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Amazon Gate

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   Sometimes I wondered if it was possible that the whole structure of government wasn't just some sort of absurd joke, and that underneath it all, unpinning the whole structure and fabric of our society, there was a covert and secret society that had it all nicely arranged for their own ends. After all, it Adam Weishaupt had gotten his way, then the Illuminati would be running the world. Maybe they were. The only consolation is that they'd bomb themselves out of existence, which isn't much of a consolation, is it?

   - Paul Trew
   The Secrets of Power
   Swine Press 1996

   The companions arrive in a new redoubt and find that they're near Seattle. After resting up a bit, they head out to check the area.
   They're nearly through a thick forest when they're attacked by a horde of stickies. A group of warrior women come to their rescue. After a brief standoff, the women identify themselves as the Gate. The leader, Gloria, tells them that she and her people are seeking a gateway (what the companions know as a mat-trans) to a promised land. They decide to join forces, so the Amazons take the companions back to their camp.
   They continue travelling northwest toward Seattle; little happens along the way, except that they're attacked by a huge mutie bear.
   Finally, the scouts report that they've caught sight of an abandoned town. At the edge of a broad plain near the town, they're attacked by more stickies. They slaughter the muties and head into the town, where they're funneled in toward the center and the redoubt itself. The Illuminated Ones have little grasp of tactics, however, so the combined force rolls over the sec forces and infiltrates the redoubt, forcing the inhabitants to engage in a fighting retreat. The remnants of the Illuminated Ones jump out through a gateway deep in the facility, and the companions and Amazons go after them.

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