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Dectra Chain

Adventure and suspense in a treacherous new world

Laurence James

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
September, 1988

Cover Price:


Second Edition

Release Date:
December, 1997

Cover Price:


Audio Cassette

Release Date:
September, 1998

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Graphic Audio MP3 Download

Release Date:
February, 2006

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Graphic Audio CDs

Release Date:
February, 2006

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A gateway that is part of a rambling underwater complex brings Ryan Cawdor and the group off the coast of what was once Maine, where they are confronted with mutant creatures and primitive inhabitants.

Back Cover:


The world blew out in 2001. Vast areas of what was the United States lie beneath an umbrella of noxious dust and radioactive debris, a mantle of destruction drawn over a land of doom. Much of the East Coast has been obliterated; the Southwest is a land of fire; cities of smoldering ash have given birth to horrifically mutated life forms. Such is the Deathlands, legacy of global annihilation.

But there were survivors, struggling to overcome a dark new age of plague, radiation sickness, barbarism and madness. Out of the ruins come Ryan Cawdor and his band of post-holocaust survivors, whose odyssey of discovery takes them in search of other pockets of civilization.

Emerging from a gateway in Maine, Ryan confronts a ruthless and brutal sea captain, a woman prepared to go to any lengths to get what she wants....


Dectra Chain
by GuapoPogi
I finished Dectra Chain on Friday 11/29/2002. I really liked this book. I do wish that there had been more about the big Mat Trans Unit with the B-19 clearance. It was interesting to have a town like Claggartsville, almost like being back in a nineteenth century whaling village. The only thing that bothered me was orca/great white shark and how easy it was for them to kill it. I give this book a 9.

The best book since PTH
by The Phantom
This novel contains plenty of adventure and action as Ryan and his friends end up in a redoubt by the coast of Maine.

The scenes on the water in the whaling ship was well done, and the Apache they met in Pony Soldiers helps them out in this novel, and he decides to stay in the whaling business. It would have been cool to see him in more books, I kind of liked the character.

Wierd muties and monsters and villains and loaded with adventure, this book is a good read.
One of my favorite Herring covers too.
The DL with the Whalers in Maine
by Roadwarrior
Wow was this book unique!

From the very beginning with the double mat-trans units and the apparent use of this other mat-trans of someone else really gave some mystery to the series. The space suits add to the possibility of of world units and redoubts.

The overall feel of this particular novel seems, to me, to be almost Victoriana in fashion. The ville of Claggartsville reminded me alot of the town of Whitby here in England. Small fishing communities were not something I expected in a post-apocalyptic world. Unexpected but very well received!

From start to finish this book was action pact. The on ship[ scenes struck me as kind of like 'Master and Commander' in their drama.

An excellent read. Definitely one of the best.
by One Eye Chills
Dectra Chain read like a classic. Just like Moby Dick but better and more exciting in my humble estimation.

And I'm sure that the late great author - Laurence James, made it out to be exactly that. I'm sure he was a classics reader in his time, and he thought up a wonderful and great idea here and executed it awesomely.

The artwork was stunning and new and breathtaking. Also, it was, and always is more exciting when Ryan is separated from the group. That always makes for an exciting read.

The captain being a female was a wonderful change of pace and surprising in scope. The author was so versatile in his time. I really felt like I was on that ship and weathering the rough seas - now thats just great writing!
Seaward Bound!
by ShadowTek
This book is simply a 10 IMO, its exiting from start to finish, Ryan and co meet a pirate, and travel the high seas, its a&nbsp;completely&nbsp;different type of situation for them that is refreshing and simply a great story, With there temp Indian ally, they hunt whales and deal with the most evil pirate on the high seas.. I loved this book!!