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Apocalypse Unborn

In post-nuclear America, the end promises a new beginning...

Alan Philipson

First Edition

Release Date:
June, 2008

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Release Date:
June, 2008

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
November, 2008

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Release Date:
November, 2008

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Black Flame

Reborn primeval in the fires of thermonuclear hell, America's aftermath is one of manifest evil, savage endurance and lingering hope. Traversing the lawless continent on a journey without destination, Ryan Cawdor seeks humanity in an inhuman world. In the Deathlands, life is cheap, death is free and survival demands the highest price of all.

Circus of Blood

Magus is a steel-eyed cybernetic sociopath whose bloodlust knows no bounds. Now, the savage Pacific isles above a long-submerged Southern California are his new arena. Ryan wants a second chance to chill Magus once and for all. But as the ringmaster of torture orchestrates his magnum opus, a stunning sideshow is under way. PreDark whitecoats believe they have found the key to turn back time and intercept the deed that erased human history.But in the Deathlands, there is no turning back. Or is there?


by Lokheed

The first half of Apocalypse Unborn is pretty dang good. It starts off with a strong premise, introduces a couple of characters who will have a major impact on Doc's future, and sets the companions off on an attempt to deal with the Magus once and for all. There are several pitched battles, and lots of interesting character dynamics.

And then the second half of the book starts.

Fully 50% of the book is one, long, running battle. Page after page after page, non-stop combat. It is breathtaking in its audaciousness. As the perspective shifts seamlessly from character to character, the tension never lets up. It is a page turner from end to end, with a very satisfying ending.

Although I didn't like this one quite as much as Cannibal Moon, it came pretty dang close. Definitely a very strong entry into the Deathlands series.

Slapped by a stickie
by emotherian

Sit on the edge of your chair reading? No. Can't put it down? Maybe. Cawdor &amp; Co. knows that 1: stickie will not die from just being stabbed, so why was Krysty stabbing them. 2: Since when did the they become suicidal with no exit plan. 3: The group would not have given their blaster up, they had a way off the isle (the MT) with a chance to still get Magus. A repeat of battle desciption (insert character name) became pretty tiresome. I dont get the concept of the writers thoughts that Cawdor &amp; Co would just go back and have a picnic with the islanders in the Redoubt. I've read better...


The real question is... do the other writers read each others works? Lately it seems that don't...

Mangus reborn???
by pooreye

Hey all,

&#160; Did I miss a book????&#160; when did mangus get away from the day scagg food next he has an island of "fun" (for him).....hope we get to know

fireblast it was not as good as it could have been...

Deathlands Reborn!!
by One Eye Chills

Apocalypse Unborn, I am glad to say is one of the most break-out, solid storyline, all-out action/adventure thrill-fest of the entire Deathlands saga in quite some time.

This Deathlands is penned by long-timer Alan Philipson, who has been writing solid military action/adventure for almost 3 decades, but has in recent years taken a solid grasp of the Deathlands series and given readers some fantastic adventures that go 'outside-the-box' normalcy in the Deathlands arena.

And in his latest, he fires fully on all cylinders. The story concept is original and fresh, the action and adventure is as raw and primal as the Deathlands should be. And all the characters are written and portrayed pretty evenly, and very thoughtfully, something most of the other writers don't give credence to.

I won't ruin any of the plotline's various surprises, but suffice it to say, Doc may be going back in time to get reunited with his long-lost family. But if he time trawls back in time to the 1800's, it could mean the erasure of the Deathlands timestream. Great stuff this!

Alan even pays homage in a way to the awesome movie - 300 - but does it Deathlands style! Very well done, chock-full of cool and new muties that don't come off as cheap comic book impersonations, but more steeped and backed up with either scientific explanations, or more cosmic and mysterious - all due in part by the enigmatic Magus, of course.

Alan Philipson writes and portrays the Magus to his ruthless and diabolical utmost - which is always a treat to read about. Nothing worse than a boring and bland bad guy of the typical persuasion. Not here!

Even though the Deathlands new cover artist is better than the Outlanders one, they both can't seem to capture the characters looks the way that the original artist, Michael Herring did. This new cover is by far one of the best - and unlike the latest Outlanders cover art - the scene on the cover is in the book - albeit bigger and better in its battle scenario.

Alan Philipson again proves, without a shadow of a doubt with great adventure novel, that he is the premiere Deathlands author. I for one feel very fortunate to have him working on a series that still has tons of steam left for may years to come. There is a wealth of dark territory yet to explore in this series. And while all the other writers seem to be stagnating in either horrible or weak storylines, Alan Philipson comes in and shows them how its done.

Way to go Al! On behalf of all the numerous Deathlands fans - thank you for your dedication and hard work. Looking forward to your next awesome endeavor. We give this a ten-star rating.

by sniper1shot

OK- this is my first DL review in quite sometime, however I have been reading the series since the early 90's (read '91).

&nbsp;I really wish the authors would read at least the last few chapters of the book in front of them. The last book ended with Ryan and crew in Siberia.....this book begins with them nowhere near Siberia or is it even mentioned.....

&nbsp;I will admit that I did like the story line with the new characters being added, the 2 scientists, Capt Eng and crew....however they leave or are killed before the end of the book.

The real crummy part of the book is the last couple of chapters where the editing is gone out the window....Since when did Ryan an crew EVER go into a Mats Tran without their weapons especially leaving a redoubt that might have some? Those stinging bugs that killed a few of the recruits/islanders...where did they go?

&nbsp; All in all. not a bad book but nothing spectacular either.