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Outlanders Locations

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   This is a list of locations of note that appear or are mentioned in the books.

Villes and Baronies

   The Nine Baronies: The Nine Baronies are villes run by the Nine Barons, human/archon hybrids. Each ville is laid out more or less the same: fifty-foot-tall walls, with Vulcan Phalanx gun towers at each corner. Each ville is surrounded by a buffer zone that has been cleared of vegetation; search lights are mounted on the walls at intervals to illuminate the buffer zone as necessary.
   Inside the walls, there are four towers connected to each other by walkways; The inhabitants of the villes (up to 5,000 people) live here in small apartments with most modern amenities - indoor plumbing, electricity, heat, etc. The lowest levels of the towers are the "Tartarus pits"; these are the slums, where the lowest of the low survive. Even there, space is limited - only about 1,000 people can live there.
   In the center of the ville, connected to all the other towers, is the Baron's Monolith. This massive, white rockcrete tower is 300 feet tall, and is separated into five levels:
  • Level A (Alpha) is the baron's personal Level, which contains the baron's quarters, meeting area for his personal Trust, his or her own personal mat-trans unit, and medical personnel and genetically altered guards.
  • Level B (Beta) is a combination library, museum, and computer center for the barony. Here history is constantly being revised and rewritten by the Archivists.
  • Level C (Cappa) houses the ville's Magistrate Division.
  • Level D (Delta) is used for the growth, preservation, distribution, of food for the barony.
  • Level E (Epsilon) is used for general manufacturing and construction.

   The Nine Baronies are Beausoleilville, Cobaltville, Mandeville, Paladiumville, Ragnarville, Samariumville, Sharpeville, Snakefishville, and Thuliaville. See here for map locations of the baronies and a layout diagram.

Other Locations

   Agartha: Agartha, the city of the Archons, is located in a cavern deep in the Himalaya Mountains near the Trasilunpo Lamasery. It is accessible only by a long and winding trail that descends through natural caverns; travelers to the city must then take a boat down an underground river to the cavern. The first thing that greets visitors is a huge statue of an archon, carved so skillfully that it looks almost alive.
   Agartha has many smaller buildings centered around a huge monolith (much like the Nine Baronies; the monolith housed the archons themselves, while the lesser buildings housed their progeny, the human/archon hybrids. A room below the monolith held an artifact of immense power, the Chintamani Stone, until members of the Cerberus Crew came and recovered it (Iceblood).

   Cydonia Compound One: A space habitat located on Mars, constructed in the early 1990s. It was inhabited by humans and transadapts for many years past the holocaust until Sindri discovered that they would all be dead inside of a generation. The ruling human council refused to listen, so he incited a rebellion that resulted in the deaths of all the humans and most of the transadapts (Parallax Red).

   Parallax Red: A space station situated on the dark side of the moon, Parallax Red was built in the mid-1990s. It started as a joint US/Russian project, but as relations between the two countries fell apart, the Russians pulled out and went back to their own space program. The station was intended to be a waypoint for explorations to Mars, but work on it went very slowly until the invention of the mat-trans, at which point it became much easier to transport materials. When World War III hit, the station was attacked by several Russian satellites, which damaged large parts of it. The inhabitants who weren't killed fled the station, using the gateway to jump to parts unknown. The station itself is still (mostly) habitable and has power, but very few know of its existence (Parallax Red).

   Trasilunpo Lamasery: A monastery located high in the Himalaya Mountains of Tibet, the lamasery was constructed for the sole purpose of housing part of the Chintamani Stone. Most of the monks fled after Grigori Zakat took possession of the stone (Iceblood).

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