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   Over the course of their travels, the companions have had many others join them for a time before dying or parting ways to find their own path. Names marked with a (D) are deceased.

   Abe (D): Abe served on Trader's convoy as a gunner in War Wag One, along with Ryan Cawdor and JB Dix. When the convoy was nerve-gassed in Mocsin, War Wag One was hit with sleep gas, so he was spared along with the rest of the crew. Ryan picked him to go along when they left the wag to head up to Redoubt Bravo, but he was shot in the throat by an arrow and presumed dead (Pilgrimage to Hell).
   He reappeared in New Mexico and rejoined the group for a time - the wound he'd taken wasn't fatal, though it had damaged his vocal chords (Moon Fate). After a fight with a mutie in Chicago dumped him into a rain-swollen ravine and swept him through a flooded culvert, he claims he was rescued by Trader himself. This prompts him to leave the companions to seek out Trader on his own (Fury's Pilgrims).
   He followed the rumors north and west to Seattle and found his old boss. He and Trader rejoined the companions for a time before friction between Trader and Ryan forced them to part ways, and Abe decided to stick with Trader. The last the companions saw of him, he and Trader were surrounded by a band of men and muties led by Straub (Shadowfall). When the companions met Straub again, he taunted them by saying he knew of their friends' final fate, but they killed him before he could tell (Circle Thrice).
   Abe is about 5'8" and skinny, with long hair and a mustache. He is quite easygoing and loves to chat and joke with his friends. He carried a Colt Python .357.

   Brother, Michael (D): Michael Brother (aka Brother Michael) was an initiate in the monastery of Nil-Vanity, California before he was time-trawled by the companions to Deathlands (Fury's Pilgrims) and joined the group. Michael was a premier martial artist, better at hand-to-hand combat than even Jak.
   Michael failed to prevent Jak's wife Christina and daughter Jenny from being killed - instead he hid, unable to fight. The realization that he wasn't cut out for life in Deathlands, combined with the death of his girlfriend Dorothy and his overriding guilt over the deaths of Jak's wife and daughter, led him to hang himself in the barn on Jak's farm.
   Michael was 5'10", 140 pounds, with long black hair, dark skin, and dark eyes. He was 19 years old at the time of his death.

   Finnegan (D): Thomas O'Flaherty Fingal Finnegan (Finn to his friends) was one of the people Ryan chose when he left War Wag One to enter Redoubt Bravo. He was killed in the Wizard Island complex by a guard wielding a laser pistol that only functioned properly one time in a hundred (Crater Lake).
   Finn was an overweight man with a foul mouth.

   Ginsberg, Rick (D): Richard Neal Ginsberg was born in 1970, son of an accountant and a housewife. He wanted to be a baseball player and an accountant like his father, but ended becoming a scientist instead and was recruited into the Totality Concept, where he worked as part of Project Cerberus. He was later diagnosed with ALS (a muscular degenerative disease also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease) and all treatments failed, he was cryogenically frozen and shipped to a redoubt in California for storage until such time as he could be cured.
   Unfortunately, skydark came soon after and he spent the next hundred years in cryosleep. The companions awakened him, and he accompanied them on their journey, though his disease made life difficult for them all. It took a turn for the worse when they went to Russia; they were pursued back to the gateway by Zimyanin's men, and he died at the entrance to the gate itself not long after getting it repaired (Red Equinox).
   Rick was 5'10" tall and around 160 pounds, with curly brown hair. He was a peacenik, but was forced to kill to save his friends' lives.

   Hennings (D): Arnold Hennings (Henn) was one of the people Ryan chose when he left War Wag One to enter Redoubt Bravo. His primary skill was as a mechanic. He was shot and killed by a hunter in the swamps of Louisiana (Neutron Solstice).
   Hennings was a large black man with a ready sense of humor.

   Hunaker (D): Hunaker (Hun) was one of the people Ryan chose when he left War Wag One to enter Redoubt Bravo. She was bisexual (leaning more toward women) and notable for dyeing her hair in outrageous colors. She was killed by Rachel Quint during a firefight in Redoubt Zulu (Red Holocaust).

   Judas the Mule: Judas was a vicious, ill-tempered brute who belonged to Doc Tanner. They had a love/hate relationship - Judas would often try to bite or kick Doc, but he had an uncommon affection for his master and saved his life on several occasions. When a pair of travellers brought a leaking nuclear warhead to Jak's second farm, irreversibly contaminating the area, the companions fled to a dam several miles away; they decided to use the mat-trans to jump to a new place, so Doc was finally forced to set Judas free (Genesis Echo).

   Man Whose Eyes See More: Man Whose Eyes See More, aka Donfil More, was a shaman in a small Mescalero tribe in New Mexico; after the companions saved his tribe from Cort Strasser, he accompanied them on their next jump to Maine. There, they found a small whaling town on the coast. After finding that he had a talent for throwing harpoons and going out on a ship, he decided to stay (Dectra Chain).
   A couple years later, the hunting dried up. Donfil felt it was his fault, so he moved inland, ending up in a small community of muties on the Great Lakes. The companions ran into him when he and some of his friends were captured by bandits; they rescued the folks and took them back to their ville. When the companions learned that the ville was being attacked by mutie fishmen, they banded together with Donfil to root out the threat once and for all (Downrigger Drift).
   Donfil is near seven feet tall and skeletally thin. He has the powers of seeing and healing (though whether these are mutations or spiritual is unknown). He got his new name after his friends complained that his Indian name was too long; he adapted it from the first names of the Everly Brothers (Don and Phil). He wears old-fashioned (though mismatched) clothes, along with a pair of mirrored sunglasses.

   Okie (D): A member of War Wag One, she came along with the group when they entered Redoubt Bravo because of her ability with firearms. She was quick to act without thinking first, which often got her into trouble (and, in fact, got her killed - she died when she charged a man holding a bomb and it went off (Red Holocaust)).
   Little is known of Okie's appearance, beyond that she was tall and had long black hair.

   Quint, Lori (D): Lori Quint was the granddaughter of Quint the Keeper, the man who ran Redoubt Zulu. She pretended to be mute, but warned the companions just before Quint and his wife Rachel tried to kill them. They decided to bring her along, rather than killing her or leaving her behind (Red Holocaust).
   Despite being only sixteen, she took a shine to Doc, and they became lovers. She accompanied the group for a few months, then died in a wildfire caused by the group when they destroyed an oil refinery in California (Ice and Fire).
   Lori was near six feet in height and very pretty, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She spoke in broken English and had a maturity level of someone half her age.

   Smith, Susan "Sukie" (D): Doc met Sukie Smith while he was wandering around the badlands of New Mexico, trying to "find himself". She was wounded, and he nursed her back to health; they quickly became lovers (Trader Redux). She had been married and widowed four times - everything from rad cancer to suicide; after her last husband kicked off, she decided to head west to find her sister in Hope Springs, Colorado. Doc ended up bringing her back to the ranch to meet his friends, and when the time came for them to move on, he convinced her to go, though she wanted to go see her sister in Colorado.
   Sukie was about 40 years old, 5'6" tall, slim, with blonde hair turning silver. She was disintegrated when she tried to leave a mat-trans chamber while the jump was in process. All that was left behind was half the heel of one boot, cleanly sliced off (Genesis Echo).

   Trader (D): There are many people in Deathlands who bear the title "trader", but only one who used it as his name. Trader is a legend all over Deathlands - a man known for fair deals, a distinct lack of mercy, and the largest and most powerful convoys anywhere. Many tried to jack his vehicles and goods, but only one ever succeeded in 25 years. Trader was infamous for destroying entire villes if someone double-crossed him, attacked him, or tried to steal from him; he said it sent a message to anyone else thinking of trying it, which probably prevented quite a few other attempts. Despite being willing to trade with anyone who had the jack, there were some things he refused to deal in: slaves, nerve gas, and similar items.
   Trader was one of the few who knew the location of many predark stockpiles; one of his first finds, aided by Marsh Folsom, was a bunch of military vehicles and fuel in the Appalachian Mountains, which became his main base and the core of his trading convoys.
   Trader's career came to an end on a run to Mocsin, Montana, when Cort Strasser dropped nerve gas on his convoy, killing nearly everyone. Only War Wag One, his main vehicle, was spared, since he was in it and Strasser needed him to disable the booby traps on the other vehicles. Ryan and a group of other people freed him and took the wag up to The Darks; when they stopped for the night one night, an old Indian shaman appeared and Trader quietly left the others behind to join the man (Pilgrimage to Hell).
   Nothing was heard about him after that, and it was assumed he'd gone off to die, but then rumors began to circulate. Abe believed Trader was still alive, so after leaving the companions in Chicago, he followed the rumors north and west to Seattle, eventually finding his old boss. They sent a message to Ryan (Trader Redux), who came with JB to meet them. They rejoined and travelled together for awhile, but it soon became apparent that there was only room for one leader in the group - Trader was trying to take over, but it was Ryan's position. Finally Trader decided it was time to part ways; the last the companions saw of him, he and Abe were surrounded by a band of men and muties led by Straub (Shadowfall). When the companions met Straub again, he taunted them by saying he knew of their friends' final fate, but he refused to tell them before he was killed (Circle Thrice).
   Trader was about 56 years of age at the time of his final appearance (and, it is presumed, death); he had grizzled salt-and-pepper hair and a beard, a burly build, and a chronic cough from his radiation sickness (though he was later cured of this). He carried a battered Armalite rifle, often using it as a crutch.

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