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Lost Boys II The Tribe
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9/11/2008 12:11 AM

    Has anyone watched lost boys 2 the tribe>? or am i the only loser that has>?

    Kinda spoiler at end ish if u can call it that. idk haven't ever done one of these before.


    Well it was a ok movie Not as good as the first one in 1987. It starts out with Chris Emerson (Tad Hilgenbrink) and his sister Nicole (Autumn Reeser) as they arrive in a California beach town  Named Luna Bay to live with Aunt Jillian following the deaths of their parents. Ruling the beach are a group of local surfers who turn out to be more than teenage hooligans--they're vampires! The group's leader Shane Powers (Angus Sutherland, half-brother of Kiefer) sets his sights on Nicole, pulling her into their nocturnal brood. To save his sister, Chris seeks out the Frog Brothers (played once again by Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander) to guide him in the ways of vampire hunting.

    If you get it id say get the unrated version i got that one.  Figured same price as normal one but it has more blood i think in it than the rated r one.  It also shows nudety in it.  I don' t know about the rated one. 

    It has deleted scenes music videos one of the original song's cry little sister with the original singer is back in a goth video. 

    If you have saw the original movie you might know the sax player from it the buff dude i don't know if he's the same one but they got a fat guy to do the sax on a scene i laughed cause i thought of the buff sax player from the original.


    The thing is Jamison Newlander is not in it at all unless you watch the deleted scene's.

    Same with Sam Emerson his scenes are deleted all but a last one at the end of the credits. They said he was in the whole movie after he had the i don't want to be in it then i do fit.  So i was like hell yeah 2 people from the original are back but he didn't show till the end im like thats bs but he had his little hissy fit so they prolly told him sorry 2 bad ur at the end now. Deal with it. 

    The only other thing i didn't like was they surfed and in the original they couldn't touch running water. In the book david or star  was trying to take a shower and it was burning his/her skin thats how she knew she wasnt a vampire at the end of the original movie.  The sprinklers or w/e in the book went off and it didn't burn her anymore. 

    But i got what they said in one part of the movie one vampire was talking around a fire to some girls about a college professer drainin all the blood from a dog and puting in diluted salt water and the red blood sells formed blood from the water. and it lived after that so they are sayin salt water is like blood or something like that. So your call on it guys.

    3 out of 5



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