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Genesis Echo

When all is lost, there is always the future

Laurence James

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
March, 1995

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Audio Cassette

Release Date:
March, 2000

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
August, 2007

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Release Date:
August, 2007

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The warrior survivalists are guests in a reactivated twentieth-century medical institute in Maine, where mad scientists pursue their abstract theories, oblivious to the realities of the world. When they take on an unhealthy interest in Krysty Wroth, the pressure is on to find a way out of this guarded enclave.

In the Deathlands, the war for domination is over, but the struggle for survival continues.

Back Cover:


Deathlands is a world savaged beyond recognition by a centuries-old nuclear blast. While many prosper on the savagery of this lawless land, Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists carry the seeds of hope and courage in a daring quest to find the gateway to the future....


The warrior survivalists are reluctant guests in a reactivated twentieth-century medical institute in Maine. Here scientists still pursue their abstract theories, oblivious to the realities of a world gone mad. But when they take an unhealthy interest in Krysty Wroth, the pressure is on to find a way out of this guarded enclave.

Before they can escape, Ryan's loyalty will be tested, and Krysty's special powers may threaten her very existence.

In the Deathlands, the war for domination is over, but the struggle for survival continues.


Genesis Echo 04/03/2003
by GuapoPogi
This was one of LJ's worst. Mildred not figuring out what is going on at the research center even though she is a doctor was dumb. The "mutie" bear was old, overdone, and stupid. There was no mention of the fact that Ryan, J.B., Jack, Doc, and Krysty had already been to Arcadia National Park in Dectra Chain, which ment not bothering to mention Man Whos Eyes See More a.k.a. Donfil More, and Claggartsville. The members of the group were like brain dead saps in this book. Even the most obvious of things escaped everyone. This one just sucked. My opinion is skip it. I give it a 1. Too bad it can't get a zero.
I for one, liked this book a lot
by The Phantom
After the reunion of Trader with the rest of the group at Jak's home, the party must leave the place for good, heading back to the most commonly used redoubt in New Mexico.
A brief exploration of another redoubt, the location of which is undetermined has some good suspense and then it's on to another gateway jump.

Halfway into the book, the story begins at the hospital in Maine. I found this to be a a much better written second half than earlier novels like Cold Asylum or Twilight Children. The goings on at the hospital gave an atmosphere of mystery, as well as suspense, and some horror. Mildred's discovery of the "experiments gone wrong" creeped the hell out of me.

The novel overall was very well done, I thought, the story held my interest and the action picked up more as the book went on. A solid 8.
by One Eye Chills
Good cover but kinda weak storyline. I did not hate this novel, but it left unsatisfied as some of the latter books do now. The best parts of the book are Ryan and Trader scenes. They are both heart pounding and hard to read since you want to see them get along like father and son.
But there can be only 1 leader here, and watching them argue about it was mesmerizing for me. Waiting a long time for these two to get together, and now that they finally did, they need a great adventure to go along with it.
Genesis Echo only managed to give us a glimpse of that.
skip it
by bba1

Most of the previous books are great reads. This book made me loose sleep it was so bad.

The gang plus Trader and Abe arrive in Maine by redoubt and encounter some cloned dogs. Dean is under attack by one of the dogs and of course the solution is to chill the dog. But Ryan was so insistent Mildred do it he sticks a gun in Trader's side forcing Trader to not shoot the dog. Anyone could have taken out the dog.

When the scientists come on the scene I'm immediately reminded of Crater Lake because of the similar premise. The evil mad scientists are doing experiments to relearn medical procedures lost over fifty years ago.&#160; They're also supposed to be rivaled to be like Nazi eugenicists and not just eugenicists. This allusion is thrown in by Krysty and Mildred was the author, LJ, trying to convince the reader the scientists were truly evil. The institute is even described as being truly evil by Krysty. Okay, holding people against their will and experimenting on them is bad, but true evil was the Crater Lake scientists developing newer weapons of mass destruction and ready to destroy what was left of the world.

Enter Krysty, who is seen by the scientists to be what they have been striving for with years of their research.&#160; They don't do actually do too much harm when they clone her. They program the clone to hate Ryan, so what? What was the point of that? The scientists cannot even do that right - even after a few successful clonings with one of the sec-men in the story and the dogs. Cloning Krysty was a big missed opportunity and flub in the science itself. I can imagine the scientists screwing up on botched surgeries, or the muties, but not on the cloning part.

Trader brutally murders a female scientist he was trying to seduce just moments ago. Ryan has nothing to say about it, and even agrees with it. Trader seemed like an older bitter version of Ryan but after the murder of the scientist he moves down to Zimyanin's level imo. Ryan isn't any better but I digress. A missed opportunity was with the female scientist. She might have had knowledge about the mat-trans units. In fact, it doesn't cross anyone's mind about asking the scientists about mat-trans since their cloning is based on mat-trans.

J.B finding grens in a room helps them destroy the truly evil wing of the institute. You'd think with all the sec-men they'd have some kind of armory and not leave grens lying around in a box.

Up in the cold..
by ShadowTek
Ok, I disagree with the reviews here, I loved this book.. It felt so "Deathlands and post apocalyptic" Its what JL is famous for.. locked in a research facility, This is the book with the cool dommie and the freak show of muties.. plus, I actually liked the bear encounter.. I guess to each there own.. this book deserves a much higher rating so I'm giving it a 8 to boost it (but its no 10)