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Destiny's Truth

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   Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror,
   Victory however long and hard the road might be;
   For without victory there is no survival.

   - Winston Churchill

   The companions arrive in a new, empty, redoubt. After everyone's recovered, they leave and start wandering around the area. They find they're somewhere in New England.
   After walking for several days, they're attacked by a biplane. They return fire, driving it off; not long after, they spot a sec patrol. They sneak up behind the men and coldcock them, then have them take the companions to their leader.
   The men are from the ville of Crossroads, a trading town situated at an intersection of roads. They get various jobs in the ville as they search for information about the Gate, who (presumably) have arrived nearby.
   They find out that some of the people are suffering from a mutated form of smallpox; they also hear rumors of the Illuminated Ones and the Gate, both of whom happen to be in the vicinity.
   They quickly slip out of town and go find the Amazons, then tell them about the plague. The Amazons, in turn, tell the companions that they arrived in the Illuminated Ones' redoubt and were sprayed with the virus on the way out. The companions need to get into the redoubt to find a cure, so they go find it. They determine it's too well-defended to get inside, so they wait for an opportunity.
   One presents itself a few days later, when the Illuminated Ones attack Crossroads. The combined forces of companions and Amazons ride to the rescue, saving the ville and capturing a vehicle. They pile a bunch of people into it, then ride back to the redoubt and gain entry, letting everyone inside.
   From there, it's another running gunfight down through the levels, though the invaders are channeled into the gate room. The Illuminated Ones spray them with ice-cold water and split off the companions to meet their leader. After listening to a lengthy monologue, they kill him and his guards, then break out into the redoubt, find the vaccine, and enable everyone else to escape. They return to Crossroads and administer the vaccine to everyone, stopping the plague.

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