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This file will contain information on Barons, their personal baronies, as well as all the villes and communities that Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists encounter travelling across the ruins of the States.

Pilgrimage to Hell

Jordan Teauge: The baron of the ville of Mocsin. He ruled the ville with an iron hand for over twenty-five years. He was one of the first people Trader sold arms to. With Traders help, he was able to build a powerful little empire for himself.

He took over the ville from a man named Dolfo Kaler. He killed him, saying that Kaler had a plague. From that point on, he ruled the ville with an iron hand. Anyone wishing to pass through the ville had to pay a hefty toll. Those who couldn’t pay were either killed, or had their vehicles and personal belongings confiscated and then were sent to work in Teauge’s gold mines. If the people had family, it was not uncommon for them to return from the mines to discover their loved ones had disappeared, and quite often into one of the many gaudy whorehouses that lined the main strip of Mocsin.

Over the years, his control slowly began to slip out of his fingers. His head sec man, Cort Strasser took over more and more responsibilities until one day, Teauge was nothing more than a figure head. Strasser, not Teauge, was responsible for nerve gassing Traders convoy.

After being taken captive by Ryan Cawdor, Jordan Teauge was killed by Cort Strasser. The ville of Mocsin was all but destroyed in both a revolution, and when Traders booby-trapped vehicles exploded.

Teauge was a grotesquely fat man with a massive belly bulging in folds, lapping at his thighs. His flesh was pinkish, his face red, the cheeks sagging around a small thick lipped mouth and which was fringed with white stubble. His eyes were flesh colored beads. He is wearing a dirty blue robe lined with white fur and knee length riding boots.

Red Holocaust

Ryan and his friends come across a small encampment of men and women. These people follow a tall, skeletal man with long black hair and wild eyes named Apostle Ezekiel Herve. They all worship a battered fire blackened Crucifix, and are awaiting the return of their ‘Dark Lord’. When they see Henn, who is African American, they believe that their ‘Dark Lord’ has finally come. They invite the party to stay and eat, then rest the night. Hen is taken aside and forced to have sex with many of the Apostle’s women followers. He is then drugged and strapped to an altar in front of the Crucifix. Ryan, with Krysty’s help, break out of the building they are trapped in, attack and kill the followers and rescue Henn. Doc ends up killing Herve.

Neutron Solstice

Baron Tourment: A huge area around what used to be Lowellton. This area is controlled by a evil African American man named Tourment. He is incredibly tall, standing at 7’.3" in height. His fingers were like steel, able to crush bone, but his body is weak, his knees unable to support his massive weight. To make up for this, he had to wear a special exoskeleton just to be able to walk. His hair was short and curly, and the most unusual thing about this baron is the fact that his manhood was about twice the size of a normal mans. Few women could be with him. He was also a doomie. He controls his barony from what used to be the Best Western Snowy Egret Inn in West Lowellton.

Tourment’s head sec man was named Mephisto. He helped Tourment keep an iron grip on the barony. Krysty and Lori later kill him.

He has been at war with ‘The White Wolf’ for years, in what seemed to be a never-ending battle for control of the villes of Lowellton and Layette. When Krysty and Lori are capture and taken to Tourment’s home, Ryan and his remaining companions meet with Jak Lauren, the white wolf. They offer to help him overthrow Tourment so he can rescue his lover and Lori. With their help, the people with Jak were able to not only overthrow this evil man, but also wiped out his entire squad of sec men, finally claiming the barony for their own.

With Ryan’s help, Jak is able to track down and finally kill Tourment as revenge for killing his father.

Ryan and his band spend one night in the ville of Moudongue. This small ville is on the outskirts of Baron Tourment’s territory. The ville had no more than thirty odd buildings and about three swamp wags. It is here, during a celebration that Ryan encounters one of his manservant's from back when he was part of a powerful barony family which controlled Front Royal. During the night, Tourment’s men attack with the intention of capturing the band. They hear it coming and escape into the night, but not before Ryan extracts his revenge on the man responsible for killing Arnold Hennings.

Crater Lake

After leaving the redoubt to explore, the band comes across a huge ville named Ginnsburg falls, a clean, neat town of 8,407 souls. The first thing that happens is they encounter a group of armed sec men riding in a jeep. They are taken into the ville and placed in an Outworlder dormitory.

As mentioned, the ville is immaculate. No dirt on the streets, everything is clean and neat. All the buildings and the clothing worn by the ville’s inhabitants conform. There are no gaudies, no drink houses, no minorities and no muties.

They discover, much to their dismay that females are second class citizens and that the male population outnumbers the female population seven to one. The reason the population is so heavily in the favor of males is that all female children are taken at the age of three months for what is known as an exposing. They are left out in the elements and to the wild animals. Those who survive are brought back to the ville. To prove themselves, Ryan, J.B., Doc, Finn, and Jak are forced to participate in a stoning.

Like women, the old and mutants are treated poorly. Doc is to be sent to an old folk home and then for euthanasia. Jak is to be killed out right.

Unlike the vast majority of the ville’s throughout the Deathlands, this ville has power, vehicles, even its own radio station and electricity.

Major Theodore Sissy, who controls it with an iron grip, rules the ville. It seems that his family took over the ville a few years after the nuclear winter ended.

He orders the women (Krysty and Lori), to be separated from the rest so he can personally inspect them, and decide if they are to be used as stay-homes or whores. He is killed later on that evening by Lori as Ryan and the others come to rescue the two women and make good their escape from this ville.

Homeward Bound

Just before reaching the Mohawk River, the band encounter a tiny settlement inhabited by muties. They sneak past this settlement and steal a raft to speed up their journey. They are spotted and are forced to kill one of the mutants, waking the entire ville. They do manage to escape without having to kill anyone else.

After stealing a sec wag and being forced to kill the owner and his family they come across a small ville near the Delaware River Bridge which has set up a barricade across the road. The sec men guarding the bridge recognize the wag, but are startled to see young Jak Lauren behind the wheel. They attempt to attack the wag, but Ryan orders Jak to step on it and they smash through the barricade.

They come across the burning ruins of a car and two people who claim to be the only survivors from a group who were using the car to travel. Ryan reluctantly agrees to allow them to come with his band, so they can help them get past a colony of Cannies. As fate would have it, the two they picked up are part of the colony and are used as bait to lure unsuspecting outlanders into the waiting arms of their brethren. The Cannie ville is located near the ruins of Susquehanna. Well over a dozen of the Cannies are killed, the rest flee for their lives when the ambush against the sec wag fails.

Front Royal. The Cawdor family runs this powerful Barony. The Cawdor’s have controlled this section of Virginia since just a few years after the skydark.

A major purge occurred about twenty years before, after Harvey Cawdor took over the ville and nearly killed his younger brother Ryan.

After all these years, Ryan Cawdor returns to Front Royal to set things right, and repay a blood debt owed to him. He is finally able to kill Harvey, his wife Rachel and their son Jabez. After they are destroyed, he allows his nephew, Nathan Freeman Cawdor to take over as baron of the ville.

Sherville. This is the first ville that Ryan and his band encounter upon entering the Barony of Front Royal. This is the home of Nathan Freeman.

Pony Soldiers

Drowned Squaw Apache Tribe. This fairly large tribe lead by Cuchillo Oro was assisted by Ryan Cawdor and his friends to fight off and destroy the Pony Soldiers lead by Cort Strasser. The Ranchero is located in the Drowned Squaw Canyon and contains about sixty wikups. The ville is saved after the group lure the soldiers away from Fort Security into the canyon where they are ambushed, and all but four of the soldiers are killed.

Dectra Chain

Claggartsville. This town in Maine is quite large and prosperous considering the Deathlands norm. The ville has between seven hundred to eight hundred homes and shops. There is a well maintained harbor which at any time can safely house as many as eight or more whaling vessels. The people of the ville are not unfriendly, but are, as with most people, wary of Outlanders. Any outlander is given three days of hospitality and to look for jobs. After the three days are up, if they have not been able to find a job (and that would be difficult to do), they are forced to leave. The townsfolk speak in an odd, sixteen hundreds style, using lots of thee's thous' and so forth.

Ice and Fire

Snakefish California. This ville of two thousand and growing was founded seventeen years after the Skydark. The current Baron was a man named Edgar Brennan. The ville was incredibly rich by Deathlands standards, as it traded in gasoline and oil. A power struggle was taking place between the Baron, and the head of the snake cult, the Motes. The ville is destroyed when Ryan Cawdor and his band destroy the gas refinery in their bid to escape.

Red Equinox

Moscow. The inner portion of the Jewel of Russia was destroyed in the Skydark, but the suburbs not only survived, but due to the communist government prospered. The ville has patrols, running vehicles, power, water, a working communication system, and a economy. How many other major cities across the Deathlands and the world survived like this may never be known.

Northstar Rising

Markland. This ville was located on the shore of lake Superior. A total of forty homes made up the ville, but there were no signs of modern technology. The ville was as primitive as they came. The people of the ville lived like the vikings of old, including huge nearly fifty foot long Viking boats. The women are nothing more than second class citizens and they used slaves. The leader of the ville was a man named Jorund Thoraldson.

Time Nomads

Alias Carson is the baron of Towse located in New Mexico. He took over the ville from the local apache Indians after attacking and driving them away. Over the years he was able to carve out a sizeable empire for himself. He was able to trade for a great deal of weapons and wags as he had discovered a redoubt filled with pre freeze jewellery and paintings. His first wife, a woman named Consula was killed accidentally when he tried to shoot an apple off her head, upon her insistence. He took a second wife, a beautiful woman named Sharona. He stood at six foot one in height. He was in his middle forties and quite lean. He always wore a lightweight Grey business suit and a homburg hat, as well as horn rimmed glasses. His eyes were a pale blue and he spoke with a Texan drawl.

Towse. This ville was destroyed in the fighting against Trader. All the men of the ville were killed as nearly every single one was involved in the attack. The women and children were escorted by the convoy to the north, to spare them from retaliatory attacks instigated by the Apache Indians.


Harry Stanton is the ruler of the underworld in New York city. He originally started out as a scavenger and then hit paydirt when he found a hidden store house filled with garbage bags. From here he created the biggest organisation in the ruins of New York city, trading for just about anything you could imagine. He met Ryan and J.B. many years before, just after Ryan had joined the convoy. He knew Trader for years before that, as well as Trader's partner Marsh. Ryan ends up leaving him and his weapons when they steal his LAV 26 to use in the rescuing of his son Dean. Stanton promises that if they ever meet again, he will have to kill Ryan and slowly for what he did.

Dark Carnival

Larry Zapp, or boss Zapp. this gargantuan man took over as baron of the Greenglades Theme park in Florida an unknown time ago. He is a technological genius and was able to get a large number of the attractions and rides up and running once again. Just on the outskirts of the park were a series of Condo's which he allowed old survivors to live in, for a fee of protection. Several months ago a young man named Adam Traven came to the ville with his 'posse' and slowly began to wrest control from Zapp after getting the man hooked on a drug known as dreem. The man dies trying to help Ryan rescue Doc Tanner.

Moon Fate

Charlie's stickie ville. A highly intelligent stickie named Charlie had taken over some ancient Indian ruins in New Mexico. There were ninety males, forty four females, and eighteen children. They lived like civilised humans. No sign of garbage, or dirt. They wore clean and neat clothing, and unlike many of their genetic brethren were able to talk clearly and even intelligently. After a group of lepers attack, nearly the entire ville is destroyed. Charlie, the leader of these stickies is killed two months later by Christina Lauren.

Fury's Pilgrims

The Midnites. This huge gang of male hating, cannibalistic mutants live in the ruins of what used to be Chicago. They go out of their way to capture males, milk them for their seed, then kill and eat them. Any male children born are killed and eaten as well. They all share a couple of physical similarities, being very pale, huge protruding eyes, and nocturnal. Other than that they can be tall, short, fat, thin, ugly, beautiful, etc. They have a legend of a flame haired woman that would come to the ruins and lead them away to the west. Krysty Wroth fit the bill and they captured her. Ryan, J.B. and the rest rescue her from their lair, inflicting huge losses.


Baron Alfred Nelson. The baron of Vista in the Rockies. This huge man stood at seven foot three inches in height. He was huge, not even remotely fat, weighing in at over three hundred pounds. He had broad shoulders and a deep chest. His hair and beard were pure white, not grey. He wore dark green corduroy pants, tucked into knee high polished brown boots. Over his torso he wore a russet woollen jerkin. The baron was killed by Krysty Wroth when his mother revealed his plans of treachery.

Yuma. A pest hole located about fifty miles away from Vista. This ville is controlled by a man named Wizard Sidler. He and Baron Nelson have been at war for years, ever since Nelson destroyed his former barony. The ville itself is a stinking pest hole where the worst scum and criminals in the Rockies come to stay and many call home. His head is blown off his shoulders by Doc Tanner after he kills a woman named Ellie Morte. He loved to dress in black and wore a matched pair of Navy colts. He was about thirty years old.

Cold Asylum

Baron Nathan Mandeville. The baron of the ville of Sun Crest, one of the richest villes in all of the Deathlands. This particular baron and his beautiful daughter, Marie, enjoy a very unusual type of sport. They hunt down humans and hold gladiatorial games in the ville. At first Nathan welcomes the party with open arms, showing off his ville to them and taking good care of the group. But it is only a day before they discover that the baron plans to hunt them down. He is killed by Doc Tanner. The man was close to six feet in height, and was very well built, running close to fat. He had a head of white hair and a white beard. When he wore red pants and a shirt, he heavily resembled Santa Claus.

Twilight Children

The ville of Quindley is on the shore of Lake Champlain. It is a small ville of thirty seven men and forty six women and a handful of young children. It is run by an unseen 'god' who calls himself Moses. The people of the ville are forced to live as vegetarians, and to top it off, none are allowed to live past the age of twenty five. When they hit this age they are put to death. If anyone tries to escape before this happens, they are placed in what is known as a 'stand up' and left to die of thirst and hunger. Occasionally, they are placed in human shaped cages and set ablaze. After their leader is killed in a fire, the ville breaks up and most of the kids are dead within a weeks time.

Rider, Reaper

The ville of Patriarch in New Mexico. This ville had a dozen houses, a ruined church and a single store. The 'baron' was a powerful, huge black man with a pretty white wife and two or three dozen children of varying ages. The man was named Fred Zero, and his wife was named Penny,

Road Wars

Baron Tenbos. The kind and just ruler just inside Utah. He invites Ryan and J.B. to stay with him for a day, and not only feeds them, but stocks them up on food and water for the trip. He really wanted J.B. to stay behind for a month to help him refurbish his antique gun collection, but J.B.s too determined to make it to Seattle and meet up with Trader. Baron Tenbos is killed by one of his step sons, but the killing doesn't go un-avenged. Ryan kills both of them.

The ville of Huston Wells. Ryan and J.B. refuse to stop and pay the toll, and end up fighting their way out of the ville, nearly getting taken out by an anti tank weapon. After killing the 'Baron' they continue on their journey.

They stop in a nameless ville and find someone had restored part of it, using stuffed humans. They meet the man, named Malachi Greeble and end up killing him the next day after they catch him trying to sneak into their room to kill them as they sleep.

Another nameless ville hires them to take out a small group of Stickies who are suffering from the shitting disease. They learn that the ville's inhabitants plan to try and take their vehicle and weapons once the deed is done, but beat them to the punch. Instead of the pair of them taking out the sick Stickies, they are killed by a group of deer hunters. The hunters decide to have a little fun with the female Stickie and become infected with the disease. They encounter the hunters on the way out of the ville and send them right on in as revenge.

Trader Redux

Springham's Fortress. Abe, Trader, Ryan and J.B. stop here to trade the four black horses that they had no use for when the hearse they were driving broke a wheel. Things could have been quite tense because Trader had a history with the Grandfather, Bart. But they leave the farm fortress unmolested.

The ruined hotel of Hightower. This once majestic building was run by Baron Torrence and his two 'little Girls'. Slowly, over the years as quakes ravaged the area, more and more of the old hotel slid into the canyon and river hundreds of feet below. Ryan and J.B. are forced into a 'shotgun' wedding by the Baron who wants a pair of powerful men to take over his barony. Both women are killed, and they kill the baron as they escape the building as well. Having secured a ancient Volvo truck, they use it to escape and make it back to Krysty and the others.

Genesis Echo

The Crichton Institute. This facility was but two years before the great war. As luck would have it, due to bad programming and the terrain, it survived the initial exchange. For the past one hundred years the scientists based there have been delving into genetic engineering and cloning. They have had success with cloning and some with engineering. But about thirty years ago, all their medical knowledge was lost due to an electrical fire. The base housed over one hundred sec men, scientists, and support personnel. Many of the sec men and scientists were killed when they showed their true colors to Ryan and the others.


Baron Weyman and his son Jamie. The baron is old and sickly, but highly educated. He has let his barony fall into near ruin, ripe for the pickings, which a group of brushwooders, lead by Straub, wish to try and take. His son, a boy of eleven, bears a striking resemblance to Dean. Because of his hospitality, Ryan and the others agree to do what they can to help the baron with the Brushwooders. After Dean and Jamie are captured, there is an attempt to rescue them, but it fails. Eventually, at the cost of over a dozen sec men, the boys are freed.

Ground Zero

Sean Sharpe. The baron of a well defended and secure ville near the ruins of Washington. This tall, blond, handsome man is suffering from schizophrenia, going from one mood to another in moments, always listening to his 'inner" voices. The baron loved to collect mutants, and had a huge zoo filled with mutant animals, as well as four mutant humanoids. The baron wanted to keep Jak, Krysty and a woman named Emma who was a powerful doomie in his zoo. He, as well as a large number of his sec men are killed after Ryan and J.B. come to rescue Jak, Doc and Emma. The baron meets his doom in the jaws of his favourite hidden mutant "Rupert".

Emerald Fire

A village of natives is fairly near the gateway from which Ryan and his band emerge. The ville has been at war for generations with another village, these people calling themselves the jaguar people. The leader, a man named Itzcoatl, believes that Jak is a god, and invites the group to stay with them in the ville. They help the ville's people destroy an invasion of army ants, as well as wipe out the slavers that threatened to take them all. In the end, Itzcoatl poisons Jak, forcing him to stay behind. In the rescue, Itzcoatl, as well as many of the elder natives, are killed. But with the threat of the slavers gone, as well as the generations old enemy, the ville should survive.

Blood Lines

To the south of Jak's home is an isolated ville by the name of Brampton. Here they find the people to be listless and tired, all wear high collared and long sleeved shirts. The villagers have been living in the shadow of the 'Family' for generations, probably all the way back to the skydark. Like most villes, they are neither openly hostile, nor friendly to the group.


There were several villes encountered in the mountains of Colorado. The first is a small ville called Glenwood Springs where the group stop and barter for a meal, but end up killing the owner when he threatens them. To prevent a lynch mob, they burn the diner down to cover the killing.

Brody's school for boys. This school is more like a fortress than a school. This is where Dean is dropped off by Ryan for a year or more, so he can get a good education, or as good as they can get in the Deathlands. Ryan took a instant liking to the owner, Nick Brody, and feels safe leaving his son there.

The ville of Leadville is not too far from Brody's school. This particular ville is a little better off than some of the others, and here Ryan gets a room and a decent meal. He's set upon by three bandits, wanting to know what happened to their friends. He kills all three and is given his meal for free. He then leaves a message for the others when they finally get there.

The ville of Alma used to be a thriving ville, until the bandits came along and drove off or killed most of the inhabitants. The only one left is a crippled woman named Elvira Madison, who Ryan spends a little time with, when the house is collapsed by a mudslide trapping Ryan and killing her. He is set upon by a mess of tiny mutant mice, and nearly dies when Krysty and the others find him and free him.

In the ville of Fairplay they learn that Harmony ville had been taken over by the bandits and use it as their home base. In this ville they meet the man who took Krysty's virginity, Carl Lanning. They find out that some of the bandits use this ville, but none are currently in it.

Coming into the ville of Harmony, the group spreads out and goes house to house, killing the bandits, and anyone that is in league with the bandits. Only one person is killed in the fight, well, the massacre. Carl Lanning dies trying to fight off two stickies that are attacking Krysty. They leave the ville before anyone can stop them and talk to Krysty.

Keepers of the Sun

Shogun Mashashige. The ruler of what is left of Japan. This small, athletic man proved to be a man of great honour and decency despite the fact that he wanted to use the single gateway located in Japan to bring many of his people to the Deathlands. He treated Ryan and the others very well, even though they were from the hated America. In the end, he takes his own life, with Ryan acting as his second after his brother, the leader of the Ronin, destroy his fortress and nearly everyone in it.

Circle Thrice

A nameless dirt poor pesthole on the banks of the Tennessee river is where Ryan and the others stop for a brief meal. Things would have gone well, even with the fact that they stole one of the ville's rafts until someone hits Jak with a stone. A firefight breaks out and a number of the villagers are killed. At the same time Jak and Ryan are wounded.

After travelling down the Tennessee, they come to a small ville called Pittsburgh landing. Here they stop for a meal and the night, then the next morning they go to see the Shiloh battlefield, guided by a local man. When they leave, several of the locals set out before them, in hopes of ambushing the group for their weapons. But they are onto what the locals have planned and get past, taking one of the men out as payment for their treachery.

Country Row. This ville was set up by Gert Wolfram as an attraction. It's filled with all manner of museums and shops showing off Country music. It is also redneck central, where muties and blacks are not welcome. Here Ryan and the others get into a brief firefight in a bar called Harmony, taking out two young rednecks. They end up stealing the men's four by four in order to avoid a lynch mob.

Memphis. The city was destroyed in the war, but a beautiful and powerful baroness, the countess Katya Beausoleil now rules over the ruins. She runs a tight ship, but is looking for someone to make her pregnant, so she can have an heir to take over the ville. Her closest advisor is the man known as Straub. She chooses Ryan to be the father of her child, but pays the blood price in the end.

Eclipse At Noon

Just after losing Paddy to a trio of killers in a small ville, he gets revenge for the little man then races away from the ville. He is chased into another small ville, where he kills several people and steals a boat to escape from the posse. He makes his way down the river to Twin Forks.

The ville of Twin Forks is a bustling ville on the junction of the Tennessee and Mississippi river. It has sprung up over the years and has become a major trade centre for the river. There is even an annual merchants convention held there.

The city of St. Louis was destroyed during the war, but a new St. Louis sprung up on the banks of the river fifty miles away from the original city. It is another bustling ville, like Twin Forks.

Gert Wolframs Mining ville. Gert Wolfram set this operation up and was using the Stickie mutants as slave labour. The Stickies managed to escape, and Gert Wolfram tried to force Ryan and J.B. to hunt them down and return them to the camp. The base is destroyed by Ryan and J.B.


There is a ville called Helskel, several hours travel from Mount Rushmore. The leader of this bizarre community is a man named Lars Hellstrom. He runs the ville following the writings of a mad man named Charles Manson. They community is thriving, living off the technology they receive from the pre ruin government officials that survive inside the Mount Rushmore redoubt. Lars Hellstrom is the son of a Eastern Baron, and he is also a minor telepath, able to plant suggestions, as well as read surface thoughts. The ville suffers heavy damage when J.B. and the others break out of their prison and blow the fuel dump to cover their escape.

Bitter Fruit

New London. This ville rose out of the ashes and many miles away from the original London in England. There are several important people in it, including Blackjack Gehrig, who is responsible for harvesting the vines that the Celts use for food, clothing and defence. It has become a powerful trading port for the rest of England and Europe as well.

The community of Wildroot. This is run by Prince Victor Boldt, the founder of the ville, and the son of the man responsible for creating the vines. The ville is invaded by the people from New London at the same time as the soldiers from White Sands and Ryans group enter to free Mildred.


Willie Ville. This large ville is located in the Carolina's. It is the centre of Baron Willie Elijah's little empire. Here he uses mutants as slave labour, or they are kept in his extensive zoo. The ville stops anyone from going through where they are taxed 10% of all their goods. The centre of the ville, where Willie lives, is a twenty five story predark hotel. Here he runs his empire and meets with his subjects. The elevators are run by slaves in the basement of the building. The baron, Wille, is a large man, who used his daughters to breed, and then his Grand daughters. He was responsible for uniting the Eastern baronies during a second mutant uprising nearly two decades before. He is shot to death by his own wife/grand daughter when he refuses to kill her so the Stickies don't get her.

Demons of Eden

The ville of Amicus. It was set up ten years previous as an experiment to see if several groups could live together in peace, as well as being a major trading centre between the native tribes and people who live in the area. It was used during the winter time as a home base for the land pirates, the Red Cadre until a point when they ambushed a native tribe and were then forced to leave. The leader of the ville is Mose Autry. After the attack by the Red Cadre, the population of the ville was reduced by a full third and they were forced to rebuild.

Ti Ra Wa, a fabled valley of paradise. Touch the Sky, Joe, brings Ryan and his people to the valley to help him fight his battle against the wolf soldiers so he can claim control and use the power of the earth to heal the Deathlands. During the fighting, many of the soldiers on both sides are killed, and the Valley it's self is heavily damaged when Joe starts a fire to try and burn out his enemies. Once Joe is killed and Ryan's group is allowed to leave, they are told never to return.

The Mars Arena

There are five baronies located near the western islands in California. For years the barons fought each other to a standstill until one came up with a brilliant idea of using teams to fight for them instead inside an arena in what used to be Las Vegas. The baron's team that won would allow the baron to rule over the five Baronies for another year. When they make the mistake of capturing Dean and some boys from the Brody School, as well as Ryan, JB and Mildred, a large number of the baron's sec men are killed, as well as the baron Connrad. Four barones still live.


Kings Point, GA. This military base survived the nuclear holocaust unscathed due to a faulty comp control in the missile that was targeted at it. A single LOS ANGELES class nuclear submarine survived. A man who later came to call himself Poseidon took control of the base and began to hire mercenaries to build his own personal navy. For several years he traded peacefully with the locals, until he finally had the power to start calling the shots. Admiral Poseidon had plans to obtain nuclear weapons that survived the war and use them to create a huge empire. But, after he captures and loses Ryan he chases the big man into the nuclear sub and they launch. A group of mutants, known as the Dwellers use a mine and sink the sub. Ryan fights the Admiral and escapes the dying sub, which settles deep in the depths, the madman still trapped inside.

A commune of peaceful people live about half a day's travel from Kings Point. Here they live off the sea, and hand in hand with friendly mutants known as Dwellers. The leader of the commune, Shauna, wants to extract revenge on Poseidon for killing her husband three years before. She is killed by the Admiral.

Nightmare Passage

Deep in the Guadalupe desert located in what is left of California is located an old movie set that has been turned into a new city. This city is called Aten and is ruled over by a genetically engineered man who's original name was Alpha, but he changed it to Akhnaton. He has moulded the city and the society of the entire population after Ancient Egypt. The people live in relative peace and prosperity. He wanted to take Krysty as his wife and the mother of his children, and nearly succeeds in doing so using his formidable psionic abilities. But Krysty snaps out of his control and kills the man. His daughter Nefron. takes over as the ruler of the city.

Freedom Lost

Though technically not a baron, and he refuses that he is, Administrator Morgan runs a fairly tight ship in the Freedom Mall. He has been able to keep things up and running smoothly for a number of years. Thousands come to the Freedom mall every month, and just as many call the mall home permanently. Just about everything imaginable can be bought or sold here. Clothing, food, curio's, etc. There is even a working theatre in the mall, though it can show only 4 movies. A gladiatorial arena is located in the mall to help people vent their natural violent tendencies. The mall was destroyed when a small army of Stickies, led by Lester Johnston, a hideously scarred survivor of Willie Ville attack. Administrator Morgan returns the groups main weapons and helps them escape the onslaught. Since his lively hood has fallen, he leaves to find a new life out in the wastelands.

Way of the Wolf

The ville of Hazard, in southern Kentucky is ruled over a man who calls himself Doc Kirkland. He controls every aspect of the ville's peoples lives with the help of his own personal gang of enforcers (who were wiped out by Ryan's group). He kept a tight reign on the ville using a bio weapon agent which he called Kirklands Plague. Anyone who tried to leave the ville would end up dying within two days. In actuality, the townsfolk were not infected, but he had his men use dart guns to infect anyone who tried to leave. He tried to force Ryan and his followers to stay behind and become part of his force, but they refused. As Kirklands forces were holding a siege to try and kill the band a travelling circus run by a man named Handsome Wyatt entered into the ville. Ryan recognised him and knew there would be trouble. The newcomers are forced into the fight and during the confusion the group are able to escape back to the redoubt where they jump.

In the Arctic circle the band find themselves guests of an Inuit tribe run by chief Harlan. Due to the control circuits of the gateway being damaged from the ice encasing the redoubt they offer to help Harlan take out his Russian foes so they could get at the equipment on board the cruiser to enact the repairs.

Crucible of Time

Near the ruins of Fresno California a man named Joshua Wolfe sets up a ville which he called Hopeville. The ville was too near a damaged redoubt which leaked enough radiation that was making the people sick and causing them to give birth to monsters or that their children were either stillborn or died shortly after birth. The ville was finally wiped out after a major earthquake and then the loss of their leader, Joshua Wolfe to a sniper shot from Ryan Cawdor. Before this happened, the ville was home to over a hundred souls.


Virtue lake.  This ville was built around the Virtue lake refinery. It was controlled by Baron Zeal, a tall strangely dressed man who liked to wear women's clothing.  He made the fatal mistake of crossing Trader. He and Trader Shabazz tried to force Trader into breaking into a huge redoubt known as Spearpoint.  The man was killed after Shabazz and his crew were taken out by the Guardian around Spearpoint.  He raced back to his refinery and was taken out by the explosives that JB, Ryan and the others planted.


The city of Idaho Falls was destroyed during the holocaust but like most major centers, once the radiation levels dropped off, people returned to the ruins and made a home.  Everything from scavengers, to coldhearts, to fishermen and hunters, and muties.  Ryan and his crew ran into a group of coldhearts who made the local junkyard their home. Almost all the coldhearts were killed between Ryan's group, the mutant ghoulies and sec men.

A trading post run by a woman named Annie is run by both her and her son.  Ryan and the group stop there on their way to meet up with the Heimdall foundation.  They trade for ammo and clothing. Doc ends up getting intimate with Annie.  The fortress comes under attack from coldhearts but they defeat them and take off towards the foundation. The trading fortress is still intact.

The Heimdall foundation dam camp.  This place was set up temporarily during the spring and summer months along the Idaho river so they could trap and divert water to the foundation.  The dam was blown in order wipe out a group of pirates that had attacked.  But enough water was diverted to the foundation during the attack.

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have strict rules about drug runners. Ryan and the others watch as a pair of jolt traders are executed.  This ville is near the Virginia beach naval station where they arrived via mat-trans. The ville is a trading ville. The head sec man is a British man named Monty.

There are two villes near Front Royal. Casanova ville is run by a man named John Henderson. He is a brutal man who can't stand his heir apparent. He wants to control the entire territory and is planning on starting a fight between Bullrun Ville and Front Royal. 

Susan Markham is the baroness of Bullrunville. The ville had suffered a devastating attack from a bunch of Samurai. Over than half of her forces were wiped out in the attack. A messenger gave her word that Front Royal is about to launch an attack. She sends her mutant Sullivan out to assassinate Nathan.

Gaia's Demise

Both Bullrun ville and Casanova ville are destroyed by the Kite weapon in the control of Silas Jamaisvous.

A small nameless ville is near the ville of Shiloh in Virginia.  The people live almost a near primitive existence and extracted tolls from travelers along the roadway. They made the mistake of trying to stop Ryan's crew. The people suffer heavy losses.

Just off the Virginia Coast there is a island constructed of all manner of ships, including several warships. They were left over from the holocaust. The people on the ship were the descendants of the sailors and thought that they were the last people on earth. They were dying off after a disease wiped out their women a decade before. Several of the islanders were killed when they tried to go after Ryan's group, as they had women.

A nameless ville is run by Baron Jackson Polk.  The man is quite amazed when he discovers that they killed the mutant alligator Frankenstein. He gives them horses and gear as well as a room and food. But Doc ruins it by letting the slaves in the ville go so they can escape.  He can't stand the fact that the Baron uses slaves. The companions are forced to leave the ville in the middle of the night.

Another ville named Shiloh is cleared out by Silas Jamaisvous' forces, the healthy adults taken away to be used as slave labor at his new encampment. 

Silas Jamaisvous has set up a huge ville at the Shiloh. From the newly constructed ville he has set up a satellite uplink and has gained control of the predark power satellite Kite.  It is to be the new capital of the rebuilt America.

Dark Reckoning

Deep in the Earth under Shiloh where Silas had his base set up was a village made up of diminutive mutants.  At first they tried to kill Ryan and his companions and even sent their mutant god after the group. But after killing the God Ryan and companions became the new gods.  They leave the surviving runts alone.

There is a ville called Setteville that sprung up from the survivors who lived around the old satellite dish that was used in the SETI days.  Sheffields men don't leave very many survivors when they are though. 

The ville of Green Cove. This is a prosperous ville that is near one of the Satellite dishes that Sheffield needed to use his KITE satellite. The ville is brought to ruin though when Sheffield uses the kite to blind the people inside.  All but the people deep in the bowls of the ville are blinded. The baron, a man named DuQuen is killed by his slaves that were in the dungeon. 

Shadow World

The ville of Moonboy which is located in the ruins of Salt Lake City.  This ville was the center where the scouts from the Shadow World crossed over.  The inhabitants tried to attack the scouts but were quickly and efficiently destroyed. It became a ghost town.

The ville of Brigham was hit by a Cholera Epidemic and Ryan and his band were helping a single family that made it out escape from it. Nothing else is known other than the odds are very high that the ville was probably wiped out due to the plague. 

There is another ville named Perdition only a few hours travel time away from Moonboy ville. The companions tracked the right Reverend Gore and his surviving Cannibals here and then from there to Moonboy ville. This small ville is fairly prosperous. 

Pandora's Redoubt

There is a ville known as Novaville. It was before the Skydark a state penitentiary.  The rulers, the Wards, ran the ville for generations, decedents of the original Warden who managed to hold it together after the Skydark. The slaves were the decedents of the original prisoners and were not allowed names, only numbers.  The guards, were of course, the decedents of the original guards.  They built it over the years by salvaging goods from the nearby villes and a national guard armory. They controlled the ville through fear and the use of riot gas, which only the wards and a couple of their most trusted sec men had the antidote for. The ville had been attacked by the Son's of the Knife, a biker gang.  It was destroyed by a three way battle between Ryan's people, an open rebellion by the slaves, and the attack of a robotic vehicle known to them as the Beast.

Rat King

A few hours travel from the redoubt was the ville where the 'outsiders' lived.  The closest predark town to the ville was Tonganoxie, MO. The area is in a perpetual storm, wind blowing and making life exceptionally difficult for all those who inhabit the area. But it's the only life that they know, so no one has tried to leave. They have been at war with the 'insiders' for as long as anyone can remember, and the hatred runs deep.  With Ryan's help, they are able to fight their way into the redoubt and kill as many of the 'insiders' as they can before the redoubt starts to collapse around them. One of the few villes not destroyed by Ryan or his people.

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