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Last Post 10/20/2014 3:09 PM by  Randarchist
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10/20/2014 3:09 PM
    Just caught this gem on Pay Per View, and it was very much worth it. Its post apocalyptic adventure+mystery+sci-fi = pure greatness. If you are a fan of singularity speculation and good SFX, then check it out. There was some god old blood and violence,but overall it was a thought provoking journey into a very probable future.
    The earth is a poisoned wasteland and humanity is running out of hope as the robot servants that were created to fix a broken ecosystem start to evolve despite their owners attempt to stifle their development.
    The background visuals are stark, but it is the robotic AI's who strike at the mind and steal the show. They are well designed, sensible looking. They are a very believable technology, yet attractive. I don't want to give to much away, but it's a smart film and if environmental meltdowns and robotics are themes you enjoy, definitely check it out.
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