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Dark Reckoning

The Baronies Trilogy - Book 3

Nick Pollotta

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
January, 2000

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
October, 2004

Cover Price:


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Release Date:
October, 2004

Cover Price:


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A secret community of scientists gains control of an orbiting transformer that could become the ultimate weapon of terror -- and it's up to Ryan Cawdor to halt the evil mastermind before he can incinerate Front Royal.

cat_book 3 in the Baronies Trilogy, three cat_books that chronicle the strange attempts to unify the East Coast baronies. Who (or what) is behind this coercive process?

Back Cover:


Secrets of the preDark era haunt Deathlands and so do visions of a better life in this post - apocalyptic world. Ryan Cawdor and his wayfarer companions roam the Deathlands, driven to survive and lured by rumors of lost technology - the key to renewed hope and prosperity. Yet others have visions, too. Those whose genius has been twisted into quests for power and ultimate domination - mankind's blight since the dawn of humanity.


A new center of power has emerged in post -holocaust America. A secret community of scientists has control of an orbiting transformer that in a single step could return electricity to America - or become the ultimate weapon of terror. But there are those equally dedicated to halting the evil mastermind before he can incinerate Front Royal. And they've turned to Ryan Cawdor to save them from a fate worse than Deathlands.

In the Deathlands, power is the ultimate weapon....


Dark Reckoning 11/16/2003
by GuapoPogi
I thought the square eyes that the Swampie in book # 46 had were about as stupid as you could get but the author managed to top that with a giant crab with triangular eyes pages 20 and 21. That is not Sci-Fi it is Sci-Foolish. This was another book filled with stupid mistakes that could only have been the result of an author that didn't care.Ak-47's are built for durability, and a little, or even alot of ash would not make them jam. Also the safety on an AK-47 is on the right side of the rifle so if everyone is "thumbing" the safety off then they are all firing left handed. The author seems to feel the need to add extra words to increase his word count, but he doesn't seem to bother to do any research before getting into technical descriptions. Blood is not flammable, MRE's contain no cans, pills, or toothpaste. The overall plot to this book is good. I liked it but the author needs to give a damn, and do some research before he writes. Once again a good book ruined by lack of caring. I give it a 5.
by One Eye Chills
The 3rd in the Baronies Trilogy showed this diehard fan that Nick quickly learned from his mistakes. Jak is back and in character. The Deathlands is still full of muties and mayhem.
And I can't be happier that Nick is growing used to this world.
This was an exciting and fun read for me. I like Nick's style. He has hit lows in this series, but he comes back better than ever.
And that's saying something about his character, both as a writer and a person.
Here he is getting pounded by reviewers, and what does he do? He writes another one even better than the last.
And I'm definately not talking about Pandora's Redoubt! Oh, no.
But if you like stripped down action adventure, then Nick can give it to you in spades!
LOTS of SMALL MISTAKES but still a good read
by BaronStonehill
This book like the previous 2 has lots of small mistakes but still fun to read. Don't know why he picked the AK-47 over the M-16A2 as the weapon that everybody was toting around. The AK-47 just wouldn't be that common in the U.S. redoubts. Also the author kept saying the LAV-25 was a Bradley Fighting Vehicle. WRONG!!!!! The M3-Bradley Fighting Vehicle is tracked and used by the U.S Army, the LAV-25 has 8 wheels and is used by the USMC. I should know, I drove a M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle when I was in the Army. I guess it's just hard to follow in someone else's foot steps.