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Raw determination in a stillborn land

Terry Collins

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
November, 1997

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Release Date:
October, 2001

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Release Date:
August, 2009

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August, 2009

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In the altered reality of the Deathlands, America's coastal waters haven't escaped the ravages of the nukecaust, but the awesome power of the oceans still rules there. It's a power that will let Ryan Cawdor, first among post-holocaust survivors, ride the crest of victory -- or consign his woman to the raging depths.

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In the altered reality of the Deathlands, America's coastal waters haven't escaped the ravages of the nukecaust, but the awesome power of the oceans still rules here. It's a power that will let Ryan Cawdor, first among postholocaust survivors, ride the crest of victory -- or consign his woman to the raging depths.


Emerging from a gateway on the ruins of the Georgia coastline, Ryan Cawdor and his warrior survivalists embark on a voyage up the Atlantic coast. But treachery awaits as they're beset by pirates, then a violent storm that pulls Krysty Wroth and Jak Lauren beneath the waves. Now Ryan must contend with a self-proclaimed lord of the sea as he struggles to reclaim what's his from a watery grave.

In the Deathlands, there's no waking from the nightmare...


# 39 Watersleep 10/19/2003
by GuapoPogi
Overall this book was a good read. Ryan's grief was well written, although I'm sure there was never any doubt in the mind of any reader as to Krysty's fate. I did find the submarine too hard too swallow though. I was happy to see an explanation for the desert in Louisiana, and the reference to the off shore oil rig seems like a good idea for a future book. There were also a few characters that would be interesting to have pop up in future books. I look forward to reading this authors future Deathlands books. I give this book an 8.
good not great
by pigeonxman
Im not the biggest fan of the sea voyage books although this one wasnt bad. Poseiden was your basic military nut who wanted to take over deathlands and rule with an iron fist. I liked the fact that the villagers at the comune (who pay tributes forcibly to Poseiden) agree to fight back against him and one of their best dies.
High quality book!
by The Phantom
I was impressed with this author's first book in the series. An enjoyable adventure with accurate characterizations and a book that shows continuity in the series. The humor in this book was a welcome addition, and raised my rating a star.
The novel Dark Carnival is refered to quite heavily early in the story, with Ryan and his gang emerging from the same redoubt in Florida they had been to before. Although the book starts off not breaking too much new ground, the story gets more interesting as it goes along and toward the end, it turns out to be a unique and well crafted adventure.

Good action scenes at the military base and in the submarine, and I liked the way Krysty's power was used to escape her captors. The main villain was interesting, and I liked Ryan's confrontations with him.
This writer is very talented, and it's too bad only three books were done, the series would be better if this author continued to write for it.
Not too bad....
by jschiltz1
Ok let me start off by saying that I did actually enjoy this book. However there are some things that bothered me.

First of all it seems like I have hit a string of military-type "Barons". I have come to realize that I prefer the typical sexually depraved ones better. In my opinion they are a little more interesting to read about.

Secondly can someone please explain to me why there are computers (comps) in every single book .....with no description or anything and the author takes half of a page to describe a cd player "boom box". I imagine that at some point with all the barons they have met and all the redoubts they have been to, or at least just there normal life expiriences they would at some point encountered something like this.

Like I said though I did enjoy the story. I liked that Krysty was put in peril although like another reviewer commented.... There was no question as to whether she would live. Over all I give this one a seven.
by One Eye Chills
WATERSLEEP was a fun ride. I liked the beginning that just leapt out at you. Ryan is drowning in the deeps of an ocean, how can that not open your eyes and say - HUH!?
And it continued to be an exciting and different adventure for the companions.
And the writer Terry utilized Krysty's power of strength! That's something that is definately not used enough in this series.
The plotline was solid here and the dwellers of the deep were a great added bonus. I love sea creatures, and a writer that can write in mutant life forms from the deeps, is a smart writer indeed!
There hasn't been a lot written about mutated ocean creatures, so it's good to tap into that.
Thanks Terry! I hope your next story takes this series to the next level, but keeps the integrity of the characters.
Poseidon, king of the Sub
by ShadowTek
Deathlands are on a roll.. Yet another good one, Poseidon is a submarine commander and its a nice change to have a water adventure for the companions, it follows the old template of the military guy left over from pre-dark but its a good story and very exciting, damn I love this series!!

The final battle is great, The companions have to take out another military base, but its cool :)