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Deathlands Misc Characters

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   This section covers characters who are noteworthy, but who didn't travel with the companions and weren't their enemies. Some were allies who helped them out at some point, some were simply friends or lovers, and some never appear in the books at all, but are merely mentioned in passing. People marked (D) are deceased.

   Albert (D): Albert was a dwarf, one of the few survivors of a small ville in Kentucky. Kirkland, the baron of Hazard ville, had the townspeople slaughtered after they refused to bow to his will. Albert was kept alive by Kirkland's sec men as a driver and source of amusement; after the companions killed them all, he accompanied them into town. They were forced to make a hasty exit and took him along through the gate to another redoubt in the Arctic, where he drowned when the ice floe containing the redoubt sank (Way of the Wolf).

   Ballinger, Christina (D): Christina lived on a farm in New Mexico with her father and two brothers. When the companions stopped there for the night, the brothers and father tried to rape and kill the women, but were killed in turn (Latitude Zero).
   She fell in love with Jak Lauren, who returned later to marry her and help run the farm. They had a daughter, Jenny, and were happy for awhile, but when Jak was out hunting one day, bandits came and murdered Christina and Jenny (Rider, Reaper).

   Big Mike (D): Big Mike worked as a slavetaker for Dredda Otis Trask and her people, bringing slaves to the mine at Slake City (though not freely; he himself was a slave, bound by laser manacles; they used one to amputate his right hand). When the companions escaped, they ran into him returning to the camp with a new batch of slaves. They beat him badly, but let him live - they figured letting him live with one hand was punishment enough (Breakthrough).
   They later ran into him in Idaho and inadvertently rescued him from a pack of mutie coyotes; he informed them that the Shadow Worlders were back and taking their own slaves - they had capture him, but he got free at the cost of his other hand. They drag him along when they go to attack the mine, but he flees during the chaos. In his glee at outwitting everyone, he stumbled off the road onto a section of weak glass, which collapsed, dropping him into a crevasse (Doom Helix).

   Bivar, Rodrigo (D): The leader of a band of slavers who operated in the Amazon Jungle. He and his men were slaughtered when they tried to raid the village the companions had agreed to help defend (Emerald Fire).

   Blackwood, Elizabeth (D): Sister of Tobias Blackwood and co-ruler of Haven. She suffers from a genetic disorder (most likely caused by whitecoat nanotechnology) that causes her to shift form into a humanoid werewolf and kill people. She was killed when her brother carried her into their burning mansion and it collapsed on them (Haven's Blight).

   Blackwood, Tobias (D): Co-ruler of Haven. Like his sister, he suffers from suffers from a genetic disorder (most likely caused by whitecoat nanotechnology) that causes him to shift form into a humanoid werewolf and kill people. Unlike her, he has better control over his changes. After a failed attempt by his sec chief to overthrow him, he decided it was time to end the curse and carried his sister into their burning mansion, which collapsed, killing them both (Haven's Blight).

   Brennan, Edgar (D): Edgar Brennan was the baron of Snakefish, California, though he had little real power. He was fair and friendly, trading the ville's gasoline freely with other villes. He was 4'10" tall, rotund yet strangely dignified; he always dressed well. He was killed by Zombie, the Last Heroes' leader, during an escape from the ville (Ice and Fire).

   Brody, Nicholas: The headmaster of a boarding school in Colorado named after him (Crossways).

   Buckley, Boss (D): Boss Buckley was the leader of Nagasaki ville, a town of inbreds. He was short and fat; one leg was shorter than the other, and he had a cleft palate, which made his speech nearly unintelligible. He was killed when a sec force from nearby Duma raided the village and slaughtered everyone (Remember Tomorrow).

   Carson, Sharona: Sharona Carson, wife of Baron Alias Carson, was once considered one of the most beautiful women in Deathlands. She had a brief fling with Ryan Cawdor when he ran with Trader and the convoy stopped in Towse for gas; their son Dean was born of that union. After Dean was born, she left her husband and traveled around Deathlands on a motorcycle, earning her living as a gaudy whore (Time Nomads).
   She caught radiation poisoning some years later and gave Dean to a friend to care for him, then disappeared (Seedling). It was assumed that she had died, but she joined a trading convoy, whose healer fixed her up. Some time later, she started getting "feelings" that she would see her son again, so she left the convoy in a town in the Carolinas and waited for him. They were soon reunited, and she traveled with the companions until they found a redoubt. After Dean showed her how the mat-trans worked, she lured him into the chamber and triggered the mechanism to get him away from Ryan (Separation).
   Three years later, she and Dean were separated trying to cross a flooded river; he was swept away and lost sight of her (Prodigal's Return).
   Sharona is slim, about 5'9", and very beautiful, with long blonde hair and violet eyes. She is also a nymphomaniac and utterly ruthless - she's not afraid to do anything to achieve her ends.

   Cawdor, Cynthia (D): First wife of Baron Titus Cawdor and mother to Ryan, Morgan, and Harvey. She was never very hardy; after the birth of her last child, her health declined and she died of the bloody flux a year later (Homeward Bound).

   Cawdor, Morgan (D): Oldest of the Cawdor sons; he was killed in a attack staged by his brother Harvey to make it look like stickies, though it was really men loyal to Harvey (Homeward Bound).

   Cawdor, Nathan Freeman: Son of Morgan Cawdor and Guenema; he inherited some of his mother's doomseer powers. Nathan was installed as the baron of Front Royal after Ryan and his friends killed Harvey Cawdor, his stepmother Rachel, and their son Jabez (Homeward Bound).

   Cawdor, Tabitha: Nathan Cawdor's wife. She was kidnapped by Overton Cawdor to ensure Nathan didn't move against him while Overton attempted to take over Front Royal, but was freed by the companions and gave birth to a son while they were fighting Overton's men (Gemini Rising).

   Cawdor, Titus (D): Father to Ryan, Morgan, and Harvey; baron of Front Royal. He was smothered by his second wife, Rachel (Homeward Bound).

   Coburn, Rick (D): Sec chief of Vista, Colorado. Coburn was friendly toward the companions, but was forced to hunt them down after Krysty killed his baron (he agreed that it needed to be done, but in order to retain power in the eyes of his men, he had to avenge the baron's death). He caught up with Ryan in the redoubt, and they fought, but Ryan lured him into a section of passage infested with mutie snakes, and they killed him (Shockscape).

   Cohn (D): Radio operator on War Wag One. Ryan left him in charge when he and a group of people left to go to Redoubt Bravo. He was killed by the Indians living in the Darks (Pilgrimage to Hell).

   Connors, Captain (D): A geologist sent along with the first Shadow Earth expedition to Deathlands, Connors deserted during an attack by the companions - he realized that he was in a wide, new world with nothing to go back to, so he took his equipment and vanished (Shadow World).
   He ended up in a small town in southern Idaho called Rupertville that was run by a man named Tidwell. Tidwell invited him into the ville, then tried to kill him; he evaded Tidwell's men and hid under a house, which Tidwell set on fire. As the fire rained down him, his mind snapped and he crawled free, still burning, to kill all the men with his laser rifle; he then set the ville's slaves free and fell into a coma. The natives nursed him back to health and he took a new name: Burning Man. The companions happened to be captured by his people, who took them to him. He recognized Ryan; after they told him of the news that the Shadow Worlders were back, he mounted up a force to wipe them out. He was killed in an explosion when he blew up the gate generator (Doom Helix).

   Conte, Sergeant (D): One of Major Drake Burroughs' men, Conte was sent through the gateway to England with a team to track down and kill Ryan for refusing to join Burroughs. He was killed in a battle in New London (Bitter Fruit).

   Correll (D): The former sec chief for Charity, a ville in New Mexico. Correll was leading a trade convoy when it was attacked and taken by raiders from Summerfield, a nearby ville. The baron of Charity, enraged, threatened to kill Correll for his failure, but Correll fled and discovered a redoubt in the desert. He set up shop there and started recruiting others who had fled or been exiled from the two villes; they formed a group called the Hellbenders. Their goal was to gain revenge on the barons of both villes by killing them. Correll was killed when the Hellbenders ambushed a trade meeting between forces of the two villes; he chopped his former baron to pieces with a saber, then was shot to death by the baron's men (Hellbenders).

   Crecca (D): Crecca, aka Magnificent Crecca, was the ringmaster of Gert Wolfram's World Famous Carny, a travelling circus owned and run by Magus. After the companions foiled a plot by him and his people to slaughter the inhabitants of a small town, he chased them up into a nameless ville in the mountains that was subject to a sentient fungus. He killed the baron and took power for himself, then set about sacrificing people to the fungus. Doc drained the lake holding the fungus, and Crecca tried to stop him, but Doc killed him (Damnation Road Show).

   Croom, Bass (D): Sebastion "Bass" Croom was a successful trader from Menaville who made one bad choice when he was young - he killed a man for a map leading to a fabulous treasure (a redoubt). Twenty years later, he cashed out and took a convoy to find the treasure; all but a handful of his people were killed in the process, and he himself died trying to walk through the field to the redoubt, eaten alive by mutie ground squirrels (Nemesis).

   Croom, Morty (D): Mortaugh "Morty" Croom was Bass Croom's younger brother. When Bass left Menaville, Morty went with him. He raped and killed a young woman at a camp where they stopped for the night, garnering the anger of their hosts, the Stone Nation. He was eventually handed over, but Ryan shot him to keep him from being tortured to death (Nemesis).

   Daffer: A hunter from Shersville who was rescued from a band of cannies by the companions. He is loyal to Nathan Cawdor and helped hide Nathan's wife Tabitha when the companions liberated Front Royal (Gemini Rising).

   Damm: Leader of a crew of mercenaries hired by Nara Jurascik to kidnap Ryan in Shadow Earth. He made it back to Deathlands with Ryan and Nara and went his own way (Shadow World).

   Danielson: A former member of Trader's convoy who was kicked out for hoarding predark goods. He wandered for awhile before settling down in California and building Fort Fubar. He and others lived there until Akhnaton came along and "recruited" everyone to be his worshippers. Several years later, he became disillusioned and returned to Fubar, where he met DL-companions (Nightmare Passage).

   Dorothy (D): A young woman from the ville of Quindley. She fell in love with Michael when the companions visited, and he convinced her to leave with them. She panicked when the gateway started up and left midway through the process, getting disintegrated (Twilight Children).

   Elijah, Willie (D): The baron of Willie ville, one of the more powerful baronies in the Southeast. He was an immensely fat glutton who believed in genetic purity - he ensure the purity of his bloodline by engaging in incest with his daughters and granddaughters. He also kept a mutie zoo, a place with the most unique muties he could find, and used other muties as slaves. He was killed by one of his daughters after the ville was overrun by stickies and he refused to kill her to spare her from them (Skydark).

   Fairchild, Mom (D): Mrs. Fairchild (who goes by "Mom") ran an establishment in the mountains of California that advertised the firest jerky east of the Cific. What her patrons didn't know was that most of her jerky was actually human flesh, taken from victims who stayed the night in her cabins. Doc killed her after she tried to kill some of the companions to add to her stores of jerky (Crucible of Time).

   Fleur (D): Fleur was the sec chief for Lars Hellstrom. After being cast out of the Family, she joined forces with the companions, but was killed in the final battle between them and Hellstrom (Stoneface).
   Fleur was very tall for a woman - close to 6'2" - and well-muscled, with long mahogany hair and a single blue eye (she lost the other when a sec man hit her in the face with a rifle butt).

   Folsom, Marsh: Marsh was one of Trader's earliest companions; he helped Trader find the stockpile with the war wags, and he had a nose for find others hidden all around the country. He was killed by Gert Wolfram sometime before the series starts and never actually appears in the books.

   Ford, Johannes (D): Johannes was a travelling filmmaker. Several years ago, he found a vast stock of film, along with cameras, so he went on the road filming various villes and selling tickets to let the people see themselves on the silver screen. He met up with the companions in Louisiana and travelled with them to Bramton. He was killed by one of the Cornelius family after he filmed some things he shouldn't have (Bloodlines).

   Gabhart, Colonel (D): Captain Gabhart was the leader of an expedition from Shadow Earth to Deathlands; after Ryan escaped back through the portal and informed them that they were being set up, he and the others decided to send the rocket they'd planned to fire into space back through the portal instead, destroying much of the Shadow Earth Totality Concept complex and (they thought) permanently sealing the gate (Shadow World).
   Dredda Otis Trask, another Shadow Worlder, took over the development of the trans-world technology and (eventually) led a new group through the dimensional portal to Deathlands. Two of his comrades were killed, and he and Nara Jurascik were captured and forced to work in the mines at Slake City; he died of radiation sickness after meeting the companions once more (Breakthrough).

   Gehrig, Blackjack (D): One of the leaders of New London. He encounted the companions when they were being chased by Prince Boldt's men and rescued them. In return, he expected them to help him out. The companions left New London at the same time that Sergeant Conte and his men attacked; Gehrig was killed in the ensuing battle Bitter Fruit.

   Glassman (D): A former healer for Baron Kinnison. Glassman was fired from his position and put in charge of finding and killing the companions; Kinnison held his family hostage to ensure the man's loyalty (Judas Strike, Shadow Fortress).

   Gloria: Leader of the group of Amazons called the Gate. She apparently had some inborn ability to sense lines of energy and used those to home in on the redoubt wherein they thought their destiny lay. When the companions travelled with her group, she formed a relationship with Jak Lauren (Amazon Gate, Destiny's Truth).

   Gore, Right Reverend (D): The Right Reverend Gore was the leader of a large band of cannies that preyed on travellers near Salt Lake City, Utah. Most of his band was wiped out by the companions, and he himself was killed by soldiers from Shadow Earth when he and the remainder of his crew attacked them (Shadow World).

   Gribble, Malachi (D): Gribble rebuilt a small ghost town in Colorado peopled by corpses. He killed most of them himself, used his knowledge of taxidermy to stuff them, then set them up in tableaux reminiscent of predark times. When JB and Ryan stubmled across his town, he tried to add them to his collection, but they killed him instead (Road Wars).

   Guenema: Wife of Morgan Cawdor and mother of Nathan; she was a mutie (doomseer). She fled Front Royal after Morgan was killed and gave birth to Nathan in secret, later returning to Shersville to raise her son. She died when he was a boy, about 10 years before the start of the series (Homeward Bound).

   Hatchet Jack (D): John Jacob Hatcher, aka Hatchet Jack, was the leader of a group of pirates called the Red Cadre. When the companions raided one of his camps to free a prisoner and took a map leading to great wealth, he chased them down and laid siege to Amicus to get it back. He was killed during the battle (Demons of Eden).

   Herne, Apostle Ezekiel (D): Leader of the Church of the Dark Lord Waiting, he was a tall, emaciated man with white hair and horribly rotten teeth. He was killed by Doc after he tried to sacrifice Hennings as an offering to their dark god (Red Holocaust).

   Hideyoshi, Toyotomi (D): Toyotomi Hideyoshi was the number two man for Lord Mashashige. Unlike most of the lord's samurai, he gradually came to like the companions (even the women) during their stay in Japan. He was killed by Ryuku in the final confrontation between the armies of the two lords (Keepers of the Sun).

   Huth, Doctor (D): Leader of the Totality Concept on Shadow Earth. He was the one who accidentally discovered the wormhole to the alternate reality of Deathlands. When he discovered that his masters weren't planning on taking anyone along besides themselves, he tried to open the gate one last time to go through on his own, but he just enabled Ryan's escape. He was thrust through the gate when the companions sent a missile back through the gate into the complex (Shadow World) and ended up working in a small ville.
   He was found by the Shadow Worlders' "recruiter", Big Mike, who gave him a ride to Slake City so that he could rejoin his compatriots. The new invaders wanted nothing to do with him, so he was sent to the mines; there, he fell victim to a cave-in and was rescued by Doc and Jak. When the Shadow Worlders fell victim to a Deathlands virus, he was freed in order to find a cure. This was impossible (the virus could mutate too quickly), but he ensured himself a ride back to Shadow Earth (Breakthrough).
   There, he regained his old position as head of the Totality Concept and continued his work on transdimensional gateways. He led a new group through several dimensions, seeking a new place to colonize, but always being chased by a creature that lived in the void between worlds. They finally arrived in Deathlands and set up their camp at Slake City again, but the creature killed everyone but him. He survived the attacks, only to fall victim to the stickies who (still) lived in the mines (Doom Helix).

   Itzcoatl (D): The leader of a small village in the Amazon Jungle. He and his people thought Jak was a god, so they tried to sacrifice him to ensure good luck and bountiful crops in the coming years. He was killed when the companions rescued Jak (Emerald Fire).

   Jacks, Geither (D): Sec chief to the baron of Sweetwater Junction, who he killed during an attempted coup. He failed, but gained control of half the town (the other half was held by the baron's wife, Miranda). When a rottie horde attacked the ville and killed Miranda, he declared himself baron, but her son Colton shot him and took over instead (Wretched Earth).

   Jehu (D): The oldest inhabitant of Quindley; he served as the chief apostle for Moses. He was killed by Ryan after Moses told him to gather the other acolytes in preparation to sacrifice the companions (Twilight Children).

   Jurascik, Nara (D): Nara Jurascik was a member of the team sent over from Shadow Earth to prepare Deathlands for colonization. Unbeknownst to the rest of her team, however, she was a double agent; she was tasked with gaining sole control of any natives brought back (in this case, Ryan) and using their knowledge for her boss' use. She double-crossed her boss, though, and took Ryan back to Deathlands, closing the gate behind them (Shadow World).
   The companions encountered the Shadow Worlders again when another group came through the portal and started a mining camp at Slake City. She was captured, along with Colonel Gabhart, and put to work in the mines; she was dragged off by stickies and killed, though she was dying of rad sickness anyway (Breakthrough).

   Kerr, James (D): Baron (though the title is debatable) of a small town that is subject to a sentient fungus creature. Kerr was especially susceptible to the fungus' mind control, so it kept him in control, funneling fresh meat to it. He was killed by Crecca, who wanted control of the ville for himself (Damnation Road Show).

   Kylie, Jed: Head of the Cattleman's Protective Association, the general in their war against the Uplands Alliance (No Man's Land).

   Lanning, Carl (D): One of Krysty Wroth's childhood friends and her first lover. He was the blacksmith's son and grew up to become the blacksmith himself, but after Krysty left, he became an alcoholic. He ran into the companions when they were on their way to Harmony; with his help, they cleared the town of bandits, but he was killed by a stickie after saving Krysty's life (Crossways).

   Mashashige (D): Mashashige was a shogun (general) who ruled much of what was left of Japan. He discovered a gateway under a house not far from his fortress and had been sending scouts through to explore Deathlands with the intent of finding a place to move some of his people and making a new home for them. Before he could do this, though, his men were wiped out by his brother Ryuku; he committed seppuku to avoid living with the shame of being so badly defeated (Keepers of the Sun).

   McCann, Tyas (D): Uncle of Krysty Wroth; he raised her after her mother Sonja disappeared. He was killed when their caravan, which was headed to the Darks in search of a fabled "promised land", was ambushed by bandits (Pilgrimage to Hell).

   Mendoza, Felicidad (D): Daughter of Don Hector's sec chief, Felicidad was a scheming, ambitious woman. Hector was trying to unite all the peoples of the Mexico City valley under his rule; toward that end, Felicidad tried to kidnap Don Tenorio, a rival baron, but failed. After a successful battle against raiders from the north, she successfully kidnaps Tenorio, along with Krysty and Mildred, intending to sacrifice them. Krysty tapped into the power of Gaia and killed Hector, while Mildred snapped Felcidad's neck (Shaking Earth).

   Morse, Kenny (D): Kenny Morse was a servant at Front Royal who helped Ryan Cawdor escape after Ryan was attacked by his brother Harvey; he was executed for it after Harvey found out (Homeward Bound).

   Nefron: Daughter of Akhnaton. She tried to overthrow him once, but the rebellion was put down and she was stripped of her position as his heir. When the companions came along, she used them to kill her father, whereupon she took power over the city of Aten (Nightmare Passage).

   O'Brien, Connaught (D): The project leader of Mission Invictus (Nightmare Passage).

   Olympia: The woman known only as Olympia is a mysterious figure who buys passage on Bass Croom's convoy when he heads northwest to find a treasure trove. It is unclear what role she plays, but she has a hand in Bass' penitence for killing a man many years ago to steal the treasure map. When they reach the end of the journey, after a silent look from her, he walks into a field of mutie ground squirrels and is killed (Nemesis).

   Ransom, Bill (D): Bill Ransom, aka Thrill Bill, was a demagogue for the masses of slum dwellers in Shadow Earth. Thrill Bill was a former soldier who was pensioned after a war against the civilian populace and sent to live in the slums; there, he acquired a following and became a warlord. He helped Nara, Damm, and Ryan Cawdor escape Shadow Earth, sacrificing himself in the process (Shadow World).

   Reno: One of a band of explorers who broke into a redoubt in Kansas and accidentally unleashed a deadly virus that turned humans into rotties. He was killed by a pack of rotties (Wretched Earth).

   Roberto: The man known only as Roberto is a trader on a par with the legendary Trader - he commands several war wags and a host of heavily-armed people. The companions have crossed paths with him a few times, but they remain on good terms.

   Samantha the Panther (D): A young black woman who served on War Wag One. When the convoy was gassed in Mocsin, she happened to be in town with several others, getting supplies, and missed the action. She later rejoined the survivors when they escaped Mocsin and remained with War Wag One when Ryan and the others went up to Redoubt Bravo. He was killed by the Indians living in the Darks (Pilgrimage to Hell).

   Sandor, Father (D): A priest who runs a small church in backwoods Tennessee. He was quite insane and believed that redemption can only be achieved through pain (the physical kind); he kidnapped people from the nearby ville, torturing and killing them in the basement of the church. He caught Ryan and Krysty exploring the church and forced them below, but they got the upper hand and killed him, then burned the church (Circle Thrice).

   Savij, Emerald: The daughter of Baron Savij of Soulardville; she took over when her father died of cancer. Soulardville held monthly sacrifices, led by Brother Joe, who sought the baron's power; when her turn came up, she fled rather than be sacrificed. The baron hired the companions to get her back, but when he died and Joe refused to honor the deal, they made a deal with a local scavvie band to break out, overthrow Joe's acolytes, and get rid of Joe himself. She thus became the sole ruling power in Soulardville (Playfair's Axiom).
   Emerald is seventeen years old, an only child. Despite being a girl, her father taught her everything she'd need to survive; this, coupled with her beauty, athleticism, and intelligence, makes her a formidable woman.

   Sharp, Colton: Son of the baron of Sweetwater Junction, who was killed during an attempted coup by his sec chief. The ville was attacked by a horde of rotties and his mother was also killed; after he shot the sec chief, he took control of the ville (Wretched Earth).

   Sharp, Miranda (D): Wife of the baron of Sweetwater Junction, who was killed during an attempted coup by his sec chief. She took control of the northern half of the ville after the attempt. She was killed when the ville was attacked by a horde of rotties (Wretched Earth).

   Siebert, Al (D): Head of the Uplands Alliance in their war against the Cattleman's Protective Association. He was assassinated by his wife after their army defeated the CPA and he refused to press the advantage and wipe them out (No Man's Land).

   Sidler, Wizard (D): Baron of Yuma, Colorado. After making a play for rulership of nearby Vista ville and losing, he fled to Yuma and took over there. He sent a band of mercs to kill the son of Vista's baron; the baron sent the companions to bring back some or all of the group, along with Sidler himself, for execution. They had captured him and the others and were taking them back when Sidler broke free and killed one of the actors travelling with them; Doc then shot him in the face with his LeMat Shockscape).

   Sissy, Theodore (D): The mayor of Ginnsburg Falls, Sissy was a dwarf with an oversized head, likely the product of inbreeding. He was killed by Lori after he forced her to give him oral sex (Crater Lake).

   Six, Vincent: The sec chief for Youann Toulalan's convoy. After Toulalan died, he took over command and married Toulalan's sister, Cyrielle, becoming regent Hell Road Warriors).

   Stanton, Harry: The self proclaimed "King of the Underworld" is one of (if not the) most powerful men in the ruins of Newyork. He's a trader who made his fortune with garbage bags - several years back, he found a warehouse with over a million bags in it. He has a vast collection of items, from medicines to weapons to videos and books to vehicles, along with a large empire. He's an old friend of Trader's from years ago, and helped Ryan out when he needed some medicine for JB. Ryan "borrowed" his LAV to rescue his son Dean, however, and Stanton swore he would kill Ryan when next they met (though it appears he said it more to save face in front of his men than because he truly meant it).
   Harry resembles Santa Claus - thick white hair, a bushy white beard, blue eyes, and rosy cheeks. He's always eager to show off his collections, and often quotes predark TV shows that he's seen (Seedling).

   Stone, Althea (D): A young woman in a ville the Stone Angels raided. Dean saved her from being raped and enslaved, and they fell in love. She was mistakenly killed by Ryan during a battle with the Angels (Prodigal's Return).

   Tanner, Emily (D): Wife of Doc Tanner and mother of Rachel and Jolyon; she had a nervous breakdown after her husband disappeared and her children were killed, and spent some time in an asylum. Nothing further is known about her, except that she is buried in her family mausoleum (Dark Emblem).

   Tanner, Jolyon (D): Son of Emily and Doc Tanner. He was killed by the energies of the gate that opened when Doc was time trawled (Dark Emblem).

   Tanner, Rachel (D): Daughter of Emily and Doc Tanner. She was killed by the energies of the gate that opened when Doc was time trawled (Dark Emblem).

   Tenorio: The leader of the people who live in the ruins of Mexico City Shaking Earth).

   Tomwun, Mark (D): Mark Tomwun ran the Institute of Peaceful Oceanographic Research in the Florida Keys, which centered around using dolphins to act as suicide bombers against chosen boats and ships. While his intentions were in the right place (they were to be used only against pirates), the methodology was cruel. Tomwun was shot by Ryan during an attack by pirates after he raised his rifle against the other man (Deep Empire).

   Torrance, Baron (D): The former ruler of Hightower; he was about seventy years old and weighed over 300 pounds. Torrance was a slob of a man who tried to marry his daughters off to Ryan Cawdor and Trader; Trader killed him during their escape from the ville (Trader Redux).

   Torrance, Bessie (D): The younger of the Torrance sisters by a good 20 years, Bessie was also weighed less (though not by much). She had long brown hair infested with insects. She and her sister were set to marry Ryan Cawdor and Trader, but the men killed them and their father and escaped (Trader Redux).

   Torrance, Cissie (D): The older of the Torrance sisters, Cissie was a corpulent woman with gray hair that she dyed blonde. She and her sister were set to marry Ryan Cawdor and Trader, but the men killed them and their father and escaped (Trader Redux).

   Toulalan, Youann (D): The son of the baron of Val-d'Or, Canada. He was in charge of a trading convoy headed to the west coast when the companions saved him and his people from a bandit attack. When the group was attacked by mutie worms, he got infested and lost part of his arm; he later died from the ensuing infection (Hell Road Warriors).

   Tyler, Emma (D): A young woman who was a seer (she could tell the future and sometimes see things about people). She wasn't born with the ability; she gained it only after nearly drowning in ice-cold water and spending a week in a coma. She gained the interest of Baron Sean Sharpe, who wanted her for his zoo. He had her captured, but she escaped; he caught her again and beat her to death Ground Zero).

   Yashimoto, Takei (D): Takei Yashimoto was Lord Mashashige's number-one man, one of the samurai sent to explore the Deathlands. When he ran into the companions near Washington Hole, they killed his brother and left him with a scarred face, and he vowed revenge against Ryan. When the companions came to Japan, he finally got his chance to kill Ryan, but Mildred shot him first (Keepers of the Sun).

   Watson, Shauna (D): Shauna ran a small nameless commune in Georgia, not far south of Kings Point Naval Station. Her husband was killed by Admiral Poseidon, who instituted monthly tributes; she was forced to pay, but wanted revenge for her husband's death and freedom from the Admiral. When the companions came along and Krysty was captured, Shauna went with Ryan Cawdor to talk to Poseidon. She lost her temper and attacked the admiral, who strangled her to death (Watersleep).

   Webb, Kate (D): Kate was a teenage girl who worked in Major-Commissar Zimyanin's sulfur mines along with her grandfather. They escaped and hid out in a cave nearby; Ryan found them and dragged her along when her grandfather was killed by a sec hunter droid. She helped him rescue his son, but was later killed by another sec hunter (Chill Factor).

   Wroth, Sonja (D): Sonja is Krysty's mother. She trained her daughter in the ways of Gaia, the Earth Mother, how to use her mutie strength, herbalism, and many other things. She disappeared from Harmony ville one day, never to return, leaving Krysty to her uncle Tyas' care.

   Zapp, Larry (D): Boss Larry, as he liked to be called, was the baron of Greenglades and a technical genius. He started out running a mobile gaudy house, but ran afoul of Trader, who had Ryan and JB beat him badly. He recovered and moved south to Florida, where he found the old Greenglades Amusement Park and fixed it up. He renovated a nearby prison into housing for old people, taking their money in exchange for a safe place to live.
   After his wife died, he fell into a deep depression, which made him vulnerable; when Adam Traven came to town with his posse, he got Larry hooked on dreem and slowly began to wrest power from him. During the final confrontation between Adam and the companions, Larry fell on top of Adam, pinning him, but Adam shot him several times and he died (Dark Carnival).
   Larry was morbidly obese (around 400 pounds) and nearly incapable of walking.

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