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Death Cry

A secret weapon has the power to annihilate earth's invaders

Rik Hoskin

Cover Artist:
Cliff Nielsen

First Edition

Release Date:
November, 2008

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Release Date:
November, 2008

Cover Price:


Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
August, 2009

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Release Date:
August, 2009

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Advent Advanced

Decades after the nukecaust, Earth's fate remains in a stranglehold. The stunning otherworldly design of the blueprint for domination is crucial to rescuing humanity from eternal slavery. As the Cerberus exiles dare to challenge the planet's increasingly powerful usurpers, the battle to navigate time and dimension continues -- aided by brute force and the age-old strategies of war.

Shock Portal

Kane and the team learn of a secret doomsday weapon rumored to be hidden in Russia. But where would the paranoid scientists of communist rule hide a battleship-sized device from aliens of supreme intelligence and mind-reading abilities? Where few can find it -- on another astral plane, complete with whitecoats still unaware of the nukecaust. But mysterious interlopers have tapped into Cerberus intelligence, forcing their bid to control the Death Cry. And if Cerberus can manifest the Death Cry into reality -- the potential for one last global holocaust becomes a death race.


by knight-wolf

Alright this book i just finnished was an interesting read. First and foremost....correct me if im wrong here but the Ausie Originals (aboriganie...sorry cant spell) Went home.&#160;The ship they left on&#160;also took out an overlord or two if im not mistaken. Second why is the intelect of kane grant and domi grown to that of a teacher at MIT? Well they still have the witty comments we all know and love and come to expect. OL Death cry.....made me sob for this author

Death cry... a cry for times past more likely
by )3az )3aziah

Although this book was by far a better effort than the last one we had forced upon us, it is still not the classic OL we all came to love and look forward to from the master Mark Ellis.

As run of the mill Sci-fi goes it was a good read, no real thought needed to scan over the pages and no real brain power required to follow the story through. But thats it just RUN OF THE MILL.

All the main characters were so wrong, yeah they all had the right names, all had the same interaction with one another but again that was it..

Kane, Grant and Domi all had an increase of 50 to 70 IQ points to a level that made Lakesh all but a bumbling fool.

Domi although placed in several extreme situations didn't once slip into her outland clipped way of speaking as she always did before.

What happened to the CAT teams ? They are called "Field teams" throughout the book.

Brigid talks of the "Iron curtain" to the Soviets, who still believe it is the late 1920's or early 30's, and they react as if they know exactly what she is talking about. The Iron Curtain was only coined as a phrase by Winston Chirchill in the 1940's !!

As I said above this book is a good read if you want a general sci-fi fix, but if you want a real OL fix then I'm affraid you are going to have to go back to your bookshelf and pick up a previous one written by Mark.

I'm giving this book a 5 / 10 as its the writers first try at OL and the mistakes made are not all his blame. The editors at GE have been reading and checking these books for so many years now they SHOULD know what the characters do, say and act like and they SHOULD know when certain things will be picked up by the series long time readers if not corrected.


Enjoyable read
by gazhack

&#160;I wondered if I might be a bit lost, coming midway in a continuing saga, but it was easy to pick up the threads. The author explained the situation smoothly without feeling like an info-dump. The story is a great combination of left-field imagination (cybernised Aboriginals, a Russian base existing in a mindscape) and muscular action. The post-apocalyptic Aboriginal culture was highly original and certainly felt authentic, showing good research. Meanwhile the cannibal church was another marvellous sequence, exciting and blackly funny too. The regular characters were likeable. Extremely entertaining book.