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Hellboy 2: The Golden Army review
Last Post 7/13/2008 4:29 PM by Outlanders. 3 Replies.
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7/10/2008 12:36 AM
    So, there we have another movie based on a comic for 2008. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.
    Based on the comic created by Mike Mignola, and first brought to the big screen back in 2004 to a modest $100 million world wide.
    Figures like that were good enough to ensure that we would end up seeing a second movie based on the comic, and considering how good it was, hopefully a third or even more in the future.
    Now, as is the case, I will not give away any spoilers other than what you would be able to see in the trailers from various locations, such as the internet, the television and online.
    I have to say that, as is typically the case, I’m not all that familiar with the comic. It’s only been the past few years that I’ve really gotten back into reading the four coloured (well far more colours thanks to computers) books.
    For me, I was never drawn to the comic because, frankly, I couldn’t stand the artwork. I thought it was terrible. Yeah, of course there are people out there who think my view is fascist, or even blasphemous, but it’s just that, my opinion.
    I find that if I can’t enjoy the art, it doesn’t matter how good the writing is, I just won’t be able to get into it.
    So, thank god for movies and animation. That is where I’ve discovered the little I know about the entire Hellboy Canon.
    To be honest, I can’t really imagine any other actor portraying Hellboy other than Ron Pearlman. He seemed perfectly suited for the role, and isn’t against being under tons of makeup for hours at a time (Beauty and the Beast, anyone?)
    Considering some of my favourite books deal with mythology and the supernatural (Dresden Files being one, and of course Outlanders, for a scientific spin on the myths), Hellboy is right up my alley.
    It weaves myth deeply into the story.
    But, it’s not just the mythology being brought to life that attracted me to the movie. It was, of all things, the humanity, and the humour.
    Sure, Hellboy is a demon, but he’s a good guy. He loves cats, candy, and television. Even though he’s nigh indestructible and tough as nails, he still can be hurt, and he seeks out acceptance from others, despite his nature. Oh, and he’s in love.
    Sure isn’t your typical demon, eh? And don’t start shouting at me about Angel or the entire Buffy canon, that’s an entirely different kettle of fish (pun intended)!
    Ok, as for the rest of the movie – it was as one would expect a visual feast for the eyes. Absolutely beautiful and stunning scenery and sets.
    The action was fast and beautifully choreographed, and there was plenty of fighting to suit fans of the series taste.
    Lets not forget the humour – there was plenty of that as well. Even though it did touch on some very serious issues, such as say – the destruction of the human race, it was offset with plenty of good laughs.
    Abe and Liz also returned in their roles, portrayed by Doug Jones and Selma Blaire. Abe got more screen time in this movie, and his character was developed even further. Hell, there ws even a great bonding scene between Abe and Hellboy! It was one of the more enjoyable scenes in the movie.
    A new character was also introduced as well, an ectoplasmic entity known as Dr. Johann Kraus – voiced by no other than the creator of Family Guy Seth MacFarlane.
    Oh, for those who might be considering allowing younger kids to see it, the movie’s worst violence isn’t anything shocking – you’ll see far more horrific on the evening news. Most of the Deaths were off-screen, although there were a few scenes that might be considered to be gory. It’s best suited for teens or older kids accompanied by their parents.
    And there was very little in the way of foul language.
    Hellboy is the kind of character that can easily be a hero. He’s got a huge heart, and it’s in the right place, even if he’s a little rough around the edges. Hey, he can’t be all that bad, he loves kittens!
    Even if he’s a being from another dimension, one whose ultimate destiny is to bring about Armageddon, he’s a hero through and through - someone to look up to.
    And let’s face it; there are far too few heroes in today’s world. We need every single one we can get.
    Very much worth seeing. Dare I say, it could be one of the top money makers this summer, if not in the top ten.
    4 out of 5.
    New Member
    New Member

    7/11/2008 4:52 PM

    You honestly need a blog, like my good friend and erudite, educated professional writer and reviewer Maurice Broaddus.


    He's a minister who can find great subtext in any movie, like his review for Golden Army:



    Best quote of that review:


    [quote] Writer Phyllis Tickle once said that "Misfits give texture to life. They also tend, on a routine basis, to challenge the preconceptions that masquerade among us every day as normative behaviors."[/quote]


    Sorry for "running rampant" all over this review, but since you attacked me on Mark's board with zero provocation after deleting a truce mail, it's the only way to encourage you to do something that matters, rather than limp, generic reviews that people click on, and summarily ignore.

    Cerberus Man
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    Basic Member

    7/13/2008 2:52 PM

    Saw Hellboy 2 last night--your review nailed it, Chris. Thanks for posting.

    "It's better to have a blaster and not need it than to need it and--" "Oh, spare me," Brigid said irritably. (Kane and Brigid Baptiste from Armageddon Axis)
    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    7/13/2008 4:29 PM

    [QUOTE]Cerberus Man wrote

    Saw Hellboy 2 last night--your review nailed it, Chris. Thanks for posting.


    No problem dude. I got lucky and nailed a couple of passes to the Dark Knight, so I'll post my review without spoilers on either Wednsday or Thursday. It depends on how tired I am when I get home after seeing it.


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