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Prodigal's Return

The stunning epic of a new reality continues...

Nick Pollotta

Cover Artist:
Dave Seeley

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Release Date:
September, 2011

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First Edition

Release Date:
September, 2011

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Release Date:
September, 2011

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Release Date:
December, 2011

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Ryan Cawdor and his team go up against a ruthless band of coldhearts and discover Ryan's long-lost son as the band's point man. New mission -- rescue Dean. But when Dean shoots and wounds his father, the strange turn of events leads the travelers deeper into the shifting sands of their own destiny.

Back Cover:

Torn Asunder

America, defiled and reshaped by nuclear carnage, promises little but a struggle for survival. Still, a group of hard travelers trek the worst this hellish place can offer, surviving by their wits, razor skill and knowledge of preDark technology. Their leader, Ryan Cawdor, is a Deathlands legend, a warrior and hero to many, a relentless enemy to more. And he understands the only way forward is the future, even when the past has a will of its own....

Sins of the Father

Searching for an operational redoubt, Ryan and his companions go up against a ruthless band of coldhearts. The shock of seeing Ryan's long-lost son as the band's point man puts the group on a new mission -- rescue Dean at all cost. But when Dean shoots and wounds his father in a firefight, the strange turn of events leads the travelers deeper into the shifting sands of their own destiny. And father and son, each committed to the laws of decency and fair play, will confront an uncertain legacy.In Deathlands, there's no going back....


Not what I was expecting!
by Lake
Cover art did not reflect content. Predictable. Not proof read. Was expecting a true block buster for the 100th book. Should have been named "Prodigal's Appearance".
Dissapointing reunion with Dean
by cathboy
This was a decent read, and I have been waiting for Dean to resurface for quite some time. Having Ryan kill his girlfriend was quite predictable when she picked up the vest and put it on. It would have been nice to see Dean reunite, and stay for an episode or two, then maybe set out on his own, as he had grown up to become a young man, and maybe go after Sharona, or even stay with the group. Good read just a bit disappointing.
The 100th Book meltdown
by Maximus
For a 100th milestone in the series, with the long-awaited return of Ryan's son, Dean, this was a major let-down of a book. I really wish that the publishers at Gold Eagle had produced the best quality writer to pen this one.

After all, this was supposed to be a special edition, commemorating not only the 100th edition of the longest running post-holocaust series, but also the much anticipated return of Dean Cawdor.

What fans got was a mishmash of half-developed concepts and too much mindless action. After a while, the action just didn't mean anything. Nick Polatta came up with some half-baked ideas, but never seems to want to nurture the storyline. Instead of what should have been a major blockbuster of a book, due to us fans having been waiting such a long time for the return of Dean, instead we got a heavy dose of hodepodge and careless action sequences with no true heart to the book.

That's what seems to be missing with Polatta's writing. Heart and soul of the characters. It touches upon it, then leaps away from it and adds an action scene. I wanted to see some strong emotions from Ryan and Dean's reunion, but as a reader and huge fan, I got little to nothing of that much needed emotion and energy. It felt like the writer got lost and didn't know how to pull it off correctly, and instead, opted to finish it due to a deadline or something, and just threw some shit together.

What a shame, really. I truly hope the superior writers - especially newcomer Chuck Rogers - brings back Dean in the correct manner. Long-time author Allan Phillipson also proved he had the writing chops to've pulled off a classic comeback of Dean. He did it with pulling a unknown daughter of Ryan's in one book! That takes chutzpah!

I don't see how any fan of this series can give this any more than a 2 star review. If you're just in it for the mindless violence, maybe. But I demand more for my hard earned money! Is it too much to ask Polatta for a solid storyline and bring some heart and soul of the characters to the frontline?