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Trader Redux

In the Deathlands, the past and the future clash with frightening force

Laurence James

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
December, 1994

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Audio Cassette

Release Date:
February, 2000

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
July, 2007

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Release Date:
July, 2007

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Years of struggle in the lawless remnants of humanity have made Ryan Cawdor a bold and undisputed leader. Yet now, he may have to contend with his former mentor, the enigmatic Trader, as their survival skills are tested on a perilous journey down the mighty Colorado and the Grand Canyon's mile-deep crags.

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Ruled by a perverse and malevolent Nature, roamed by lawless remnants of humanity, the Deathlands is what's left of the continental U.S. after a nuclear apocalypse unleashed hell on earth. Here, only a few can survive and still retain hope for the future, and of these, none are more determined than the exiled son of a coastal baron and his closely knit band of warrior survivalists.

The years of struggle in the new reality made Ryan Cawdor a bold and undisputed leader, but now he may have to contend with his former mentor, the enigmatic Trader. Together with J. B. Dix and Abe, they make a perilous journey down the mighty Colorado, and in the Grand Canyon's mile-deep crags, a degenerate barony and mutie death traps test the limits of the group's survival skills.

Weary and torn from their cross-country trek, they return to their stronghold in New Mexico to find it abandoned, with no sign of Krysty Wroth, Dean or the others....

Imagine your worst nightmare. It's called Deathlands.


Trader Redux 03/27/2003
by GuapoPogi
I just finished Trader Redux. Great book, here LJ comes up with a new plan, and this book stands out as the main characters being off in there differnt groups for almost the entire book. My only problem with this book is that LJ didn't seem to know that snakes eat their food whole (pages 224, and 225). Other than that this book was a breath of fresh air. The continuing cross country adventure was new, and the addition of a new character to the group, new characters is you include Trader, and Abe, also added to the books originality. The cliffhanger leaves you excited to start reading the next book, and keeps the continuity strong. I give it a 9.
enter the trader......
by pigeonxman
It was cool how the book began with Ryan and JB hooking up with the trader and abe. The interaction between Ryan and Trader shows how ryan has really come into his own as a leader since rolling with trader. Its cool how the trader falls in with Ryan and accepts his leadership to a certain extent. The reason why Abe and Trader wanted to find Ryan is a little fuzzy (just wanted to touch base with an old friend?) this is more or less a book dealing with how things have changed between ryan and trader....overall a good read.
Excellent adventure
by The Phantom
Ryan and JB have found the Trader at last, and this book deals with the adventures of Trader, Abe, Ryan, and JB as they explore Seattle and then their journey back down to Jak's home in New Mexico.

It was interesting to see the relationship between Ryan and Trader, and how things had changed between them since their war wag days. Plenty of thrilling action and adventure in their trek back south, suspenseful scenes on the river and I liked how Ryan was not letting Trader be the boss. The only part of the story that I didn't care much for was the old baron in the hotel and his two fat daughters and his plot to have them married to Ryan and Trader.

Doc and his feisty mule, Judas, get their own part in the novel, as Doc wanders from the house to get some time to himself. Some interesting developments going on there with his meeting Sukie.

I liked the part where the two travelers came to Jak's home and what resulted from that. It was a surprise, and kind of shakes things up a bit in the ongoing adventures of Ryan's group.

This is one of the better books in the series so far, and would have given it a nine rating if it was not for the silly part with the old baron and his two girls. The ending once again leaves off with more going on in the story in the next book.
by One Eye Chills
When Deathlands puts the Trader in the story, to me its always extremely interesting. Laurence James always gave us a good yarn with the flavoring of a futuristc western with Ryan and Trader riding shotgun on Hell-bent action adventure that only he could invent and bring to us readers, leaving us satisfied and wanting more.
Redux has always stayed with me as one of the best in the annals of other Deathlands sagas.
Ryan vs Trader
by ShadowTek
Bad ass.. simply bad ass.. Ryan show that even though he started out as the pupil, he is now the leader/Teacher.. Trader is a ass.. but a badass,, but I love him. This is a story about members of the original warwag team..

Judas and doc are funny together and make a funny team, you will really want to read the next book after this one..

One of the greats.. without question!!