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Pandora's Redoubt

Survive or perish in the dark heart of tomorrow

Nick Pollotta

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
June, 2000

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
November, 2004

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Release Date:
November, 2004

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Ryan Cawdor and his fellow survivalists emerge in a redoubt in which they discover a sleek superarmored personnel carrier bristling with weapons from predark days. As the companions leave the redoubt, a sudden beeping makes them realize why the builders were constructing a supermachine in the first place.

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In the post-holocaust wastelands of 22nd-century America, precious little remains of life before the nuclear blowout. Legends circulate of Redoubts, secret preDark military bases with caches of food, medicine and, most important, weapons. Yet only a few of the ragged elite possess the arcane knowledge that enables them to locate and access these valuable storehouses.


In a hidden redoubt in Ohio, Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists take possession of the ultimate Deathlands War Wag - a crude but effective tank called Leviathan. But having this steel - plated behemoth is a double-edged sword when they fall into the trap of Lady Ward of Novaville, who wants Leviathan for her own means of destruction and domination.

In the Deathlands, the future is just an idea.


Pandora's Redoubt 11/23/2003
by GuapoPogi
More Sci-Foolish, being passed off as Sci-Fi. Power armor, plant people, and repair droids? And what the hell are "thinking wires" ? There were more mistakes and implausibilities in this book than I could keep track of. But here are a couple of the worst. On page 80 the Ranger is said to have been wandering for 2 centuries but it is only sometime in the 2090's so that would mean that it had been wandering since the 1890's. On page 77 Krysty seems to have developed healing powers. Modern gun powder does not make good bombs, it does not explode unless it is under pressure ignited, it just fizzles like a sparkler. It is not even classified as an explosive by the BATF. It is classified as a propellent. The whole concept of the Ranger was dumb, and again we are back to sexually depraved barons. I'd like to know how the baron managed to move, and hide a 60+foot tank, that they could not get started. I don't think much thought went into this book at all. I give it a 2.
first deathlands book I ever read!!!!!
by Nicodemus
This was a great book, I liked how the beggining had so much suspense. The plot was great, the ranger ivy and the prison fort were all good ideas. I read 6 more books after this and this is so far in the top 3 atleast. The only thing that doesnt give it a 10 is that they dont get to keep the tank in the end.
I love when they find wags
by pigeonxman
The whole tank thing in the redoubt is seldom used. The companions find a bad azz tank with all the trimmings...the encounter a sec droid of in the form of a ranger tank. I thought it was cool to see the way the ranger could think (with the help of the computer) and how tough it was to beat. The weird "heirs" who controlled the fort Ryan and the companions were held captive at were different. The whole "sleeping gas" thing was a little unbelievable and lame. The battery the fort had to combat the mutal enemy (the ranger tank) was awsome. This was overall a good Deathlands instalment
by TheMagnus
I second everyone else's gripes, but I'll add my own. WTF is up with the "Guardians"--the half lion/scorpion monsters the team fights at the tank? Even J.B. doesn't seem to know what they are, which is out of character.

Yet everyone else seems studied in battling these organic security systems. Just sloppy. The worst thing you can do is to portray one of these well-established characters in an out-of-character way.

How hard is it for these authors to go and read The Seedling, Chill Factor and Latitude Zero to get a solid understanding of the characters? feel free to add your own twist, but don't make the characters unrecognizable.
Good setting and action
by Camp
This is my first read in the DL series and I was impressed with the action, characters, and environment. The plausibilities are engaging enough to follow and the suspense keeps the pages turning. On the down side the muties are a bit needlessly overdone. The dogs in the opening section did not need tentacles to be fearsome. The Ranger tank kept coming and made for an unexpected ending though the way it resurrected itself was stretching things. All-in-all a very entertaining read and worth the time.
by One Eye Chills
The cover of this particular novel was one of the coolest. Nick's writing is always exciting and fun to read, but this one fell somewhat short of his usual greatness.
The characters were off in the fact that they all knew how to operate a futuristic wag with no training. The only one's with that kind of know-how would be Ryan and J.B.
If Nick would have shown us that the two men trained and showed the rest of the companions on what to do - that would have been more believable.
This one read too much like a comic book than a real novel, but it was a fun read nonetheless.
Nick has suspended belief for us here, but he has truly given us gold before and since.
Do these authors even read the previous books????
by necroman1313

I've been reading the Deathland series chronologically and all of the books written by Laurence James are the best. On the other hand the books written by the other authors are horrible. This book doesn't even follow the previous story. There were 3 characters from the shadow world and in this book nowhere to be seen.&#160;Not even a mention of them.&#160;Where the hell are they? What happened to them? I want to know!!&#160;Story was bad, obviously. Action good as always. Characters, felt&#160;too familar.&#160;To the authors READ&#160;the previous book and be original in the story.&#160;&#160;