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Batman: The Stone King review
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9/29/2008 11:03 PM


    I have to admit that Batman wasn’t always a favorite of mine. I’ve never been partial to DC comics in general.
    Of course there are people out there who will be offended with what I’m about to say, and there are, of course, people who will agree with me.
    But, either way, I’m going to say it. That’s just the kind of guy I am.
    Marvel is far better. It’s got a richer, more concise background, the universe that was created seems to mesh together far better than that of the DC universe.
    Fact is though, over the past few years I have found that Batman is growing on me. I’m more interested than ever before in the world’s greatest Detective.
    Does Dark Knight have anything to do with this, perchance? Well, duh! Why should I deny that? The Dark Knight, in my opinion, was the best movie of 2008. Hell, it was one of the best movies I’ve seen in years!
    And of course, due to that fact, my interest in Batman has been piqued. I won’t bother denying it… after the movie; I went out and picked up a half dozen of what were considered to be the best Batman Graphic novels.
    I enjoyed them all.
    I almost bought the Batman encyclopedia, but I held off. That’s something I’ll probably pick up at a later date. I don’t know everything about the DC character, but I now know enough that I can read graphic novels and comics and have a pretty good idea about what’s going on.
    So, what does this have to do with the review? Well, it’s about Graphic Audio’s adaptation of the Justice League of America – Batman: The Stone King.
    I’m quite the fan of Graphic Audio’s work, and have bought more than a few of their titles. The adaptations are excellent, and they’ve yet to really let me down.
    Oh, before I forget, my trademark disclaimer – I will not give away any part of the plot that would be construed as a spoiler. The things I mention about the novel can be gleaned from the back cover.
    I hate spoiling things for people.
    The novel Deals with the Justice League, and many familiar DC characters are in it – Wonder Woman, Flash, The Green Lantern, Superman, Martian Man hunter, and of course, Batman.
    But the novel revolves mainly around The Batman, as the title suggests.
    Something has been unearthed near Gotham City, during a disaster that the Justice League fights to avert.
    Things spiral out of control, as an ancient entity awakens and plans on reshaping the world, effectively bringing about Armageddon.
    Once the Justice League confronts this entity, the only one to escape, the only one who can possibly bring the entities downfall is the Batman.
    As I mentioned before, the production quality of the book is exceptional – I wouldn’t expect less from Graphic Audio.
    But – this is the kicker… I had issues with the novel.
    Overall, it wasn’t bad, and it was entertaining to listen to. But, I hate to say it; Comics belong as a visual medium. Either in comic format, on the silver screen, or on Television.
    Books, actual word novels without pictures, it just doesn’t have the same impact. Even someone with a powerful imagination, someone who can actually visualize a scene as it’s described – well, it’s just not enough.
    That’s the problem with comics being translated into novels.
    Yeah, yeah, I know there are people who will argue with me over this statement, but I’ll say this – it’s the opinion of one man. If you don’t agree, that’s fine, if you do, that’s fine too. You can’t please everyone all the time.
    Oh, as for the other issues? This isn’t really a spoiler, so don’t get upset. There’s a scene in the novel that takes place beneath the streets of Gotham, in the sewers. It does describe how worn and old the sewers are. Got it?
    Ok, according to the DC universe, Gotham had suffered a major earth quake, something that had caused tremendous damage to the city, and that took the city years to recover from.
    That should have been reflected in the novel, during the scene that took place in the sewers.
    Yeah, nitpicking, but it’s something that really stuck out with me.
    Also, when it comes right down to it, the story has been done before. A powerful entity, arisen to remake the world in its vision. 
    Been there, done that.
    There wasn’t anything really groundbreaking or new about the novel. Just a superhero twist on an old Science Fiction / Fantasy plot.
    Hey, if you need a Batman fix while you wait for the next animated show to hit the air, or the third installment of the reborn franchise, or even for the Dark Knight to come out on DVD, by all means, pick this audio book up and listen to it.
    Enjoy it!
    But, don’t expect to be totally blown away by it.
    Either way, it’s worth buying and listening to.
    3 out of 5
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