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Far Empire

Clash of the Barons may doom humanity...

Mark Ellis

Cover Artist:
Cliff Nielsen

First Edition

Release Date:
November, 2002

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May, 2005

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May, 2005

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Waging a covert war that ranges from a subterranean complex in the desert to a forgotten colony on the moon, former magistrate Kane, brother-in-arms Grant and archivist-turned-warrior Brigid Baptiste find themselves pawns in a stunning strategy of evil. A beautiful hybrid carries an unborn child -- a blueprint for hope in a dark world. She seeks Kane's help, unwittingly leading them into a trap from which there may be no escape....

In the Outlands, the shocking truth is humanity's last hope.

Back Cover:

Red Dawn

When the world blew out in 2001, the secrets locked in its darkest corridors became the answer to humanity's survival. Now, more than tow centuries later, a mysterious Imperator prepares to seize his birthright from the nine hybrid barons fighting each other for domination of the planet. All that stands between freedom and extinction is a renegade force of exiles who are prepared to challenge the ancient warring entities thrusting mankind into a horrifying future....

Heart of the World

Waging a covert war that ranges from a subterranean complex in the desert to a forgotten colony on the moon, former magistrate Kane, brother-in-arms Grant and archivist-turned-warrior Brigid Baptiste find themselves pawns in a stunning strategy of evil. A beautiful hybrid carries an unborn child -- a blueprint for hope in a dark world. She seeks Kane's help, unwittingly leading them into a trap from which there may be no escape....


Not the best but still a great read!
by Robey
First, I don't think there was any way Mark Ellis could have topped himself after the epic two-parter, the Dragon Kings. Far Empire is a break from the frantic action and mighty revelations of the two previous books.

But a lot of stuff still goes on in this book which the other reviewer didn't mention...The book has a beautiful cover, has very erotic overtones, we see Kane and Grant in action in the Manta ships taken from the moon base, we see the three main women characters of the series take center stage, kicking butt and taking names--

AND we finally find out what happened to Baron Cobalt whose fate has been a mystery for nearly two years! Not to mention that a couple of new female characters are introduced, both of them as different from one another as can be.

I really enjoyed the sequences set in Australia with the aborgines and their beliefs in "Dreamtime." I'd like to see another adventure set there.

But I'm such a fan of the series and the characters just visiting with the heroes makes up for any lack of gunfights and bloodshed.
Far Empire has Far out women!
by The Phantom

This is an interesting book, and also full of sexual energy as well. The developments around Quavell at the Cerberus base is what the story moves its focus on more as the pages go by. I enjoyed Kane and Grant's introductory scene at area 51, but they are not really much a part of the overall novel. The women instead get center stage, and it was kinda cool to see them have their own chance to get the job done.

While much of this book is really an Outlanders series review, there are many fascinating developments between the various characters, the most interesting being the presence of Shizuka at Cerberus. I was also left wondering what Grant is going to do concerning a major decision he makes. And with new personel at the base taken from the moon, I liked the idea of new people working with the Cerberus crew.

The ending in this book I thought was anti-climactic compared to most of the books in this series. The aborigine Yindi was an odd ally for the women, and I wasn't sure how it was that he seemed to know how the interphaser worked.

The epilogue really was cool, I guessed right who was going to be in the cave, and I am eagerly looking forward to all the loose ends from this story to be revealed in future books. An enjoyable character-driven sci-fi read, but I don't consider this episode among the very top levels of the series.

Far Empire
by BJM
As usual Mark Ellis has given us an OL installment that one just can't put down. From the first page, Far Empire hits the ground running, shooting out of the gate, and carrying the reader along for the ride. Unlike past installments of the OL series Far Empire, carried a very strong erotic tone that was apparent through the entire novel, as well as concentrating for the most part on some of the female characters that have come to be such an intrecal part of the series over the last five plus years. Tying up some loose ends from the previous OL installment DRAGONEYE, limited the amount of action that could be placed in this particular story. Even so that decrease in action did not protract from the story or make this OL installment any less enjoyable than past installments. The introduction of new characters, and new situations, as well as shifting the spotlight on to some familiar faces, in order to expand on the stories each character has, made Far Empire an interesting read, and that much more enjoyable. This is definately well worth the time and money, both will be well spent on this latest OL story. This gets a 10 out of 10 from me!!
by One Eye Chills
Though FAR EMPIRE was a very good read and continuation of the series - it was not nearly as good as some of the past ones.
Now Mark Ellis is still right up there with being one of the top writers in my estimation, but the continual 'filling-in' stuff in each and every book is getting on my nerves. Explanations of past events should be put in the brief overview with the rest of that stuff.
But still, all in all, this was a really good read that only had action in the beginning and the very end.
Deeper conspiracies theories abound in this newest, setting up further plots and plans for future issues. A lot of very interesting turn of events start to slowly unfold for the main 3 characters in this book. I can't wait to see further changes in this series.
Changes in the Wind
by Outlanders

The book was a well needed rest from the Epic level adventures the author has been giving us for quite some time now.

Believe me, I'm not complaining about the sheer magnitude of the adventures that the Cerberus Exiles have been facing as of late, quite the contrary. They need a rest, a break from saving not only humanity, but the world, and, in the case of the Dragon King's, the whole solar system.

As people have come to expect with the series, the book is about change, and quite significant changes at that, which will be mentioned below.

The novel begins in the Australian Outback, at a base that has been constructed inside a powerful natural energy location, that has been worshiped by the Aboriginals since time immorial. The aboriginals are not at all pleased with the intrusion, and make their displeasure known to Sam's forces.

Kane and Grant are testing out the air to surface capabilities of the Manta craft, which they have taken from the moonbase. They attack AREA 51, and end up destroying a number of Magistrates. They're quite happy with the way the craft perform.

It is here that Grant informs Kane that he's leaving, to go to New Edo to be with the woman who's captured his heart. This is just the first of the major changes occuring in the series.

Cerberus is changing as well. Survivors from the moonbase are starting to trickle back Earth, and are taking up residence in the redoubt. For the first time in years, new personnel are walking the halls of the base. Kane and Grant, especially Kane, is something of a legend amoung the newcomers, not only because of saving the entire Solar system, but the fact that he went toe to toe with Maccan and not only survived, but defeated the last Danaan.

Things are tense between Kane and Quavell. He uses any excuse that he can to stay away from her.

Grant brings Shizuka with him back to Cerberus, to meet with the personel, yet another change taking place.

The original idea was to return to the moonbase to get the medical equipment they needed to help Quavell during her pregnancy, and this leads not only to her kidnapping, but it also incapacitates both Kane and Grant, leaving the rescue mission up to Brigid, Domi and Shizuka.

Despite the tension between Domi and Shizuka, they travel to the Outback, using Lakesh's Phase Transducer. During the voyage, they encounter the Dreamtime, and when they awaken, they're guests of the Aboriginals, who attacked Sam's base.

While she is captive, a great deal is learned about Quavell, and the hybrids as well, including the fact that Quavell had a human lover before Kane, and the other humans who were forced into 'service' at Cobalts demand.

With their help, they are able to infiltrate the facility, locate and rescue Quavell.

As I mentioned earlier, there are a significant number of changes to the series, many of which are going to have long term effects as the series goes on.

Keep the changes coming, all that can happen is more and more readers get attracted to it.