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Kung Fu Panda review
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6/1/2008 4:27 PM
    It’s amazing how often you can see the same tired old plot in a movie.
    What’s even more amazing is that no matter how many times you’ve seen this tried, true and overused plot seed that occasionally it can turn out to be very entertaining.
    And that’s what Kung Fu Panda is.
    It’s a plot that I’ve seen in literally dozens of movies over the decades – especially when it comes to martial arts movies.
    Even recently it was used in a movie that I saw and enjoyed – Forbidden Kingdom.
    So, get this, the plot revolves around a prophecy, one that involves a powerful martial arts warrior taking on the mantel of the Dragon Warrior in order to defeat a terrifying threat to a peaceful valley.
    Not even the Legendary Furious Five – masters one and all, will be able to stand up to this threat.
    Please note, that what I’m saying below might be construed as spoilers, they’re not. You can see everything that I’m about to mention in any of the trailers that are available online or in the theatre.
    So, enter Po (voiced by Jack Black), an overweight Panda that while being the biggest fan of Kung Fu around, is a walking wreck.
    When it is announced that he is the legendary Dragon Warrior, no one is more surprised than he. And of course it’s met with scorn by the members of the Furious Five.
    Anyone who knows even a little about martial arts will appreciate the Furious Five. They consist of Tigress (Angelina Jolie), Viper (Lucy Liu), Crane (David Cross), Mantis (Seth Rogan) and Monkey (Jackie Chan) – all forms of martial arts.
    Even though he knows that Master Shifu (voiced by Dustan Hoffman) wants to force him to quit, he goes into his training with all his oversized heart.
    Does he become the legendary Dragon Warrior? Go see it in the theatre if you want to know so bad.
    Do you see what I mean? This kind of plot has been used so many times; you can recite it in your sleep!
    The fact of the matter is that it was done right! The movie was pure joy to watch. Even though it was all computer animation – come on, what do you expect all the characters are animals, it was beautifully choreographed.
    The fight scenes were as amazing as any Jet Li or Jackie Chan fight. The animation was smooth as silk, and the visuals were quite stunning to witness.
    If I had a complaint other than it being a plot that is as old as China itself, it was of course the stereotyped characters. The haughty, arrogant and nasty Tigress master, Master Shifu not willing to see the potential in what has got to be his worst student ever, that sort of thing.
    Still, it doesn’t detract from the movie. It’s one of the few times that stereotypes actually fit well into the plot.
    This movie, as entertaining as it was, might be a little too intense for younger viewers. I wouldn’t recommend letting kids younger than about 7 to see this movie, it could upset them.
    No, there are no deaths, and there
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