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Fury's Pilgrims

Raw determination in a dark new age

Laurence James

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
January, 1993

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Second Edition

Release Date:
April, 1999

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Audio Cassette

Release Date:
June, 1999

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
August, 2006

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August, 2006

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A bad jump from a near-space Gateway leave Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists in the devastated heart of the American Midwest. In a small community that was once the sprawling metropolis of Chicago, Krysty is taken captive by a tribe of nocturnal female mutants. Ryan fears for her life, especially since she is a woman.

In the Deathlands, life is a contest where the only victor is death.

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A bad jump from a near-space Gateway leaves Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists in the devastated heart of the American Midwest. Moving through the ruins in the safety of an abandoned war wag, they discover a small community that was once the sprawling metropolis of Chicago.

The town seems devoid of life, until the first night, when Krysty Wroth vanishes without a trace. Then the group is attacked, leaving Doc Tanner gravely wounded. Ryan realizes that someone, or something, wants them gone -- or dead.

He captures an attacker and learns that the town is run by a tribe of nocturnal female mutants. But not even torture yields any word of Krysty. Ryan fears for her life, especially since she's a woman

In the Deathlands, life is a contest where the only victor is death.


Fury's Pilgrims 01/28/2003
by GuapoPogi
Fury's Pilgrims was great. I loved the Space Station/Craft and wish that there had been more exploration of it or at least that Ryan hadn't lost the Ships Log so we would know what happened there. I had only 2 problems with this book
1). Doc seemed afraid of the Chron Trans Unit in Dectra Chain ? Or maybe it was another book. Now he is all fired up to play with this gateway. Sorry Laurence but you got sloppy here.
2). Only a person from Chicagoland would now this but there are tunnels all over chicago that run between the old buildings and they flood from the Chicago River. After a nuking they would all be full with noone , and no equipment to patch and drain them. As I said only a local would now that though.
I still think this was an original book even though there was the old someone gets captured and needs to be rescued senerio. I give it an 8.
great read
by pigeonxman
I thought it was cool to have a book take place in Chicago. I am from Chicago and i thought the idea of having the underground tunnels where the bug eyed chicks live. They ststed that the old tunnels from chicago were excavated by the bug eyed muties who lived there. I still wish they would have expanded on why Krysty was the chosen one. The side story with Doc and Michael Brother was cool.overall a good read.
Ah yes, this is LJ at his best!
by The Phantom
I think this is the best book in the series since the first one. Not only is it crammed with the action and adventure I expect from the series, but it also has a lot of other good things going for it.

Early in the story contains a little more of a sci-fi direction, I liked the jump to the space station, some exploring there (I'm assuming this is Parallax Red?), and eventualy Ryan's group makes a jump to the Chicago redoubt. Here they discover a chron jump chamber. This is cool and they experiment with it, thanks to Doc Tanner's knowledge, are able to mess with it and trawl some people from the past. This leads to another member joining the gang, Michael Brother. Not too exciting of a character, but interesting.
This also sparks Doc's interest in his long lost family, now he realizes a possibility to use the chron jump to go back in time again. This novel deals partly with Doc finally going over the edge, he really gets fused out, kind of funny, I loved his part in this book.

I liked the war wag they find and after a journey with that they find themselves in underground Chicago, good scenes with Dean and the captured Krysty, lots of firefights and finally a race to keep Doc from trawling himself to the past.

James did a great job with this story, a major turnaround from the disappointing Moon Fate. Good book, I'm giving it 9 stars out of 10.
by One Eye Chills
FURY'S PILGRIMS was a very fun romp in Deathlands entertainment. There was some ghouls that they fought in the beginning in some old house that was just classic Deathlands action and mayhem.
The weak points here for me were the fact that Krysty did not use her mutie strength against the mutie women. That would have made this novel so much better.
Also, Laurence should have taken the opportunity here to let Doc get back to his family by using the Chron unit they found.
The intro of Michael Brother was cool and interesting. He was taking the place of Jak here and didn't come within a country mile to me. But he is - or was - a far better character than Mildred has been.
Doc and Mildred have got to go, especially her. I am worn out about that character. Doc can make a comeback with the right writer I suppose.
Micheal Brother and Chi Town
by ShadowTek
Another home run book, Michal Brother is a awesome new but temporary addition (for a few books), the cryo chamber part was interesting, and the all female enemy was also cool. I always love when Ryan and co hit a large city, there some of my favorite parts of the Deathland series.

Kristy Roth is kidnapped and the mutie underground chicks think shes some sort of a savior, its a classic Deathlands book, and really seems to have that Post Apocalypse feel to it.

I like How Doc true to his character tried to get back to his own time.