soon learn that Joe is the threat and switch sides and fight against Joe and his men. Joe is killed deep in the heart of the caverns in the valley by Ryan.

The Mars Arena

A man named Solomon, who happened to be a Physical Education teacher at the Brody School. He was actually working for Baron Connrad and led the attack to capture ten boys that were to make up the baron's team at the big games. He is cut in half by Dean when the Baron hands him a shotgun with one shell in it, and tells him to pull the trigger.

Baron Connrad is later killed by Ryan in a knife fight. A huge number of the various barons men are also killed in the Arena by Ryan and other teams, as they resent the fact that even if they win, they would still die.


A huge number of the men under the command of Admiral Poseidon. They are killed when Ryan, Shuana, JB, Mildred, and Alan Carter attack. Despite the fact that Ryan and Shauna are captured by the men, the others are still able to plant grenades around the base, and inflict heavy casualties on the personnel stationed there.

Nightmare Passage

Mimses. This black man was part of the original Trio of scavengers that Alpha took as his followers. He grew to a position of power in the City of Aten. The man allowed the power to go to his head, corrupting him as power is apt to do. He took an instant shining to Mildred, and was determined to bed her. When Nefron orders him to interrogate her and kill her if he can't get the information out of her that they need, to kill her. Mildred uses her sweat soaked skin to slip out of the bonds and free herself. She then strangles the man with his own whip.

Alpha, or Akhnaton, is killed by Krysty during the capstone and wedding ceremony. Ryan first attacks the man, refusing to let him take the woman he loves. Ryan is getting the living hell beat out of him, so Krysty uses her mutant strength to make herself more than an even match for Alpha. She kills him by literally ripping his happy sacs right off, then gouges his eyes out. Not even the genetically engineered man can survive that sort of punishment.

Freedom Lost

Lester Johnson. It was thought that this man died at the wheel controlling the elevator in the Freedom city hotel. It turns out that he managed to survive, but was horribly disfigured due to the fire that J.B. started to wipe out the Stickie army led by Kaa. He was nursed back to health by another survivor of the failed attack, a Stickie. Over the months that passed since the destruction of the hotel, he healed and gathered a small army of muties to help him continue Kaa's war. When he learns that Ryan Cawdor is in the Freedom mall, he decides to attack right there so he could get revenge. The army attacks, and he confronted Ryan. They fight, and the man is shot to death by Krysty.

Way of the Wolf

The ville of Hazard had a small gang of sec men controlled by Kirkland. Just before entering the ville to trade for ammunition for their weapons Ryan and the others were forced to fight and kill the gang, as they wanted to take all the trade goods for themselves.

In the Arctic, an Inuit tribe had been under siege for generations by a group of Russian sailors who were trapped in the ice during the holocaust. Ryan and J.B. have no choice but to lead an attack on the sailors as they had to have access to the technological equipment stored on board the ship so they could repair the gateway circuitry and jump off the iceberg before the gateway sank below the surface of the ocean once and for all. In the fight the descendants of the Russians are wiped out to a man including their leader Vitkin, and the ship sinks just after J.B. is able to enact the repairs.

Crucible of Time

In a diner located hours away from the ville of Hopeville a woman named Mom made a living. She made incredible jerky, but it turns out that the meat used was human flesh. Ryan discovers her gristly secret late at night and is nearly killed by the big woman before a timely intervention from Doc Tanner and his trusty sword cane.

A huge woman named Sprite. She challenged Krysty to a fight to the death. Krysty has no choice but to accept. Sprite nearly kills Krysty, and in order to save her own life she uses her Gaia strength and not only disables the bigger woman easily, but then snaps her neck like a twig.

A pair of Apache Warriors were killed by Doc Tanner when they refused to listen to him when he tried to explain that he wasn't part of the Children of the Rock but instead trying to escape from them. He didn't want to, but they gave him no choice.

Two of Joshua Wolfe's sec men, Owsley and Waits are killed by Doc after they cornered him in Maya Tennant's home. He killed the first one, Wait as they were coming out of her ruined cabin, the second, Owsley, just after he kills Maya.

Joshua Wolfe. This man was the leader of the Children of the Rock Cult. He tried to get his revenge on Ryan Cawdor and his friends for the loss of his hand to Trader nearly two decades before. He forced the group to participate in tests, in which Krysty nearly lost her life. He was gunned down from nearly a mile off by Ryan as he tried to put out the fire that was consuming his home in Hopeville.


Trader Shabazz and his crew.  This bear like man had crossed paths many times with the Trader and there was an ongoing animosity between the two men.  He attempted to pull a fast one on the Trader by gassing the convoy and forcing Trader to use his knowledge and vehicles to break into the redoubt known as Spear Point.  But Trader had the man by the short hairs.  He turned the situation to his advantage.  The man is killed by a white fog like guardian that was activated by the prisoner they used to get into the redoubt.  Those who were with him were killed by the fog.

Baron Zeal. This man ran a huge oil refinery that pumped out poor grade gasoline near Virtue lake.  Even in the Deathlands fuel, no matter what the quality was worth it's weight in gold. The man was killed when he was chased back to the ville where Ryan and the others had placed explosives around his refinery. They blew the charges and destroyed the refinery.  He was trapped in a huge metal drum that he used to torture one of traders men to death in.


Idaho Falls Coldhearts. There was a large number of scavengers and cold hearts that lived in the ruins of Idaho Falls in a wreaking yard.  The group had been attacked by both Ryan's people as well as a baron's sec men. Most of the Coldhearts were killed When Ryan's group fought their way into the main base to get shelter from the storm.

Barbarosa and his Pirates.  After attacking Donovan, one of the leaders of the Heimdall foundation Ryan and his crew beat off the pirates and helped the the ship water worthy.  They went to the temporary camp that the Heimdall foundation set up near a natural cistern they dammed up for the water during the summer months.  Ryan lead an attack early in the morning which killed a large number of the pirates, then led the remaining pirates into two separate ambushes where the vast majority of the pirates were killed.

Gemini Rising

In the ville of Rockville, the companions stay at an inn. Jak catches the eyes of one of the young girls working there and this pisses off a group of mercies. They decide to start the dance with the group. It is a brief but deadly firefight and the mercenaries are wiped out. The man who hired the mercies is horrified to learn that his hired guns are dead. Instead he hires Ryan's crew on, as he needs guns for the trip to Front Royal.

As the group travel through the mountain passes towards Front Royal, they are ambushed by a large group of coldheart cannies. The cannies started the ambush by rolling boulders down the hill. Ryan and the rest drive towards the boulders, avoiding them. The cannies at the top are wiped out. As they look around a second wave attacks. They do the same thing, roll boulders down towards them. The second wave is wiped out as well.  It's after this that they discover that they are cannies and rescue a sec man from Front Royal that had been held prisoner. 

Lieutenant Ki, Overton's second in command is killed by Doc Tanner during the escape from Front Royal. Not much information on this man.

The group follow Overton and the surviving blue shirts to his small base outside of Front Royal in neutral territory. Here a three way battle commences when troops from Casanova Ville arrive. Ryan and his loyal troops join Overton's people and fight them off. After the battle Overton breaks his word and tries to kill Ryan. One of Overton's own men cut him down. The wounds are deadly but he survives long enough to get the group wondering how he knows about the mat-trans system.  Mildred takes pity on him and gives him poison to end the pain. 

Gaia's Demise

A group of primitives control a section of the road in Virginia. After a brutal change in leadership the new leader decides he wants to try and stop Ryan and the group's LAV 25. The group smashes through the road block and inflicts heavy losses on the group. The leader is caught under the wheels and is badly injured. Another man takes the opportunity to kill him and take mantel of leadership for himself.

The mutant known as Sullivan was working as a doctor in Front Royal, killing many of the wounded while he waited to get his hands on Nathan Cawdor. He gets word from one of the whores acting as a nurse that there is a trap being set up for him. He kills her and tries to escape and is captured by Nathan's people. The mutant is dragged in chains to face Nathan, thinking he can kill the man. Instead Nathan forces the mutant to try and escape after announcing that the will end up burying him alive. Nathan shoots the man and kills him.

A group of mercie cannies are captured by the blue shirts, having mistaken them for Ryan's group. They escape and meet up with Ryan's people on the roadway. A running fight eventually winds down with the hummer they are using being damaged beyond repair and the cannies wiped out. They put the dead in the Hummer and roll it on a mined bridge, hoping that Silas' people will think that the corpses belong to Ryan's group. 

The group comes to Shiloh and discovers that Silas has set up a huge base. Ryan spots the scientist and fires upon the man, killing him with four well placed shots. 

Dark Reckoning

Collette. This former slave who became the security chief for Sheffield.  She had plans to use whatever she found inside the redoubt to help kill Sheffield and allow her to become the new baron. She was sick of being used as a sexual plaything. After killing the sec men she was with she accessed the redoubt where Ryan and company had held up to escape the kite attack. She tried to take out Dean who was left behind while his father and the others attacked Sheffields base of operations. He killed her.

Sheffield's Blue shirt forces. Pretty much all the sec men that Silas had put together were finally wiped out between the attacks of hungry mutants and the final battle between Ryan's forces when they attacked.  It is possible that a handful survived and escaped.

Baron Sheffield. After the Death of Silas this man who was his second in command took over the blue shirt forces and was determined to set up his own barony. However he never counted on Ryan's determination to take him and the blueshirts down despite the superior numbers, as well as the equipment, hummers and other goods. He is finally killed by the group with the last of his men as they try to escape Shiloh.

Baron Henderson of Casanovaville. This man first tried to take on Nathan Cawdor but failed, losing almost all his men in the process. He even killed his own Grandson.  He arrives at Greencove and tries to get the Baron there to believe that Front Royal was responsible and is planning an attack. But when the baron's men return with word that contradicts his tale Henderson tries to escape. At the same time Sheffield attacks with the Kite and Henderson is blinded, then falls to his Death.

Shadow World

The Right Reverend Gore and his band of Cannibals. This group ambushed Ryan and a family that they were escorting through the swamps in Utah.  Many of his band were killed during the ambush but the Reverend Gore and three others escape. These three are killed by a series of laser mines that were set up as a trap by the Shadow Worlders.  Reverend Gore managed to get captured and is killed by the Shadow Worlders when they discover how diseased he is.

Dr. Huth, one of the Shadow World Scientists is killed before he is able to escape through the rift into the Deathlands when Ryan and the other send the missile that was carrying a satellite back through the rift and it explodes.

Pandora's Redoubt

Amanda Ward.  This woman was a real work of art. She was ran the ville of Novaville with her brother Richard.  She met up with Ryan and the group after He and Dean rescued her from a gang rape at the hands of the Son's of the Knife. She betrayed them by knocking the group out with riot gas and tried to imprison them in the ville and take their vehicle. She was killed by her brother Richard after he learned that she had killed their father years ago. 

Novaville's torturer, Eugene.  This obese Eunic took great pleasure in torturing prisoners to death, using the most sadistic means possible. He was killed by the group when they encountered him inside the tower where their vehicle the Leviathan had been kept. He tried to force them to give up by getting his whip around JB's neck but it didn't work.

Rat King

Sarj. Murphy.  This man was the head of security in the redoubt.  He despised General Wallace and didn't agree with his policies, nor with the fact that rank was based solely on hereditary instead of on skill and ambition.  After the arrival of Ryan's people and their subsequent exile into the outlands, he thought that he had the chance that he needed to take control. But before he was able to, General Wallace sent him and his men out to take out the 'outsiders' ville.  But they were beaten back by the outsiders, who had been trained by Ryan's people. When he made it back to the redoubt, he staged his revolt.  But it didn't last long.  General Wallace tracked him down and threw a grenade into the armory that he was inside, setting off a chain reaction, killing Murphy, and also most likely destroying the redoubt. 

General Wallace, the hereditary leader of the 'insiders'.  The man considered himself to be the final word in the redoubt, even though he was slightly insane, due to the inbreeding.  He refused to allow anyone to advance in rank based on skill.  This angered Sarj. Murphy.  After Murphy returns from the failed mission to wipe out the 'outsiders', Wallace found himself overthrown.  Instead of giving in, he used his Charisma to convince one of the men left behind to guard him to hand over his weapon. After killing the man, he went down to face off with Murphy.  After tossing the killing grenade, Murphy shoots him, killing him as well. 

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