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Outlanders Misc Characters

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   This section covers characters who are worth noting, but who didn't travel with the Cerberus crew and weren't their enemies. Some were allies who helped them out at some point, and some were simply friends or lovers, and some never appear in the books at all, but are merely mentioned in passing. People marked (D) are deceased.

   Crawler (D): Crawler was a doomie, a free man with a family, until Baron Sharpe came along, killed his family, and took him prisoner. After several escape attempts, he was hamstrung, which forced him to drag himself around with his arms (hence the name). Sharpe, after going into a coma and recovering, made Crawler his advisor (after Crawler "confirmed" that Sharpe had died and come back), and Crawler used the opportunity to corrupt the borderline-insane baron.
   Crawler was killed by the Mags after Kane killed Baron Sharpe and he refused to leave, instead resigning himself to his fate (Parallax Red).

   Dorjieff (D): A former member of the Russian ISN, Dorjieff went rogue after being assigned to establish an intelligence network in Tibet to keep an eye on the Chinese. He set himself up in the Trasilunpo Lamasery, where he earned the title Tsyansis Khan-Po (King of Fear). He held that title until Grigori Zakat killed him, took his ring, and set off with the shaman Gyatso to find the Chintamani Stone (Iceblood).
   Dorjieff was a large man, well over six feet tall and well-muscled, with a lush beard and dark eyes.

   Jansang, Dambin (D): A Mongol chieftain, Jansang was determined to revive the glories of the Golden Horde. Said to possess hypnotic powers and a gigantic force of will, Jansang's early years were spent studying occult sciences with Chinese and Tibetan mystics. As he traveled around Mongolia at the turn of the 20th century, the conviction spread that he was the reincarnation of both Khara Bator and Amursana. He was worshipped as a divine warrior, and hosts of savage fighters gathered around him. Jansang led a revolution against the Chinese and was invested with the title of the Tushe Gun, becoming both the spiritual and military leader of the Mongolian people. He was said to have possessed the ring of Genghis Khan, supposedly found in an underground vault of Kharo-Khoto, where he also claimed to have made contact with the "Sons of Intelligences of Beyond." The Tushe Gun's horde later captured and sacked the Chinese garrison at the western Mongolian city of Kobdo. After this victory, his reputation as the Mongol messiah was uncontested, and the Tushe Gun was appointed governor of the west. Jansang was assassinated in 1924 by a man he trusted.

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