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Raw determination in a hostile new world

Laurence James

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
June, 1993

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Second Edition

Release Date:
April, 1999

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Audio Cassette

Release Date:
August, 1999

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
September, 2006

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Graphic Audio MP3 Download

Release Date:
September, 2006

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Front Cover - Small
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A shockscape with a view --
and the danger is free.

Ryan and his band of warrior survivalists chart a perilous journey across the desolate Rocky Mountains. Their mission: Deliver the hired killers of a small boy to his avenging father.

In the Deathlands, survival is a gamble. Death is the only sure bet.

Back Cover:


Emerging from a gateway into the snowy barrens of the Colorado Rockies, Ryan Cawdor and his warrior group are forced to strike a deal for survival. This part of white hell is controlled by Baron Nelson, a grief-ridden widower burning for vengeance against the hired killers who murdered his boy.

Not far from Nelson's barony lies Yuma, a nasty hellhole every badman in the Rockies calls home. Ryan, Doc and J.B. Dix begin a perilous journey across desolate mountains to Yuma to capture and deliver the boy's killers back to the baron. The odds are not good: if the mutant grizzlies and roving marauders don't get them, the sadistic guntoughs in Yuma will.

In the Deathlands, survival is a gamble. Death is the only sure bet.


Finished Shockscape 02/08/2003
by GuapoPogi
Good book, a little of the annoying formulas, group finds big mutie animal and has to kill it, local baron gets mad, Krysty needs to be rescued, the redoubt door malfunctions in an emergancy. I think LJ was running out of ideas at this point in the series. I liked J.B.'s brother, too bad he won't be returning in anymore books. Overall I did like this book, the formula writing wasn't as bad as it could have been. I give it a 7.

Good, but not great
by The Phantom
This is a decent book in the series, although it has some filler here and there, it would have been a better novel if it was a tight 220 page story. The action picks up at the end and everything gets wrapped up nicely.

A rather unusual plot, Ryan meets a traveling group that performs plays, and joins them and uses the play for a sneaky way of capturing some bad guys. One of these guys has a tie to JB, I thought this was an interesting element in the story.

What really made the slow part of this book enjoyable was the character of Rosie Owens. I laughed my ass off, the humor involved with her part in the novel was great.

I liked the book, it could have been better though, without some of the filler, so I will give it a 6.
by One Eye Chills
Like so many other Deathlands novels, Laurence James loved to make this series sound and taste like a futuristic western novel. Not surprising since his background was in writing a western Apache series in the past.
But it worked wonderfully well for him in Deathlands. This westerny flavor is now missed in the new novels, but that's to be expected I suppose.
Just read the back cover of this particular novel and you can't help but see the smell of a futuristic western. This one was the typical Deathlands perhaps, but still a fun and fast romp in a series that is sure to please you.
The ending was a good cliffhanger too!
JB Dix has a brother!
by ShadowTek
Ok, again, I liked this book, It got really good for me when they got to Yuma, I really liked the enemy they faced lead by none other then J.B. Dix's brother!! I also like the chic in that group.

The wandering entertainers they meet in this book I really liked, and actually felt bad for them when they meet there fate. It would be nice if some of the friendly people that hook up with Ryan actually survived once in a while. Doc loses a new friend with one of the traveling actors.. kinda sad.