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Pantheon of Vengeance

War machines and rebels clash in ancient Greece...

Douglas Wojtowicz

Cover Artist:
Cliff Nielsen

First Edition

Release Date:
August, 2008

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Release Date:
August, 2008

Cover Price:


Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
May, 2009

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Release Date:
May, 2009

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Armageddon Evolving

The internecine struggle of planet Earth remains the only constant in a millennium of brutal transformation. Now, decades after the apocalypse, the war for domination rages on -- human against alien usurper. Armed with secret knowledge of a powerful but ever-changing enemy, the Cerberus rebels go where the fight takes them, riding the shock waves of hellish history and uncertain future, to free humankind from darkest destiny.

Wrath of the God Machines

In his human skin, Baron Cobalt's quest for power nearly destroyed Cerberus. Now, evolved into his godly Annunaki form as Overlord Marduk, he's reconsolidating his power and claiming the Mediterranean. As Marduk's Nephilim-led forces challenge the ruling Hera Olympiad and her legion of cybernetic demigods to a death dance, Kane and the Cerberus warriors harness the power of a cyberarmy eager to bring retribution and justice to the real monsters of antiquity.


A terrific and fun read!
by mikeclr

I finished Pantheon Of Vengeance a few minutes ago.

Whew...WOW! What a ride! I have to admit, I've been looking forward to reading this since I first heard that DPW was going to join the ranks of "James Axlers" and pen an entry in this series, one of my favorite all time pulp paperback universes.

N' I was NOT disappointed!

Just as he has done with his incredibly enjoyable over-the-top volumes in the Bolan series, Doug brings a new and different kind of excitement to Outlanders...not better, just that remains wholly respectful and true to the series roots and it's creator's unique vision while injecting his own brand of incredible action, pulse pounding excitement, and wild humor!

Unlike a lot of the other "Axler-fill-ins" (some say "wannabes") for the creator of this series, Doug really shows a lot of care and thought to stay true to the series core (and heart) and this creates a seamless transition for this entry into the overall series while still containing the wildness that makes his work some of the most exciting in the genre in some time!

As for the story itself, well, if you can imagine Transformers meets 300 you might get a slight idea of the general idea, but it goes far beyond this. The action is simply astounding and so fast paced it will leave your head spinning. The intrigue amongst the ruling class of New Olympus, the incredible fighting mecha, the great focus on all the Cerberus team members, all works incredibly well.

Some of the highlights for me were the brutal confrontation between Grant and Marduk, Kane's berserker-like fury against the mutant hordes, the awesome Skybreaker weapon, Hera's incredible transformation, Z00s inspirational rally with for the outnumbered troops of New Olympus, the humor...I could go on and on but you really need to read this one for yourself.

For the record I gotta say I really enjoyed Domi in this one as well as the many touches of past OL adventures. It's obvious that this book was written by a true fan of the series, who actually cares about the characters and not just a paycheck...

Sure, it's not Mark Ellis...but if this is the possible future of the Outlanders series, it's in good hands...DAMN good hands!

I hope we haven't seen the last of the awesome warriors of New Olympus as well!

Extremely HIGHLY recommended! Read it, my friends!

IInsightful Domi
by lexa316


I have been a fan of the series for some time and this novel was an awesome train ride filled with betrayals, intrigue, and wonderful characters. &nbsp;

It was wonderful to see another side of Domi; it is nice to know that she has a place outside of Cerberus where she can be herself. She also demonstrates an uncanny way of sniffing out deception. This was demonstrated when she alone picked upon Hera. I feel that the others would not have noticed this bit of info. Artemis or Di is a perfect complement to Domi, since she can relate to the pilot about being alone in the most familiar of places (home). Domi&rsquo;s conversation helped her a bit, a rather nice growth to Domi&rsquo;s character.

Grant getting a chance to exercise bit of payback on Marduk was pleasant. It is nice to see this; it should not be Kane all the time. Although Kane in berserker fury on the mountaintop was awesome, and Baptiste screaming at Domi for a bigger Gun really caught my attention.

I am happy to see a peaceful or major development between Domi and Grant. When did this happen? I have always felt that Domi and Grant&rsquo;s relationship should be similar to his relationship with Kane but a little more familiar. Maybe a father daughter at best, his influence is very evident. &ldquo;There is no problem that cannot be solved with the proper application of dynamite.&rdquo; {Grant to Domi, then Domi to Baptiste}. Well said!!!!