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   This is a complete listing of all the books, along with their authors. "James Axler" is a pen name originally used by Laurence James and later adopted by Gold Eagle, who own the rights to it. Each link goes (or will go) to a short summary of the book.

   Exile to Hell (1997) by Mark Ellis
   Destiny Run (1997) by Mark Ellis
   Savage Sun (1997) by Mark Ellis
   Omega Path (1998) by Mark Ellis
   Parallax Red (1998) by Mark Ellis
   Doomstar Relic (1998) by Mark Ellis
   Iceblood (1998) by Mark Ellis

The Lost Earth Saga
   Armageddon Axis (1999) by Mark Ellis
   Wreath of Fire (2000) by Mel Odom
   Shadow Scourge (2000) by Mark Ellis
   Hell Rising (2000) by Mark Ellis

The Imperator Wars

   Sargasso Plunder (2001) by Mel Odom
   Tomb of Time (2001) by Mark Ellis
   Prodigal Chalice (2002) by Mel Odom

The Dragon Kings
   Far Empire (2002) by Mark Ellis
   Equinox Zero (2003) by Mark Ellis

Heart of the World

   Awakening (2003) by Victor Milan
   Mad God's Wrath (2004) by Mark Ellis
   Sun Lord (2004) by Victor Milan
   Mask of The Sphinx (2004) by Mark Ellis and Chris Van Deelen
   Uluru Destiny (2004) by Victor Milan
   Evil Abyss (2005) by Mark Ellis
   Children of the Serpent (2005) by Mark Ellis
   Successors (2005) by Victor Milan
   Cerberus Storm (2005) by Mark Ellis
   Refuge (2006) by Victor Milan
   Rim of the World (2006) by Mark Ellis
   Lords of the Deep (2006) by Victor Milan
   Hydra's Ring (2006) by Mark Ellis
   Closing the Cosmic Eye (2007) by Victor Milan
   Skull Throne (2007) by Mark Ellis
   Satan's Seed (2007) by Mark Ellis
   Dark Goddess (2007) by Mark Ellis
   Grailstone Gambit (2008) by Mark Ellis
   Ghostwalk (2008) by Mark Ellis
   Pantheon of Vengeance (2008) by Douglas Wojtowicz
   Death Cry (2008) by Rik Hoskin
   Serpent's Tooth (2009) by Douglas Wojtowicz
   Shadow Box (2009) by Rik Hoskin
   Janus Trap (2009) by Rik Hoskin
   Warlord of the Pit (2009) by Mark Ellis
   Reality Echo (2010) by Douglas Wojtowicz
   Infinity Breach (2010) by Rik Hoskin
   Oblivion Stone (2010) by Rik Hoskin
   Distortion Offensive (2010) by Rik Hoskin
   Cradle of Destiny (2011) by Douglas Wojtowicz
   Scarlet Dream (2011) by Rik Hoskin
   Truth Engine (2011) by Rik Hoskin
   Infestation Cubed (2011) by Douglas Wojtowicz
   Planet Hate (2012) by Rik Hoskin
   Dragon City (2012) by Rik Hoskin
   God War (2012) by Rik Hoskin
   Genesis Sinister (2012) by Rik Hoskin
   Savage Dawn Feb 2013, by Douglas Wojtowicz
   Sorrow Space May 2013, by Rik Hoskin
   Immortal Twilight July 2013, by Rik Hoskin
   Cosmic Rift Nov 2013, by Rik Hoskin
   Wings of Death (Feb, 2014) by Douglas Wojtowicz
   Necropolis (May, 2014) by Douglas Wojtowicz
   Shadow Born (2014) by Douglas Wojtowicz
   Judgment Plague (2014) by Rik Hoskin
   Terminal White (2015) by Rik Hoskin
   Hell's Maw (2015) by

DEATHLANDS, OUTLANDERS, EARTH BLOOD, and JAMES AXLER are all the property of Gold Eagle / Worldwide Library, and are used here strictly under Fair Use guidelines.
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