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The Dragon Kings - Book II

A deadly plan reaches zero hour as ancient kings prepare to obliterate their kindom on earth....

Mark Ellis

Cover Artist:
Cliff Nielsen

First Edition

Release Date:
August, 2002

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Release Date:
April, 2005

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April, 2005

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April, 2005

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April, 2005

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April, 2005

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Deep inside the moon two ancient beings live on -- the sole survivors of two mighty races whose battle to rule earth and mankind is poised to end after millennia of struggle and subterfuge. Now, in a final conflict, they are prepared to unleash a blood sacrifice of truly monstrous proportions, a heaven-shaking Armageddon that will obliterate earth and its solar system. At last Kane, Grant and Brigid Baptiste will confront the true architects of mankind: their creators... and now, ultimately, their destroyers.

In the Outlands, the shocking truth is humanity's last hope.

Back Cover:

Mortal Entropy

Two centuries after skydark, the oligarchy of the nine barons who have governed nuke-ravenged America endures -- yet their control as plenipotentiaries of earth's first nonhuman inheritors rapidly diminishes. For as the myth that shrouds the planet's secret rulers is exposed by a handful of scientists and warriors dedicated to freeing humanity from the eternal yoke of slavery, the truth becomes more deadly....

Zero Hour

Deep inside the moon, a dark and timeless place of unimaginable power and mystery, two ancient beings live on -- the sole survivors of two mighty races whose battle to rule earth and mankind is poised to end after millennia of struggle and subterfuge. Now, in a final conflict, they are prepared to unleash a blood sacrifice of truly monstrous proportions that will obliterate earth and its solar system. At last Kane, Grant and Brigid Baptiste will confront their creators...and now, ultimately, their destroyers.


by Robey

Dragoneye is an outstanding stand-out in the Outlanders series, solving a lot of mysteries about the Dannan and the Annunnkai and the Archons in ways I didn't expect. The author turned the situation that the Annunnkai were the "bad guys" and the Dannan the good upside down completely. I was very surprised by the revelations that the Archons were created by these two races to keep humanity from reaching its full potential...and that they eventually rebelled against this, taking "our" side.

Introducing the last of the Danaan, Maccan and portraying him as a sadistic madman came as quite a shock. As a villain he was about 10 times more scarey than most of the fat, perverted bad guys that show up in DL. He was also about 100 times more entertaining. I'm glad he survived the climax though. He's too good a villain to kill off in a single book.

The spaceship battle around the DEVIL platform was really gripping, reminding me of the X-wing battle against the Death Star, only on a smaller scale. The DEVIL device though is a lot deadlier than the Death Star--it doesn't just blow up planets, it can suck up the energy of the sun itself!

Dragoneye was obviously backed by solid research about physics, science and mythology. It has everything I love about the Outlanders series, mainly that it's just plain fun!

Great cast of characters, Sin Eaters, shadow-suits, interphasers, beautiful women, over the top villains, lost worlds--a sci-fi adventure series doesn't get much cooler than this unless it's the original Star Trek series!

Dragoneye seems to be the book that makes a final break with its connection with the dismal Deathlands series and I can only say it's about time! Outlanders is a thinking person's action-adventuere series. It has a philosophy and a moral code. It's more about the main characters who are flawed but who are pretty decent and intelligent. Outlanders is not about how low-down humanity will sink after a nuclear war, it's about humanity overcoming the savagery in their environment and their minds.

To close, if you want serious action with great heroes, edge of your seat suspense and cutting edge storytelling, with a cover image of a drop-dead gorgeous Brigid Baptiste, then pick up Dragoneye. I can promise you won't be disappointed.
Fun science fiction!
by The Phantom
The conclusion of this duology is loaded with imaginative and gripping adventure. Kane and his friends experience more of the secrets and mysteries on the old moon base. Here we not only finally meet Enki, the last of the Annunaki, but the last of the Danaan as well. Maccan is an odd madman sort of alien, while Enki turns out to be quite a different character than I was expecting.
I liked the various perils that Kane, Brigid, and Grant went through in their individual scenes. The manta ships were cool, as was all the tunnels caverns and passages under and on the moon surface. Several side characters made the book more interesting.

I liked the developments in the redoubt with Quavel, and the scene with Sam and Erica Van Sloan was quite good. These scenes, among others were teasers for further developments in the books ahead. I look forward to reading more. I was disappointed however with the amount of review material in this volume. Not only does it contain more than even Devil in the Moon did, but much of it was a repeat of the same review material found in that book. With Dragoneye being the second book in the duology, I was expecting less, not more of this material. But, nevertheless, there is so much adventure and developments going on through the whole novel, that material didn't get in the way of the story much. This book has plenty of heart pounding, interesting, and exciting reading to please any fan of quality science fiction adventure.
Simply, without a doubt, the best installment in the series yet. The series just keeps getting better and better and Dragoneye promises that the series will even improve more as it will take on new characters and ideas.

Dragoneye deals with the two entities who happen to be the last of their kind- Maccan- a Danaan, and Enki- an Annunaki. This book really picks up where Savage Sun left off as far as explaining and describing the two root races' role on humanity in a surprising twist to the traditional mythologithic belief that the Danaan were "good" and the Annunaki were "evil."

This series is for all ages and sexes, while this review focus' on the innitial plot which is sci fi, it carries the admirable traits that make a terrific book: friendship, adventure, education, romance, action and plain original fun entertainment.
by One Eye Chills
This second book of the DragonKings is even better than the 1st!! Mark Ellis gives us another round of great storytelling that spans beyond the farthest regions of space and time.
Kane and company are running like rats in a maze under the moon. The stakes are higher and lots of lives are on the line - including the entire universe!
The action and adventure heat up and the climatic one-on-one between Kane and Maccan, the Daanan, is almost priceless. I love their banter while they beat the hell out of each other.
Saving the Solar System
by Outlanders
The author has managed to spin yet another tale that is what epic's are made of.

In the past, the Exiles have saved the earth on more than one occasion. This time, they save the entire solar system.

Dragoneye picks up exactly where Devil in the Moon left off.

Kane and co. are inside an ancient moonbase, constructed a millinea before.

Their mission was originally to explore the moonbase, as it seemed that is where Megaera and her furies had originated.

As it tends to happen, the whole mission paramater changed, rather quickly.

The author has, as usual, bound together mythology and conspiracy into a well thought out storyline.

The last of the Annunaki, Enki, is in charge of Magaera and the Furies, while the last of the Tuatha De Danaan, Maccan, is in charge of a separate group, who have been at odds since almost the time of the Skydark.

Things are not as they appear. Maccan, the last of the Danaan appears to be completely insane, and yet, has moments where he is lucid enough to actually explain a great deal of the history between his people, and the reptillian Annunaki.

It appears at first that Enki might be some sort of monster, but the way he's portrayed is quite the opposite.

Without going further into it, and revealing more of the plotline, it appears that at least one of these two entities recieves badly needed redemption.

A large number of new characters are introduced in this novel, including several that will become regulars, as they are joining the exiles in the Cerberus redoubt.

On top of the author finally compiling in it's nearly complete form, the history of not only the Archon's, but that of the Danaan and the Annunaki, we have a story that involves high tech weaponry, horror, and even a space borne dog-fight, ending with the salvation of the entire solar system.

And, it was stated that the home world of the Annunaki is currently, series time, located near Jupiter.

The potential storylines that arise from that tidbit of information is mind-boggling.

A great ending to a two part storyline, most worthy of the Outlanders title.

A must read.