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Death Race review
Last Post 8/23/2008 8:34 PM by Cerberus Man. 1 Replies.
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8/21/2008 12:11 AM
    Humanity is violent by nature. We fight for food, territory and mates. It, along with our ability to think and reason is what allowed us, considering how small and frail our bodies are, to become the dominant species on the planet.
    Aggression can be a good thing, but it can easily become our downfall as well. It has served our species well since the dawn of time.
    The problem is that even those who are mild mannered can have their blood stirred up, can become excited over violence.
    We can curb our aggression through several different means. Some people simply allow their natural violent tendencies to run rampant – a bad thing. Others let their aggression out through sports, or by watching violent movies, television or playing violent video games.
    Back in ancient times of course we didn’t have that sort of outlet, but there were means created to keep the masses happy. After all, the decadent Roman Empire excelled at that.
    Death Race is a movie that is all about feeding the masses need for violence and carnage.
    Of course it’s a remake of a cult classic movie from the 70’s, one that gave a certain aged actor his start – Sylvester Stallone, and of course one that helped David Carradine become a staple of bad B-rate movies for years to come.
    I won’t deny the fact that when I originally heard that they were remaking this film, I had zero interest in it. I had seen the original movie several times, and what I remember about it was how terrible it was.
    Even though there are people who consider it to be a cult classic.
    Then I heard that a favourite action actor of mine, Jason Statham would be starring, it piqued my interest just a tad. Not enough for me to start hunting for trailers or the like or even check out production photos that had leaked onto the net.
    And then I saw the trailer for the movie when I went to see the premier for Hellboy 2. Finally, a year after I heard about the movie I was interested. I hate to admit that it did look pretty good after all.
    Now, despite this, I went into the movie expecting it to be terrible. I had been paying some attention to the hype online about the movie, and what I had been reading wasn’t good.
    You know the usual bit about plot holes, terrible acting, lousy effects – the list goes on and on.
    Sometimes when you go to a movie with low expectations, you come out pleasantly surprised. I know that was the case with the Hulk earlier this year. 
    And, I am pleased to say that was the case with Death Race.
    Ok, before I continue the usual disclaimer. I will not reveal any details about the plot, provide spoilers other than those you can get from watching the various trailers that are available.
    The plot is incredibly simple. Convicts are allowed to participate in a three day race. The winner gets his freedom. The losers, well, typically they die.
    Jensen Ames, portrayed by Jason Statham is framed for killing his wife in order to participate in the race. He wins, he goes free.
    But the other racers and the creator of Death Race have plans of their own.
    The plot of the remake is so basic, there really isn’t all that much in the way of plot gaps. Oh, there are a few to be sure, but nothing as bad as some so called early reviews said.
    For me, the biggest issue I had with the movie were a few continuity errors - specifically when it came to the Navigators. But that isn’t a spoiler, since anyone who happened to watch the trailer for the movie can attest, the navigators were shown there. And there were a couple of other little continuity errors, but nothing that detracted from one enjoying the movie.
    Acting? What acting? Jason Statham played the type of character he always plays, the role that has made him a box office draw. I went into the movie expecting to see a tough guy, and that’s exactly what I got.
    The movie was made for entertainment people, if you want acting, go watch a period piece, or catch Heath Ledger as the Joker!
    And that’s the bottom line… the movie was pure entertainment. It had fast, Road Warrior-esque cars, heavy weapons, lots of explosions, but little in the way of actual carnage. That fact surprised me. I had expected it to be a blood bath, ala the original Death Race.
    It wasn’t. Oh, there was blood and a little gore, but it wasn’t overdone by a long shot.
    The movie sated this man’s thirst for carnage – albeit on the big screen. I would be sickened if something like this was for real.
    Death Race is a popcorn movie. It was made, as I said, with one purpose in mind – entertainment.
    Well, make that two – a potential franchise.
    Check our expectations at the door and go in and have a good time.
    4 out of 5
    Cerberus Man
    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    8/23/2008 8:34 PM

    I've only seen part of the original Death Race 2000 on TV...I saw this version today....can't say I thought it was that different, but I did like it.

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