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Shadow World

A treacherous odyssey to reclaim America's lost future...

Alan Philipson

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
March, 2000

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
November, 2004

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Release Date:
November, 2004

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Ryan Cawdor must face the threat of invaders that arrive from a parallel earth where the nukecaust never happened. And when he is abducted through a time corridor, he discovers a nightmare that makes Deathlands look tame by comparison!

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The hellscape of postnuclear America has a bloodlust for the good, the innocent and the helpless. Survival in Deathlands demands a will to endure that is as raw and savage as this brutal frontier. For Deathlands is the future's last and only hope -- for both its inheritors and strange invaders to whom this perdition promises a paradise.


Ryan Cawdor is a true warrior of Deathlands, fighting for survival in a bizarre, freakish world. But now, beyond the unseen perils, a new threat emerges: invaders arrive from a parallel earth where the nukecaust never happened. Ryan is abducted through a time corridor to the twin earth, where he discovers a nightmare that makes Deathlands look tame by comparison -- and a new plot for its grotesque destruction....

In the Deathlands the future is undertain, but it's all that remains.


Shadow World 11/21/2003
by GuapoPogi
I liked this story alot, but I just didn't feel it belonged as a Deathlands book. I still view Deathlands as an action/adventure series, and not a Sci-Fi series. This story was a bit unbelievable, as I have trouble seeing the Shadow World as being likely to happen corporations running the world seems a bit implausible, but as I said I enjoyed it. I give it a 7.
Interesting return to sci-fi themes
by Robey
Shadow World, although obviously inspired by Outlanders: The Lost Earth Saga was an interesting change of pace. The parallel world visited by Ryan was fairly well fleshed out and had some nice original touches.The explanation about dimensional travel seemed plausible, even it was primarily technobabble but it sounded reasonable.

The only thing which really annoyed me about this book was the new power Krysty suddenly exhibited, the long-range telekinetic ability to blow up laser mines. You'd think that Mildred who was with her at the time would have said something like, "Girl, what's up with that?!?!"

Instead she acted like it was a power Krysty had always used.

Having said that, Shadow World was the last DL novel I actually enjoyed.
the best so far.......
by pigeonxman
shadow world is the best book in the series so far. The alternate earth where Ryan goes is one of the most innovative ideas in the series. The shadowworlders are a great addition to DL. GIGGLY JANE ROCKS!!!!
Shadow World
by Camp
Found this installment to be quite enjoyable. I liked how the parallel world was portrayed and I liked how the "superior" culture ended up becoming the extinct culture. Good irony there. I thought the beefy cheesy and tator cheesy foods were quite plausible as were most of the environments in the overpopulated planet. The gate openings were a stretch and by the end of the book I was wondering why the first wave of transfers had not stayed as the latter transfers had. All-in-all great fiction that kept the pages turning.
by One Eye Chills
SHADOW WORLD was fun, new, and exciting in the DEATHLANDS universe. Alan really brings a lot to the table here, changing the Deathlands mythos somewhat and taking it to another, much-needed level.
I really enjoyed this novel, but at times it was really dragging. But this guy can write! And extremely well, too! Taking the sci-fi level to all time highs here.
This is what this series needs more of!
I always have loved the ideas of parrallel worlds, and Alan gives us a glimpse of an extremely dark world that leaves you wanting more.
That's what this reader wanted and didn't get here. But he more than makes up for it in BREAKTHROUGH. That's even better than this one.
This is a breath of fresh air for this series. A must read for all sci-fi and action/adventure fans.
Not What I Expected
by BaronStonehill
This one was a bit of a disapointment, the whole story was a bit of a stretch for me. It just didn't seem believable. But I pushed on through and finished reading the book because I want to read the whole series. It would have made a better Outlanders story.
Shadow World takes you to another world!
by The Phantom
This book came out during a time when Deathlands was stepping out of the mould and pushing the storytelling into more interesting and entertaining directions. Shadow World is in my opinion one of the very best books in the series up to this point. The author really cut loose with this installment of the series, making it one heck of a wild thriller, nothing like any DL novel before it, and is a great example of the potential of outstanding writing that can be found even in a pulp series fiction such as this.
Imagine a parallel universe to this earth, with one difference. The nukecaust never happened on the alternate earth, and thus things went in a totally different direction afterwards. This book takes a dark side look at what could happen instead of a bright side regarding this earth if the nukes had not happened. And these people discovered a way to transport through a passageway to the other earth. Ryan and his group become wrapped up in this event, propelling Ryan into this other Earth, and he is introduced to the horrors that are in many ways even worse than his own post nuke life.
What follows is a non-stop thrill ride through this other world, with hi tech weaponry, political intrigue, and nonstop danger and chaos at every turn, meanwhile Ryan&rsquo;s companions must contend with the intruders from this world back in Deathlands.
I loved this book, I&rsquo;m not sure how any reader can rate it less than top billing, but I&rsquo;m one to say if you are looking for a terrific book in this series, and you have not read it yet, this is one you need to track down, it is one of the best. Great Job AP!&nbsp;