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Chrono Spasm

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      Time... is motionless and without beginning or end. That is has motion and is the cause of change is an illusion.

   -HP Lovecraft and E Hoffman Price,
   Through the Gates of the Silver Key, 1932

   As the story opens, the companions find themselves in a redoubt in Alaska. No sooner do they get the main door open than they run into a local, a young woman who's fleeing from several raiders. The companions kill the raiders and get her story - she, her father, and her sister fled from a nearby ville. She got separated from them and doesn't know what happened to them. They bring her along.
   Not long after, they run across a man who's been staked out, bait for wolves. The companions are ambushed and captured, and taken to the ville. They're split up - women in one area, men in another.
   The next day, the men are taken to a nearby mine - actually the ruins of an air base - where they're set to work digging out ammo, weapons, and other useful items. Ricky, who lifted a knife from the guards the previous day, stages a breakout with Jak and JB. JB is recaptured, but the boys escape and make their way north into an area of time disturbance known to the locals as His Ink Orchard.
   Since JB attacked a sec guard, he's sent to the arena to fight the champion (or, more precisely, to be executed). The champion's using a chainsaw, while JB is unarmed, but JB maneuvers him over to the wall, which consists of barrels full of cooking oil. The chainsaw slashes a barrel open, and JB (who lifted a lighter from a guard) lights it, setting it and the champion on fire. This creates chaos and mass panic and enables him and the rest of the companions to escape. They all flee north into His Ink Orchard.
   Meanwhile, in the same place, Jak and Ricky stumble across a group of buildings. They enter one and find a huge hole in the floor, along with a dead body. Since it looks safe, they decide to stay the night, but they're attacked some time later by a huge mutie polar bear. They barely escape and head toward a lightning storm at what appears to be the center of the area. They encounter another building and find a man (Don Nectar) inside fiddling around with equipment. He disables them and goes back to what he's doing.
   The companions stumble onward through the snow, eventually ending up at a small military base. They enter a mess hall full of dead bodies, which come to life and try to kill them. They flee the building and are captured by another group of locals known as Clockwatchers. The woman with them goes in another direction and runs into her father, who has met a group of norms who live in the area. The Clockwatchers try to sacrifice them to a chronovore, but they have other ideas - they kill the creature, whereupon the Clockwatchers let them go.
   They end up at the facility where Don Nectar is doing his work. He and Doc fight, and Doc kills him as he steps into the portal to his own time.
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