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Dave Seeley

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90ProphecyAndy Boot
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
First Edition0-373-62600-2January 2010$6.99
KindleB-002-WEPCI-2January 2010$5.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aDecember 2010$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aDecember 2010$12.99
91Blood HarvestChuck Rogers
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
First Edition0-373-62601-0March 2010$6.99
KindleB-002-WEPE1-MMarch 2010$5.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aFebruary 2011$12.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aFebruary 2011$19.99
92Arcadian's AsylumAndy Boot
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
First Edition0-373-62602-9May 2010$6.99
KindleB-003-7NB69-QMay 2010$5.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aMarch 2011$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aMarch 2011$12.99
93Baptism of RageRik Hoskin
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
KindleB-003-SX162-CJuly 2010$5.99
First Edition0-373-62603-7July 2010$6.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aApril 2011$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aApril 2011$12.99
94Doom HelixAlan Philipson
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
First Edition0-373-62604-5September 2010$6.99
KindleB-003-ZK5LN-8September 2010$5.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aMay 2011$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aMay 2011$12.99
95MoonfeastNick Pollotta
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
First Edition0-373-62605-3November 2010$6.99
KindleB-004-1KLE3-MNovember 2010$5.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aJune 2011$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aJune 2011$12.99
96Downrigger DriftJohn Helfers
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
First Edition0-373-62606-1January 2011$6.99
KindleB-004-GEAID-KJanuary 2011$5.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aJuly 2011$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aJuly 2011$12.99
97Playfair's AxiomVictor Milan
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
First Edition0-373-62607-XMarch 2011$6.99
KindleB-004-MPRZE-8March 2011$5.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aAugust 2011$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aAugust 2011$12.99
98Tainted CascadeNick Pollotta
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
First Edition0-373-62608-8May 2011$6.99
KindleB-004-WPEDE-IMay 2011$5.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aOctober 2011$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aOctober 2011$12.99
99Perception FaultJohn Helfers
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
KindleB-004-Z2I4I-4July 2011$5.99
First Edition0-373-62609-6July 2011$6.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aNovember 2011$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aNovember 2011$12.99
100Prodigal's ReturnNick Pollotta
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aSeptember 2011$12.99
First Edition0-373-62610-XSeptember 2011$6.99
Kindlen/aSeptember 2011$5.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aDecember 2011$19.99
101Lost GatesAndy Boot
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
KindleB-005-JSRC5-ONovember 2011$5.99
First Edition0-373-62611-8November 2011$6.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aJanuary 2012$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aJanuary 2012$12.99
102Haven's BlightVictor Milan
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
First Edition0-373-62612-6January 2012$6.99
KindleB-006-84C91-KJanuary 2012$5.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aApril 2012$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aApril 2012$12.99
103Hell Road WarriorsChuck Rogers
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
First Edition0-373-62613-4March 2012$6.99
Kindlen/aMarch 2012$5.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aMay 2012$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aMay 2012$12.99
104Palaces of LightAndy Boot
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
First Edition0-373-62614-2May 2012$6.99
Kindlen/aMay 2012$5.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aJune 2012$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aJune 2012$12.99
105Wretched EarthVictor Milan
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
First Edition0-373-62615-0July 2012$6.99
Kindlen/aJuly 2012$5.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aSeptember 2012$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aSeptember 2012$12.99
106Crimson WatersVictor Milan
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
First Edition0-373-62616-9September 2012$6.99
Kindlen/aSeptember 2012$5.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aNovember 2012$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aNovember 2012$12.99
107No Man's LandVictor Milan
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
First Edition0-373-62617-7October 2012$6.99
Kindlen/aNovember 2012$5.99
Graphic Audio CDsn/aJanuary 2013$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aJanuary 2013$12.99
108NemesisVictor Milan
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
Kindlen/aJanuary 2013$5.99
First Edition0-373-62618-5January 2013$6.99
Graphic Audio CDsn/aMarch 2013$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aMarch 2013$12.99 
109Chrono SpasmRik Hoskin
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
Kindlen/aMarch 2013$5.99
First Edition0-373-62619-3March 2013$6.99
Graphic Audio CDsn/aMay 2013$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aMay 2013$12.99
110Sins of HonorNick Pollotta
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
KindleB-00B-0A71E-2May 2013$5.99 
First Edition0-373-62620-7May 2013$6.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aJuly 2013$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aJuly 2013$12.99
111Storm BreakersVictor Milan
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
Kindle0-373-62621-5July 2013$5.99
First Edition0-373-62621-5July 2013$6.99 
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aSeptember 2013$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aSeptember 2013$12.99
112Dark FathomsJohn Helfers
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
First Edition0-373-62622-3September 2013$6.99
Kindlen/aSeptember 2013$5.99
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aNovember 2013$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aNovember 2013$13.99
113MotherlodeVictor Milan
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
Kindlen/aNovember 2013$5.99
First Edition0-373-62623-1November 2013$6.99
114Siren SongRik Hoskin
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
Graphic Audio MP3 CDn/aJanuary 2014$19.99
Graphic Audio MP3 Downloadn/aJanuary 2014$13.99
First Edition0-373-62624-XJanuary 2014$6.99
Kindlen/aJanuary 2014$5.99
115Hanging JudgeVictor Milan
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
First Edition0-373-62625-8March 2014$6.99
Kindlen/aMarch 2014$5.99
116End ProgramRik Hoskin
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
Kindlen/aMay 2014$5.99
First Edition0-373-62626-6May 2014$6.99
117Desolation AngelsVictor Milan
DescriptionISBNRelease DateCover Price 
Kindlen/aJuly 2014$5.99
First Edition0-373-62627-4July 2014$6.99