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Righteous Kill review
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9/12/2008 12:05 AM
    What would it take to make a good cop do wrong? Would it be seeing too many criminals, who the cop knows is guilty walk on some technicality – failure at the only justice system we have?
    Could it be the fact that they’re surrounded day after day by temptation?
    Or how about just not caring any longer? After so many years of protecting and serving, maybe a good cop simply gets tired.
    Now, before I continue, I’ll state my typical disclaimer. I will not reveal any spoilers about the movie other than what you can glean from the trailers that can be found online, in the theatre and of course, on television.
    This movie had a very hitchcockian (is that even a word?) feel to it. Of course I can’t really say as to why I felt this because it in on itself would be a major spoiler, and it would ruin the movie for any would be viewers.
    The movie is a classic murder mystery, but this time it’s what amounts to a serial killer who’s taking out the trash – rapists, drug dealers, pimps, molesters and child killers, just to name a few.
    You know the kind of people who society wouldn’t shed a tear over when they’re found dead.
    Yup, pretty simple, but as with any story, you can take a couple of lines and weave it into something pretty extensive and complex.
    And that’s the way the movie pans out. It’s complex, and there are many twists and turns as justice is meted out to those who, for one reason or another, escaped from it in the past.
    This movie is rated R and for good reason. The F-bomb is dropped with regularity (but then again, would you expect less from any movie staring DeNiro or Pacino?), and brutal violence abounds.
    Shockingly enough, there isn’t any nudity, but there are scenes of sexuality.
    Would I let a kid watch it? To be honest, they’ll see plenty of violence and hear lots of foul language on the school ground, but that doesn’t mean that, as a parent I should condone it.
    So the answer is no. I wouldn’t allow anyone under sixteen to see the movie.
    One thing that really struck me about the movie was the chemistry between DeNiro and Pacino. I found that they worked well together (although I know that they have in the past, but I haven’t seen Heat), and to me the friendship the characters felt for one another transcended the silver screen and touched upon what must be friendship in real life.
    But who knows, I could be wrong. Still, it was an excellent performance to watch none the less.
    DeNiro’s performance as Turk was that of the tough, no fooling around cop, while Pacino’s Rooster was far more laid back and easy going. In fact, a lot of the humour in the movie was based around Rooster and what he had to say.
    And, despite the nature of the film and the dark aspect of it (we’re talking about a serial killer here), there was plenty of laughs to be had.
    The tension between DeNiro, Pacino and the younger officers portrayed by John Leguizamo and Donny Wahlberg was very well portrayed. Tension between detectives and departments in he big city.
    And lets not forget about the very physical relationship between DeNiro’s Turk and Carla Gugino’s character Corelli.
    Who’d have thought that DeNiro still had it in him? He’s like older than dirt!
    Over all, this movie was a good mystery with some twists and turns that were completely unexpected.
    Don’t take your children to see it, but by all means catch it and enjoy it by yourself or with friends.
    I hope that you enjoy seeing justice dealt out to those who managed to escape it as much as I did.
    3 out of 5
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