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Devil in the Moon

The Dragon Kings - Book I

An ancient interloper enters the new arena in the war for humanity's destiny...

Mark Ellis

Cover Artist:
Cliff Nielsen

First Edition

Release Date:
May, 2002

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March, 2005

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March, 2005

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March, 2005

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March, 2005

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Epic Menace

Two centuries after a nuclear conflagration destroyed one way of life and spawned a far deadlier one, all that stands between extinction of the human race and freedom is a band of renegades who have declared war against the ominous forces that claimed Earth aeons ago. More than a struggle for survival, it is a fight to salvage the collective soul of humanity from the sinister architects of mankind.

Betray the Betrayers

As the ruling oligarchy of nine barons rebuilds what was once the United States after an internecine war for power, a mysterious entity is attempting to impose a dark destiny on Earth. Kane and Grant, once part of the brutal police machine of a feudalistic order, are now leaders in a rebellion by those who once served the malevolent imposers. But the tides of battle turn once more with the discovery of a functional pre-dark moon base, whose human defenders are all that stand between Earth and its obliteration.


Excellent transition to a new plotline
by Lokheed
This book starts off with a bag as Kane, Grant and Brigid encounter an interesting and isolated outland community. In the past I have been impressed by the author's extensive knowledge of ancient cultures and mythologies, but in this opening sequence he impressed me with the introduction of a character who is a sly reference to William Castle's classic (but obscure) 1961 film Mr. Sardonicus.

The middle third of the book is mostly exposition, recapping the entire series to date in order to put all the pieces in place for the next evolution of the storyline. Although there is no action in the second act, it is still a compelling read that propels the characters into final act. Action aplenty, the return of a menacing character from an earlier book, and a triple cliffhanger all combine to make this a must-read entry to a great series.
Two enthusiastic thumbs up!!
by Robey
What can I say--I loved this novel! It was indeed a real epic. I've been hoping Outlanders would get back out into space ever since 'Parallax Red' and 'Devil In The Moon' more than meets my expectations. Its full of action and colorful characters and real nail biting suspense, particularly during the scenes where the heroes are crossing the face of the Moon and get out on the "Sea of Ice" and are blinded by the reflected sunlight. And those carnobots--yeesh! A really nasty bunch of droids you won't see in a Star Wars movie!

The writer really knows how to balance characterization, action and plot development--this book and the all the others in the series compare favorably to the best sci-fi novels, movies and TV shows.

The book is not without a sense of humor, particularly in the some the dialogue between the heroes. I particularly liked the scene where Brigid, Kane and Grant are cornered by carnobots and Brigid gets afraid that Grant will lose his temper and jump down to fight them. She warns him, "Don't get any crazy ideas" and Kane says, "Yeah--that's MY department." The opening scenes set in the old mental clinic are pretty funny too with all the psychological jargon thrown around.

And I really liked the surprising development about Lakesh and Domi! The new cover was great too as well as the new technology in use. And the ending!!! Whoa!! When and if Kane, Brigid and Grant get back to Cerberus from this moon mission, they'll be in for a heck of a surprise!!

I realized after finishing this book that even though I enjoyed Prodigal Chalice by Mel Odom, Devil In The Moon proves that only Mark Ellis knows really how to write this series. Every chapter gives us shocks, surprises, spills, thrills and laughs. I eagerly look forward to the next book in the Dragon Kings storyline. Two enthusastic thumbs WAY up!!
To the Moon!
by The Phantom
The first portion of the story is rather odd, I saw it as a kind of spoof of the Deathlands series. This early part of the book has no connection to the rest of the story, and once the action ends here, the setup to the duology begins.

This next portion of the novel is heavy on review of the series, which makes this book a great place to start for new readers to jump aboard the series. Although this is a blessing for a new reader, or a reader who has set aside the series for a while and is catching up, it is also a curse for someone who has read all the books up to this point. Keep in mind that the preceeding book was written by a different writer, so consider Devil in the Moon to be a sequel to Tomb of Time.

The last third of this book is where it really gets heavy on the coolness factor. Kane, Brigid, and Grant venture to the Moon! The scenes here are quite amazing as they make interesting discoveries and explore the surface of the moon as well as underground. The furies and their leader from Tomb of Time are given a role in this book, as well as answering some mysteries concerning the Annunaki. The book ends in cliffhangers for Grant, and Kane and Brigid. This is a book you want to read with the sequel in the duology on hand, because the story continues in the middle of the action.
Another entertaining and fascinating episode in the OL series.
Devil in the Moon
It was a great book, showing a lot of promise, bla bla bla, I can't keep saying this about every book but it's true because we're spoiled by these terrific books and it get's old always saying they are great.

I will say, I like how it has ascended even higher than it's standard excellant performance, the series doesn't only thrive, it grows, changes and adapts, which is more than can be said for the other JA series which nothing has changed since 1986 but I won't get into that.

The whole Eljay thing was totally hilarious in terms of fiction resembling reality.

The moon station was very interesting because I enjoy the intergalatic exploration more than any other type of location a story can be set at. The mere idea of being stuck on the moon sends a chill down anyone's back and the whole setting was interesting.

I like the way the series is going, it's dropping its "dead lands" roots and is going all out Sci-fi, sci being the key element because it's believable sci-fi and not three-headed monster sci-fi.

I enjoyed the Eduardo character tremendously, if Mark decides to keep him around, you'll see the reason why I enjoy him. I like the idea of Quavall's involvement in the series more-so than anyone else because she is a very interesting character and would be a tremendous addition to the Cerberus exiles.

I really cannot think of what else to write or how to demonstrate how much I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to getting the next one. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would gave it a 15, because it has acrued past it's former success and shows nothing other than promise.
Devil in the Moon
by BJM
This book for me was good but it was a long shot from being Mark Ellis' best contribution to the OL series. It is a far different approach to the OL universe than loyal readers have grown to know over the last five plus years. First off I was quite peeved that the first 200 or so pages of this book where for the most part more or less a rehash of past events and mythology that had already been established. I didn't pay $6 to read things I've already read before!! Once Kane, Brigid, and Grant got on the Moon the novel took on the old OL feeling thats made this series into something that is growing in leaps and bounds with the release of each new book. I also felt this book was too bogged down with what I'll dube as "Techno Babble" most of it surrounding the "DEVIL" project run by NASA. There was so much Emphasis on the technical side of how "DEVIL" worked and what it was suppose to do before its purpose was warped that it made my head hurt and my teeth ach. It had its place but it was overly explained and in trying to absorb it all I began to loose interest in the book. I was so busy trying to puzzle out what all the info meant that I no longer really enjoying what I was reading. This book did have some great character and plot twists that left me wanting to know more. But I did not enjoy this particular Outlanders offering as much as I have past offerings. Its the far cry from previous novels that did not have Mark Ellis at the helm and it is worth reading, especially if you are new to the Outlanders universe.
A brand new beginning.
by Outlanders
I must admit that Devil in the Moon is a radical change for the Outlanders series. Not only has the cover art changed, but many other factors as well.

First and foremost is that the Cerberus Exiles now have a new means of getting around the Outlands. Instead of relying almost exclusively on the Mat-trans unit, using technology developed in Savage Sun. It is an Interphaser, using the earth’s natural jump points to get around.

Secondly, for the most part the old Magistrate armour has been given up and instead they’re using the Shadowsuits that were introduced in Tomb of Time.

Thirdly, something happens between Lakesh and Domi, but I won’t go into details because it would give too much away.

Now, the novel has what most people would consider being a great deal of filler. It had to be included though, as essentially the series has, in some aspects, started over again. So, many of the long-term readers might find it repetitive, but in reality, it is NEEDED for all the new readers that are joining with each and every novel.

The story begins with the Cerberus Exiles arriving on the outskirts of a isolated community, one that started out as an insane asylum. They’re promptly forced to return to the colony, where, in only a matter of a few minutes, change it forever.

It isn’t long after they return to Cerberus that they discover something un-usual happening on the Moon, and it’s something that they have to investigate, after they accidentally bring Megaera (introduced in Tomb of Time) during their tests of the Interphaser.

After viewing the video of the base, they see something that chills their blood. Another Annunaki.

Using the Interphaser, they arrive on the moon, meet up with a group of four survivors who were stationed at the base during the Skydark, and learn more about Megaera and her Furies, and one item that could quite easily destroy the earth that has been stationed in Earth’s orbit since the time of the Skyark.

The exiles have to travel over the surface of the moon to an ancient moonbase, and there they meet a new menace to humanity.

Meanwhile, back at Cerberus redoubt, a VERY unexpected visitor arrives with shocking news.

The next novel in the series can’t arrive soon enough for my taste.
by One Eye Chills
I love the new cover art. And it gets even better with future novels.

This novel marks a debut new landscape - The Moon - and changes this series again, just a bit.

Now the cerberus warriors are not quite alone anymore. Mark Ellis gives us yet another action/adventure filled wild ride here.

But enough backfill info-dumps!

By the end of this novel though, you will start to feel a change coming into the main character's lives. Love the manta ships!