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Ice and Fire

Adventure and suspense in the midst of the new reality

Laurence James

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
December, 1988

Cover Price:


Second Edition

Release Date:
December, 1997

Cover Price:


Audio Cassette

Release Date:
October, 1998

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3 in 1 Audio Cassette

Release Date:
September, 2000

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Graphic Audio MP3 Download

Release Date:
February, 2006

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
February, 2006

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A startling discovery changes the lives of Ryan Cawdor and his band of postholocaust survivors when they encounter several cryogenically preserved bodies.

Back Cover:


Snakefish, California, is rich in the currency of post-holocaust America -- gasoline.

Almost leveled by the Soviet missiles that annihilated most of the West Coast, Snakefish is in the midst of a reconstruction, financed by a commodity far more valuable than the usual Deathlands jack.

But greed and man's lust for power threaten to shatter the hard-won peace and tranquility of this fledgling community as disparate factions fight for control of the substance that will give them wealth beyond their wildest dreams.

Ryan Cawdor and his companions emerge from a gateway and step into the path of a smoldering war for power.


This is one of LJ's worst 2 books
by GuapoPogi
I finished Ice And Fire last Friday. I have 1 question how can you get a collar to stay on a snake ? I loved the redoubt and the waking of Rick, and the death of Lori (she sucked). Other than that this book was probably one of LJ's worst. I was thrilled when Lori died just as I was the first time I read the book back in 1989. I was even more thrilled at Lori's death as I was/will be at Brother Michael Brother's (Oh brother) death. Ok that is it for todays ranting. Today's rating is 5 and it only gets that for Rick and the Cryo unit.

An entertaining episode
by The Phantom
Ryan and his group are in a redoubt where cryogenic experiments had been, and get a chance to thaw out a guy from being frozen for a hundred years. The first half of the book centers around this, being the "ice" part of the story, then, with their new companion in tow, they enter a town where precious gas is the treasure of the ville. This ends in an explosive conclusion, thus the "fire" part of the book.

A decent adventure overall, but not the best of the DL novels so far. And one more member of the party bites the dust in this novel. The thawed out dude joins the party for the next book. His state of mind is kind of like Doc Tanner's was when Doc was first discovered. A good book. The whole thing with the snake worship and snakes with collars was a little too hokey, it lowers my rating a little.
The Book that Got Me Hooked
by jonfastje
I found this book at the airport, liked the cover art, bought it and have been reading Deathlands ever since. It is in my opinion, one of the best Deathlands Novels ever.
by One Eye Chills
Though its been many years since I read this, I still remember a great adventure yarn when I read one - and this is yet another one!!
Laurence James could deliver the goods back in his days, always leaving us diehard fans breathing hard for more.
This nukescape California venture is chock full of huge mutie rattlers and crazed men, sure to keep you up at nights with its rip roaring action that never slowed down when Laurence was in charge.
The thing I remember the most here is Lori's demise at the end. I was shocked and pleased all at the same time. She had betrayed Doc and the group and paid the ultimate blood price.
That alone is the reason that Laurence James could deliver, due in cause he would kill off main characters that one would'nt expect. That's a nice surprise too, as long as it ain't Jak, Dean, J.B, or Ryan.
At this stage of the Deathlands saga, I would not mind it one bit if they got rid of Mildred somehow, and replaced her with a new character for awhile. Keep it fresh and more exciting that way - just like Laurence did...
Don't miss this one!
by aceontheline
Simply one of the best period. Great plot and characters makes for a very entertaining read. This one is a Deathlands classic.
Not the best
by ShadowTek
Ok, this book, the story is ok, but they kill off Lori Quint, which was IMO a big mistake.. plus its obvious they are gonna do &nbsp;it from the start by making Lori act out of&nbsp;character, at least IMO. And Its stupid again IMO how they did it..

The story is good, but not the best.. But battle vs the ville is a good one. A average book in the series IMO.