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Rider, Reaper

Adventure and suspense in the midst of the new reality

Laurence James

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
August, 1994

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Audio Cassette

Release Date:
March, 2000

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
March, 2007

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Release Date:
March, 2007

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A peaceful interlude for Ryan Cawdor in the mountains of New Mexico becomes a blood-soaked game of survival as Ryan's idyll becomes a mission of revenge. His quarry on a cross-desert manhunt is the General, a man who grimly prepares to destroy his pursuers.

Hope died in the Deathlands, but the will to live goes on.

Back Cover:


The red-baked mountains of New Mexico offer a peaceful interlude for Ryan Cawdor, and a reunion with Jak Lauren. But in the violent post-holocaust world of Deathlands, survival is a blood-soaked game -- and Ryan's idyll becomes a mission of revenge.

The quarry is the General and his band of paramilitary killers. Roving and plundering the Southwest, the General travels with an unsurpassed armory, his troops unchallenged, his agenda unstoppable.

Allied with local vengeance-hungry Indians, Ryan Cawdor and his warrior survivalists begin a cross-desert manhunt on horseback through the acrid canyon lands, where danger waits in the form of fifteen-foot rattlesnakes, acid-rain hurricanes -- and a man who grimly prepares to destroy his pursuers.

Hope died in the Deahtlands, but the will to live goes on.


Finished Rider, Reaper 03/08/2003
by GuapoPogi
In a bit of Irony I finished Rider, Reaper while flying ofver Montana on my return trip from the PI. Montana being the setting for PTH. I liked this book It was a refreshing change. no encounters with muties, no death struggle with a fifty foot elephant, and no sex crased Baron. Seriously this book showed that LJ still had a alot of good ideas and could still write a good story even after having already writen 21 books in the series. Before this book I really hated Michael Brother, but this book really makes you feel for the character more than any other characters in the book. His death seemed so tragic. The message they received at the end of the book was to be expected to be received soon but still was exciting.
I think I give this book a 9.

All hail Judas the mule!
by The Phantom
This episode deals with the demise of Michael Brother and the group's reunion with Jak. For the most part, this book is about a journey through the New Mexico wastelands on a quest for revenge against a "General" responsible for the destruction of Jak's family.

A lot more of an emotionaly charged book, as well as breaking the usual formula of the gateway/explore redoubt/become guest of insane baron mold. This was a good change of pace, but I did find parts of the book a little on the dull side though.

The Navaho indians, who for a time became their allies, were predictably against them in the end, something I've read before in Pony Soldiers. I was hoping for a different result this time, but at least the indians weren't portrayed as nasty torturers.
I liked how the action picked up at the end in the caves, and the scene outside with Dean was done very well. The return of Jak isn't something I'm thrilled about, but his role was important to the storyline, and I got used to him once more, and it felt like the the gang was complete again.

The highlight for me about this novel had to be the mule named Judas. His antics with Doc Tanner were a hoot, and Judas had a great scene getting involved in the action with Dean outside the caves.
I felt like the book could have used some more exitement, but overall a pretty decent book in the series, I'll rate it a seven.
by One Eye Chills
Personally to me, this particular novel is one of my all-time favorites ever in the Deathlands saga.
Why? Because it attained and covered so much ground in 1 novel and that is something special.
First you have Jak's tragedy. Again, Laurence James gives us a wild ride and a feeling of a classic western set in the future.
Even though I was sad for Jak, I was sure glad to see him come back into the group.
Then you see the ending of Michael Brother. I liked him but was glad to see him go from the series.
Though I didn't want him to die, Laurence still does the unexpected and memorably kills off a large character in a way totally unexpected.
Whenever Deathlands has Amerindians in their storyline, it was always much more interesting and exciting to me, and here Laurence gives them to us again in another great and exciting episode. Jak's loss, coupled with Michael's demise and the revenge vengeance trail was just that Deathlands savagery read at its best.
My only qualms here was the ending and the General. Perhaps because of time restraints or something, Mr. James didn't go into the General's character here, he was almost just a cardboard cut-out bad guy. With all the building up of his dirty deeds, I felt there was no finishing finale into this guy.
But still, over 90% of the book is just awesome entertainment.
by ShadowTek
This is a awesome one.. Poor Michael Brother.. R.I.P. and poor Jak.. his family is slain.. but finally he comes back to the group.. Yeah!!

This is a vital book for any deathlands fan.. as its a pivotal book when they were all connected.. Its extremely sad.. if you care about the characters.. this one will move you.. I felt really bad for Jak.. I cant say enough for how good this one is!!!