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Twilight Children

A new warrior breed blazes a trail to an uncertain future

Laurence James

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
June, 1994

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Audio Cassette

Release Date:
February, 2000

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
January, 2007

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Release Date:
January, 2007

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Front Cover - Small
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Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists are transported from one Valley of the Shadow of Death to another, where they find out that the quest for paradise carries a steep price.

In the Deathlands, the future looks terminally brief.

Back Cover:


Survival is an endless battle in the dark age of post-holocaust America, but even amid the ashes of the past, new pockets of civilization emerge, fledgling communities bound by savage rules.

Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior-survivalists are transported from one Valley of the Shadow of Death to another, shaken by the mind-bending effects of the mat-trans, emerging at last into a promised land whose inhabitants are healthy and young.

The ville is an oasis in a blighted land, but among the blond, blue-eyed near-children, Ryan and his wayfarers are pariahs destined to find out that the quest for Paradise exacts a steep price.

In the Deathlands, the future looks terminally brief.


Finished Twilight Children 03/??/03
by GuapoPogi
I finished Twilight Children. I thought that the jump back to the Louisiana redoubt was neat, and the the other jump was really neat too. These two mysteries were interesting, but the rest of the book was boring, and predictible. I give it a 7 and it would have gotten a 4 if not for those two jumps.
Has some good moments
by The Phantom
This episode starts off with Ryan's party checking out a couple more redoubts, one of which leads to an old town that contains some strange giant mutie insects. The first half of the book was very good, I found it to be exciting and entertaining.

The second half of the novel wasn't as good, it was ok, but nothing spectacular. With what seemed like a combination of a Star Trek episode and Logan's Run, the book takes an interesting turn when Ryan's group discovers a ville where all seems fine, but all the people in the ville are very young, and all blonde. At age 25, they get the ax. This place is run by a ruler who makes himself some sort of a god to the people, and hides behind a mirror. This is one part of the story I thought was kind of hokey, and the ending wasn't all that great, at least concerning how Ryan's gang dealt with this particular baron, and what he ended up being.

The side plot with Abe and the Trader continues, but the Trader seemed to be more of a jerk than anything else in his limited exposure in this novel.
Plenty of good adventure, particularly in the first half, and some good character interaction make for a good enough book, but this one is not among the best of the stories in the series.
Lonesome Gulch
by cathboy
This is one of my top ten. The first part of the book with the group coming out in the alien invironment was great. There was a great feeling of unease portrayed by the book, and you got the feeling things were about to happen every minute. The winged lizard things were to cool. The huge mutie chasing them into the old gateway "fantastic" A great read.
by One Eye Chills
Again, the beginning of this novel is the best part of the entire novel. I loved the swarm of strange muties scene. But the overall storyline here I was not too crazy about. But it was still vintage James, which means that it's better than most adventure novels in it's heyday.
Good book! Children Rule here..
by ShadowTek
This is a good book.. Its about young people that run a ville and the "Wizard of oz" type baron.. He hides in a shack.. There's allot to this book.. and is really enjoyable. Michal Brother is in it (a cool if temp member) The older people are chilled.. that's all I'll say to not give too much away. Then there's a sticky attack.. its yet another great story!