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Last Post 6/14/2009 11:21 AM by  QuinnDexter
EarthBlood in Graphic Audio
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1/28/2009 4:37 PM

    Just read the Spring/Summer Graphic Audio catalog.  They are making Earth Blood.  2 books at least.  They are scheduled for May and July 2009 respectively.

    I look forward to hearing them.  I have yet to find the paperbacks so it will be a new experience.  DOes anyone know who the actual author was for these?

    )3az )3aziah
    British Bloke
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    Veteran Member

    1/28/2009 6:01 PM

    It was Laurence James that wrote all three of them.



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    Ron Miles
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    Commander In Chief

    1/28/2009 6:30 PM

    Yup, Laurence James.  Those were actually the first James Axler books I ever read.

    I have the series featured here on the website over in the Books section:

    Book 1: Earthblood

    Book 2: Deep Trek

    Book 3: Aurora Quest

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    Dean Deathlands
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    New Member

    1/28/2009 7:33 PM

    Earthblood in audio would be very cool, I really enjoyed that set. It was a different take on PA fiction by having all the plants die off. I will have to pick that one up when it comes out.

    New Member
    New Member

    6/14/2009 11:21 AM
    I bought and listened to Earthblood book 1 at a Pilot truckstop last week. The book started off really powerfull but kind of fizzled out after the 3rd disk. I also noticed a bit of disjointedness towards the last couple of CD's. Overall I liked the audio book but I prefer the grittyness of Deathlands and Outlanders.
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