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Remember Tomorrow

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   Mankind, by the perverse depravity of their nature, esteem that which they have most desired as of no value the moment it is possessed, and torment themselves with fruitless wishes for that which is beyond their reach.

   -Francois de Salignac de la Mothe Fenelon

   The book starts with the companions investigating a new redoubt into which they've jumped. The place is completely stripped, and there's evidence that the air filtration systems are failing. JB finds a computer connected to the mainframe, and he manages to call up a map of the area - they find they're in Arkansas.
   They leave the redoubt and head northwest toward a ville Ryan remembers visiting years before. As they're walking across a scrub plain, a huge wind springs up, forcing them to take shelter in a cave.
   They decide to head deeper to get away from the wind and end up lost in the underground tunnels, then they're attacked by a pack of wild dogs. In the middle of the fight, an earthquake strikes the area, collapsing the tunnel. Everyone is all right, except for JB, who's partially buried. The others are working on getting him out when another, stronger, tremor strikes, and everyone except for JB is thrown completely out of the cave through another entrance.
   Ryan's the first to wake, and he quickly finds Krysty. They search around and eventually find all the others except for JB. After searching for two days, they don't find JB and declare him dead. Dehydrated, tired, and depressed, they head back to the redoubt to rest and jump out, but they find that someone else has been there in the meantime. A volley of gunfire forces them deeper into the redoubt, where they're pinned down in a room.
   Next, we go to JB, who isn't dead - he got washed into an underground river and ended up trapped at the bottom of a well in a nearby ville (Duma). Two guys sent out to clean up the wells after the quake find him, but he's in a coma. They decide to take him back to their baron.
   He wakes up a few days later in a secure cell without any memory. Xander, the baron, thinks he's the infamous JB Dix. JB doesn't remember anything, but when Xander takes him to the armory to check out the weapons, he can rattle off information without thinking.
   Meanwhile, Ryan and the rest of the crew make a break for it. They get through a sealed sec door and close the door... only to find another group of people behind them. Their leader, a man named Boss Buckley, comes forward and orders them to drop their weapons. When they do so, he explains what's going on. He runs a village of inbred muties near Duma called Nagasaki; he wants the companions and their guns so that he can make a raid into Duma. Given little choice, the companions go along with the inbreds.
   They return to the ville, where Buckley gives them a hut to stay and tend to their wounded. Afterward, Buckley takes them to see a hidden treasure - a room plaster with pictures of atomic bomb victims. They eat dinner and then Buckley takes them out to the square to introduce them. They're walking through the ville when they come upon two inbreds, a man and a woman, fighting. The woman wins and promptly has sex with her opponent.
   After the introductions, Buckley splits up the companions so they spend the night with various villagers. The inbreds think the companions are there for sex and other entertainment, but the companions have other ideas. After Mildred fires a shot that draws everyone's attention, Buckley figures out what's going on and sends the companions back to their original hut, where they spend the night alone.
   Back in Duma, JB is assigned to work in the armory along with Budd, the armorer, and his son, and he gains a keeper named Esquivel. Esquivel takes him around the ville to get him some new gear. After that, they eat dinner with the other sec men, and JB meets the armorer's son, Olly.
   The next day, JB, Budd, Olly are examining some grens. JB determines that they're no good - in fact, they're unstable. Olly agrees, and they send Esquivel to tell the baron. When they get rid of the grens, Esquivel returns to tell them that Xander has a couple things that he wants everyone to see. One is a sec man convicted of skimming the take. Xander shoots him in the kneecaps and the shoulders, then kills him. The second punishment goes to Simms, the trader who sold the bad grens. This time, he takes a flail, bashes Simms in the face twice, marking both sides, then scalps him and exiles him and his men from Duma.
   Back in Nagasaki, the inbreds are preparing for the raid. They build a huge bonfire in the middle of the ville, then carouse around it. When they're well and truly oblivious, Ryan slips off to check out a large barn at one end of the ville, which is surrounded by a dry moat and securely locked. He gets in and finds a charnel house. There's one person left alive - a man named Gill, who worked for Simms. His wag was ambushed on the way to Duma and the crew captured. Ryan tells him the inbreds' plan - they have a vehicle, which they plan to insert into a passing convoy to gain access to Duma, whereupon they'll take what they can and escape - then lets him go free, closes the barn back up, and returns to the fire.
   Gill wanders for several miles with no destination in mind - he just wants to die free. As it happens, one of Dumas' sec men finds him and brings him back to the ville. He tells his story, and the sec men decide to pass him up the chain of command. The head sec man, upon hearing about Ryan Cawdor, decides to leave that little detail out before telling the baron.
   The next day, Buckley rounds up the companions. He leaves Krysty and Doc behind as hostages and takes the others in the vehicle, along with several of his own people. They slip into the convoy without a hitch (though the convoy has already been warned and knows what's going on) and get into Duma. They're guided to a cleared parking area, where the other vehicles surround them, and a firefight breaks out. Olly is about to shoot at Ryan when JB spots Ryan and knocks his gun up, making the shot go wide. He doesn't know who Ryan is, but he knows the man is familiar. He promptly passes out.
   Many of the inbreds are killed, but Buckley and the companions pile into the truck and flee Duma. They get back to Nagasaki, where the inbreds have discovered their prisoner is gone. Krysty and Doc have been thrown in the barn, and the rest of the companions join them when Buckley finds out.
   Back in Duma, JB awakens with his memory restored. Xander plans an attack on Nagasaki to wipe out the inbreds, and JB (understandably) wants to go along. He and Esquivel take charge, and they make up a plan. Along with a bunch of sec men, they ride for Nagasaki.
   Ryan and the others are locked in the barn, but they find objects they can use as weapons, along with some stuff for smoke bombs. When the inbreds open the doors, they set off the smoke bombs, but the inbreds try to close the doors on them. They try to fight free, but there are too many villagers, and they're overpowered and dragged to the middle of the ville, where they're strung up.
   Some time later, the sec force arrives. JB takes his vehicle around to the back of the barn and blows it open, but no one's inside. The rest of the men attack the ville itself; a blast of machine gun fire breaks the scaffold holding the companions, enabling them to free themselves. The Duma men wipe out the inbreds and rescue the companions.
   Everyone returns to Duma, where the companions get to rest and recover, and JB returns to work in the armory. When they're all sufficiently healthy, they slip out in the middle of the night.

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