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Deathlands Groups

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   The companions have encountered many different groups and organizations, both friendly and not. This section covers all such groups.

   Children of the Rock: A religious cult based in Hopeville, that worships Jesus as a warrior instead of a savior (Crucible of Time).

   The Chosen: A group of women with powerful psychic abilities who worship Gaia, the Earth Mother. Their gifts are passed on to female children only, but they occasionally capture men to use as breeders (Starfall).

   Church of the Dark Lord Waiting: A religious cult in Alaska that worshipped a fire-blackened and mutilated crucifix. They were wiped out by the companions after they tried to sacrifice Hennings as an offering to their dark god (Red Holocaust).

   The Gate: A group of Amazons who had split off from the Illuminated Ones shortly after skydark. They believed their destiny lay in the Illuminated Ones' redoubt, so they spent generations wandering the land looking for it (Amazon Gate, Destiny's Truth).

   Heimdall Foundation: An isolated enclave of post-skydark scientists who watch the skies, charting stars and the locations of predark space stations. Their base is called Heimdall Point, in Montana. Members can be identified by a tattoo - two blue concentric rings bisected by a double helix.

   Hellbenders: A group of people exiled from two villes in New Mexico. They resided in a redoubt their leader found, gathering others like them, until the time came where they could get revenge on the barons of their respective villes. The group was wiped out during the resulting battle, except for a teenage boy who accompanied the companions back to the redoubt (Hellbenders).

   Illuminated Ones: A group of whitecoats who survived skydark in the redoubts. They believed their destiny was to come forth into the new world when the time was ready and take over. The group was largely wiped out (and their leader killed) by a combined force of the companions, the Gate, and some local townsfolk (Amazon Gate, Destiny's Truth).

   The Last Heroes: A group of bikers serving as sec men for the town of Snakefish. They found an old Hell's Angels base, which had the motorcycles, manuals, jackets, and other paraphernalia, so they formed themselves into a group. They numbered around a dozen, led by a man named Zombie; all but one (Rat) were killed by stickies or the companions (Ice and Fire).
   The members consisted of: Dick the Hat, Freewheeler, Kruger, Mealy, Priest, Rat, Riddler, Ruin, Vinnie, and Zombie.

   MAGOG: MAGOG, aka the Mobile Anti-Guerilla Operations Group, was a fusion-powered locomotive and several train cars originally destined for Colombia as a gift from the US for the War on Drugs. Skydark hit before it could leave, however, and it remained hidden in redoubt for nearly a century until The General found it. He formed a military unit with the same name and used them to enact his dream of rebuilding civilization in Deathlands.
   The train was destroyed when it ran off the tracks and over a cliff, courtesy of Krysty and some friends of hers, as revenge for the apparent murder of Ryan (Vengeance Trail).

   The Midnites: A group of women who live under the ruins of Chicago in a warren called Shytown. They are all goggle-eyed, have pale skin, and are light-sensitive from living in near-darkness; otherwise, they appear completely normal. By tradition, all Midnites have names that can be shortened to a male name (like Robbie for Roberta) or is suitably androgynous (Chris, Robin, Jo). They capture any men they find, use them for breeding stock (which also ensures a clean gene pool), then kill and eat them. Any male children born to the women are also killed and eaten.
   They believed that Krysty was a prophecied savior, a woman with hair of living fire, who would lead them across the Mississippi to a new land, so they kidnapped her. The Midnites' leader and several members were killed by the companions when they came to rescue her. (Fury's Pilgrims).

   Narodniki: A group of Russian bandits, 30 strong, who raped and pillaged their way across eastern Russia. They were pursued into Alaska by Major Gregori Zimyanin, who was tasked with wiping them out. They were destroyed by the companions, who blew a dam that washed away their camp; the four survivors were executed by Ryan and Zimyanin.
   All the members had nicknames, some of which are: Uchitel (the Teacher); Bizabraznia (the Ugly One); Bochka (the Barrel); Krisa (the Rat); Nul (Zero); Pechal (Sorrow); Pyeka (the Baker); Stena (the Wall); Urach (the Doctor); Zmeya (the Snake) (Red Holocaust).

   Red Cadre: A group of "land pirates" led by Hatchet Jack who used prairie schooners to raid settlements in Wyoming and South Dakota. Jack was killed and they were largely wiped out during a failed attack on Amicus (Demons of Eden).

   Sea Wasps: The largest and meanest group of pirates who ply the Carribean islands. They were largely wiped out by the companions ([[Crimson-Waters|Crimson Waters).

   Slaves of Sin: A group of fladgies who were on their way to India. They came across Jak Lauren's homestead and demand food and water; when they're denied, they seek to kill the companions, but are slaughtered (Road Wars).

   Stone Angels: A group of bandits who raid "from the Glass Lake to the Iron Mountains". Dean joined the group and rode with them for a time, working his way up to lieutenant. The Angels were largely destroyed, and their leader killed, in a battle with the companions (Prodigal's Return).

   Stone Nation: A group of freeriders, made up of all races, who wander the plains and eastern Rockies. When Bass Croom's convoy passes through their lands, he stopped to pay passage; that night, his younger brother Morty, raped and murdered one of the women, bringing down the Nation's wrath. They killed most of the convoy in a running battle before Morty was handed over and they left (Nemesis).

   Sunchildren: A group of inbred muties led by Sunchild who lived in Samtvogel. They worshipped a nuclear warhead that they'd painted and used as a totem. The ville and everyone in it was wiped out by the companions and inhabitants of Raw after the companions discovered the presence of the nuke (Sunchild).

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