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Outlanders Companions

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   The people listed below form the core of the "Cerberus Crew" - the people who most often go on missions and are the main characters in the books.

   Baptiste, Brigid: Brigid Baptiste was once an Archivist in Cobaltville's Historical Division, but her life changed when she received a CD from Kane with prohibited information. She later received a second CD from the Preservationists containing the Wyeth Codex. The wealth of information about the Totality Concept contained therein opened her eyes; with her eidetic memory, she could memorize it all. She joined Kane and Grant as they fled Cobaltville, eventually ending up in the Cerberus Redoubt.
   Brigid is very pretty, with bright red hair, emerald green eyes, and a toned body.

   Domi: Domi was born in an outlander ville along the Snake River, in Idaho. She left her ville to explore Deathlands and met Guana Teague; in exchange for serving as his sex slave, he gave her a chip implant that enabled her to live in Cobaltville. She later killed him and escaped along with Kane, Grant, and Brigid.
   Domi is an albino. She is very petite - about five feet tall and just over one hundred pounds - but is quite adept at hand-to-hand fighting and throwing weapons, as well as stealth. She is in love with Grant for rescuing her from Teague, but he rebuffs her advances (politely, of course; he likes her, but thinks she's too young for him). She gets jealous when other women evince even the slightest interest in Grant, though she's friends with Brigid; she hates Beth-Li. She is quite intelligent but tends to lapse into broken Outlander speech under stress.

   Grant: Grant, like his father and grandfather, was a Magistrate in Cobaltville; he served in the same division as Kane for 12 years and was his superior.
   Grant is a black man; he stands around 6'4" and 230 pounds, with a muscular build. He tends to be a bit more calm than Kane and serves to balance out his hot-headed partner.

   Kane: Kane, like Grant, was a Magistrate in Cobaltville; he served in the same division as Grant for 12 years. When they were sent to serve a termination warrant on a slagger named Milton Reeth, Kane found a CD and pocketed it. He later gave it to a Historian he knew (Brigid), who decoded it and found that it contained prohibited information. When Salvo was sent to terminate her, Kane took her, Grant, and Domi and fled Cobaltville.
   Kane is 6'1", about 190 pounds, with brown hair and grey eyes. He is often likened to a wolf - a lean, muscular figure and intense focus. He can be hot-headed and impulsive at times, but never endangers his friends if he can help it. He feels closest to Brigid, but soon found out that a) he was genetically engineered by Lakesh to be a perfect human being; and b) Lakesh had brought Beth-Li Rouch to the redoubt to "breed" with him and bear his offspring.

   Lakesh, Mohandas Singh: Mohandas Lakesh was born in India in 1952. He came to the US at age 16 to attend MIT, where he gained a doctoral degree three years later, then went to work for NASA. He eventually rose to become the head of Project Cerberus and was later read into the Archon Directive and met OL-misc. When the mat-trans system was perfected, he became the first human test subject.
   Lakesh was in the Anthill when skydark happened, and put himself into cryogenic suspension not long after. He was revived decades later to carry on his work, including creating a genetically superior human. He is dedicated to the twin causes of overthrowing the barons and ensuring the survival of the human race, and will go to any end to do so.

   Rouch, Beth-Li: Beth-Li Rouch once served in the packaging department of the food level in Cobaltville. She was brought to Cerberus Redoubt by Lakesh for the specific purpose of mating with Kane and bearing his children. She's more than happy to do so, but Kane was angered by Lakesh's presumption (as well as Rouch's manipulations) and refused to have anything to do with her.

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